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2019-05-30 [p.5382]
A message was received from the Senate as follows:
— ORDERED: That a message be sent to the House of Commons to acquaint that House that the Senate has passed Bill C-59, An Act respecting national security matters, with the following amendments:
1. Clause 50, page 50: Add the following after line 35:
“13.1 If the Commissioner determines that the conclusions referred to in section 13 are not reasonable in respect of an authorization but would be reasonable if a specific condition were added to that authorization, the Commissioner may
(a) refer the matter back to the appropriate minister for reconsideration; and
(b) provide that minister with a description of the condition that would have to be added to the authorization in order to make the conclusions reasonable.”.
2. Clause 143, page 139: Replace lines 26 and 27 with the following:
“whether or not
(a) a terrorism offence is committed by the person counselled;
(b) the accused counsels a particular person to carry out the terrorist activity;
(c) the accused knows the identity of the person whom the accused counsels to carry out the terrorist activity; or
(d) the person whom the accused counsels to carry out the terrorist activity knows that it is a terrorist activity.”.
3. Clause 168, page 146:
(a) Replace line 1 with the following:
“168 (1) During the fourth year after this section”; and
(b) add the following after line 7:
“(1.1) The comprehensive review referred to in subsection (1) must include an assessment of the effect of this Act on the operations of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Communications Security Establishment that relate to national security, information sharing, and the interaction of those organizations with the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency, the Intelligence Commissioner and the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians.”.
4. New schedule, page 148: Add the following after line 6:
(Section 49.1)
(Section 4)
Deputy Heads to Whom Directions Have Been Issued”.
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