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Lib. (ON)
Very good. Are there any further questions?
Okay. That being established, maybe we'll move on.
Thank you, Mr. Paquette, Mr. Fernandez, Monsieur Newman and Madame Thivierge-Lortie.
I understand that it is normal and good governance practice for independent auditors to have a discussion in camera with board members, without management present, regarding the preparation of the year-end audited financial statements.
I would therefore like to propose to the board members that we hold a short in camera session without the House administration officials to allow board members to have this discussion. Do I have the acceptance of members to proceed to in camera? Yes? Okay.
Thank you. What we will do is take a short break to transition into in camera. At this time, I will ask the House administration officials to exit the room, both in person and virtually. Once this discussion is complete, those in person will be summoned back into the room and those virtually will receive an email summoning them to rejoin the room as well.
[Proceedings continue in camera]
Result: 1 - 1 of 1

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