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House of Commons Procedure and Practice

Second Edition, 2009

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List of Figures


Figure 1.1       Chronological Development of Canadian Parliamentary Institutions

Figure 1.2       Distribution of Senate Seats

Figure 1.3       Distribution of Seats in the House of Commons

Figure 2.1       Duration of Parliaments

Figure 2.2      Duration of Ministries

Figure 3.1       The Path of a Question of Privilege

Figure 4.1       Representation Since 1867

Figure 4.2      Calculating Representation in the House of Commons

Figure 4.3      The Writ of General Election

Figure 4.4      Notice of Election

Figure 6.1       Parliament Hill

Figure 6.2      Floor Plan of the Centre Block

Figure 6.3      The House of Commons Chamber

Figure 8.1       Sessions Identified as “Special” in House of Commons Debates or Journals

Figure 8.2      The House of Commons Calendar (Standing Order 28(2))

Figure 9.1       Joint Addresses to Parliament Since 1940

Figure 10.1     Daily Order of Business

Figure 12.1     Classification of Motions

Figure 12.2     Moving a Motion

Figure 12.3     Putting the Question

Figure 16.1     The Three Options of the Legislative Process (Government Bills Originating in the House of Commons)

Figure 18.1     The Financial Cycle

Figure 18.2     Budget Presentation and Debate

Figure 20.1     Committee System of the House of Commons

Figure 20.2    List of Standing and Standing Joint Committees of the House of Commons

Figure 20.3    Methods of Designating Chairs and Vice‑Chairs by Type of Committee

Figure 20.4    Types of Motions in Committee

Figure 20.5    Usual Order of Business for Committee Study Leading to a Substantive Report

Figure 20.6    Swearing-in of Witnesses

Figure 20.7    Committee Room Configuration

Figure 20.8    Committee Room

Figure 20.9    Approval Process for Operational and Travel Budgets for Standing Committees

Figure 20.10   Approval Process for Special and Legislative Committee Budgets, Presented in Addition to Interim Funding

Figure 22.1     Petitions Presented to the House of Commons Since 1917

Figure 22.2    Form of a Petition

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