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441-00417 (Civil and human rights)

Paper petition

Original language of petition: English


We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:


  • A review conducted by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization found no information regarding the transmission of COVID-19 on airplanes;

  • According to Westjet's first Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Tammy McKnight, as of April 23, 2021, there had been no known case of COVID19 transmission onboard any Canadian aircraft;

  • An International Air Transport Association study in 2020 found that out of 1.2 billion passengers worldwide, only 44 cases of COVID-19 were reported as flight-related transmission;

  • Countries around the world have removed their vaccine mandates and restrictions; and

  • The vaccine mandate imposed on Canadians taking domestic flights, trains and ferries is an unreasonable infringement of their rights and freedoms that cannot be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

Therefore we, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada and the Minister of Transport to:

1) Abolish the domestic vaccine passport requirement for Canadian citizens and permanent residents taking domestic flights; and

2) End all federally regulated COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions.

Response by the Minister of Transport

Signed by (Minister or Parliamentary Secretary): The Honourable Omar Alghabra

Throughout the pandemic, the Government of Canada has prioritized the health and safety of Canadians.

Recognizing the importance and critical nature of the transportation sector for Canadians and for the economy, Transport Canada has taken action throughout the pandemic to ensure the safety and security of the transportation network, its employees and its users.

The measures that the Government of Canada has implemented have been and will continue to be based on the best public health advice and science available. As vaccination rates at home and around the world increase, and the epidemiological situation evolves, so too will the government’s response to the pandemic. In short, the Government of Canada is committed to the safety and security of Canadians and will not hesitate to act to ensure this end.

Vaccines work, they are safe and effective, and they are an important tool in the fight against the pandemic. They are our best line of defense.

Since October 30, 2021 Transport Canada, using its authorities, required travellers departing from Canadian airports and travellers on VIA Rail, Rocky Mountaineer and Amtrak trains to be vaccinated. Vaccination requirements also apply to passengers on board cruise ships in Canada.

In addition, in January 2022, in line with similar US measures, the Minister of Health, via the Quarantine Act, implemented vaccination requirements for certain foreign national essential workers entering Canada, including commercial truck drivers.

The Government of Canada is committed to finding the responsible balance between measures that protect Canadians’ safety and supporting the recovery of Canada’s economy. Since the outset of the pandemic, Transport Canada has been engaging regularly with all levels of government and transportation industry stakeholders to identify emerging issues and mitigate disruptions. For example, Transport Canada has provided guidance to the road industry, including commercial vehicle operators, transportation workers and operators, in support of COVID-19 safety.

The government continues to monitor, review, and adjust public health measures as necessary to ensure the safety of Canadians, and we remain committed to supporting essential transportation workers, while ensuring a coordinated response to the fight against COVID-19.

As eager as Canadians are to return to their pre-pandemic lives, the reality is that the pandemic is not over.

It is through widespread vaccination that a return to our pre-pandemic lives is possible. Anyone who has not received the vaccine - their first, second or booster - should do so as soon as possible. People who have doubts as to whether they should get the vaccine should speak with their physician.

The government will continue to work alongside Canadians to support them as we navigate this once in a hundred-years pandemic, and come out stronger, and safer.


Presented to the House of Commons
Clifford Small (Coast of Bays—Central—Notre Dame)
May 9, 2022 (Petition No. 441-00417)
Government response tabled
June 3, 2022
Photo - Clifford Small
Coast of Bays—Central—Notre Dame
Conservative Caucus
Newfoundland and Labrador

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