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Current Constituencies

Canada is divided into 338 electoral districts, also known as constituencies or ridings, and each is entitled to one seat in the House of Commons. Members of Parliament are elected to represent Canadians living in each constituency.

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Name Sorting Affiliation Sorting Constituency Sorting Constituency Provinces/Territories Member of Parliament Political Affiliation
Berube Sylvie Bloc Quebecois Abitibi Baie James Nunavik Eeyou Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou Quebec Bérubé, Sylvie Bloc Québécois
Lemire Sebastien Bloc Quebecois Abitibi Temiscamingue Abitibi—Témiscamingue Quebec Lemire, Sébastien Bloc Québécois
Michaud Kristina Bloc Quebecois Avignon La Mitis Matane Matapedia Avignon—La Mitis—Matane—Matapédia Quebec Michaud, Kristina Bloc Québécois
Desbiens Caroline Bloc Quebecois Beauport Cote de Beaupre Ile dOrleans Charlevoix Beauport—Côte-de-Beaupré—Île d'Orléans—Charlevoix Quebec Desbiens, Caroline Bloc Québécois
Vignola Julie Bloc Quebecois Beauport Limoilou Beauport—Limoilou Quebec Vignola, Julie Bloc Québécois
Plamondon Louis Bloc Quebecois Becancour Nicolet Saurel Bécancour—Nicolet—Saurel Quebec Plamondon, Louis Bloc Québécois
Blanchet Yves Francois Bloc Quebecois Beloeil Chambly Beloeil—Chambly Quebec Blanchet, Yves-François Bloc Québécois
Perron Yves Bloc Quebecois Berthier Maskinonge Berthier—Maskinongé Quebec Perron, Yves Bloc Québécois
Champoux Martin Bloc Quebecois Drummond Drummond Quebec Champoux, Martin Bloc Québécois
Ste Marie Gabriel Bloc Quebecois Joliette Joliette Quebec Ste-Marie, Gabriel Bloc Québécois
Simard Mario Bloc Quebecois Jonquiere Jonquière Quebec Simard, Mario Bloc Québécois
Beaulieu Mario Bloc Quebecois La Pointe de lIle La Pointe-de-l'Île Quebec Beaulieu, Mario Bloc Québécois
Therrien Alain Bloc Quebecois La Prairie La Prairie Quebec Therrien, Alain Bloc Québécois
Brunelle Duceppe Alexis Bloc Quebecois Lac Saint Jean Lac-Saint-Jean Quebec Brunelle-Duceppe, Alexis Bloc Québécois
Gaudreau Marie Helene Bloc Quebecois Laurentides Labelle Laurentides—Labelle Quebec Gaudreau, Marie-Hélène Bloc Québécois
Trudel Denis Bloc Quebecois Longueuil Saint Hubert Longueuil—Saint-Hubert Quebec Trudel, Denis Bloc Québécois
Gill Marilene Bloc Quebecois Manicouagan Manicouagan Quebec Gill, Marilène Bloc Québécois
Garon Jean Denis Bloc Quebecois Mirabel Mirabel Quebec Garon, Jean-Denis Bloc Québécois
Bergeron Stephane Bloc Quebecois Montarville Montarville Quebec Bergeron, Stéphane Bloc Québécois
Theriault Luc Bloc Quebecois Montcalm Montcalm Quebec Thériault, Luc Bloc Québécois
Barsalou Duval Xavier Bloc Quebecois Pierre Boucher Les Patriotes Vercheres Pierre-Boucher—Les Patriotes—Verchères Quebec Barsalou-Duval, Xavier Bloc Québécois
Pauze Monique Bloc Quebecois Repentigny Repentigny Quebec Pauzé, Monique Bloc Québécois
Blanchette Joncas Maxime Bloc Quebecois Rimouski Neigette Temiscouata Les Basques Rimouski-Neigette—Témiscouata—Les Basques Quebec Blanchette-Joncas, Maxime Bloc Québécois
Desilets Luc Bloc Quebecois Riviere des Mille Iles Rivière-des-Mille-Îles Quebec Desilets, Luc Bloc Québécois
Fortin Rheal Eloi Bloc Quebecois Riviere du Nord Rivière-du-Nord Quebec Fortin, Rhéal Éloi Bloc Québécois
Savard Tremblay Simon Pierre Bloc Quebecois Saint Hyacinthe Bagot Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot Quebec Savard-Tremblay, Simon-Pierre Bloc Québécois
Normandin Christine Bloc Quebecois Saint Jean Saint-Jean Quebec Normandin, Christine Bloc Québécois
DeBellefeuille Claude Bloc Quebecois Salaberry Suroit Salaberry—Suroît Quebec DeBellefeuille, Claude Bloc Québécois
Larouche Andreanne Bloc Quebecois Shefford Shefford Quebec Larouche, Andréanne Bloc Québécois
Sinclair Desgagne Nathalie Bloc Quebecois Terrebonne Terrebonne Quebec Sinclair-Desgagné, Nathalie Bloc Québécois
Chabot Louise Bloc Quebecois Therese De Blainville Thérèse-De Blainville Quebec Chabot, Louise Bloc Québécois
Villemure Rene Bloc Quebecois Trois Rivieres Trois-Rivières Quebec Villemure, René Bloc Québécois
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