House of Commons Procedure and Practice
Edited by Robert Marleau and Camille Montpetit
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24. The Parliamentary Record

In 1991, the CBC announced that it would no longer fund CPAC and the following year, a new cable consortium formed, called the Cable Parliamentary Channel (CPAC). In 1996, it was renamed the Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC).
However, the unedited images are “enhanced” by House of Commons broadcast staff. An example would be the insertion of information at the bottom of the screen, such as the name of the Member or committee witness speaking, or the subject of debate.
Journals, January 25, 1977, p. 287.
See the Fifty-Seventh Report of the Standing Committee on House Management (Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence, Issue 42, pp. 3-4), presented on December 4, 1992 (Journals, p. 2285), and concurred in on December 11, 1992 (Journals, p. 2399). The adoption of these new guidelines on wider angles was preceded by a trial period; see the Committee’s Twenty-Second and Forty-Third Reports, concurred in on April 29, 1992 (Journals, p. 1337), and June 8, 1992 (Journals, p. 1638), respectively.
In what turned out to be its last report, the special committee raised a concern about the applicability of the “electronic Hansard” concept to broadcasting of committee proceedings and alluded to the need to consider procedures for televising committees (Journals, November 23, 1977, p. 130).
See Debates, November 6, 1980, pp. 4531-2.
A number of these were committees studying constitutional or financial matters. For further information, see the section on broadcasting in Chapter 20, “Committees”.
Standing Order 119.1, adopted on April 11, 1991 (Journals, pp. 2904-5, 2929).
See the Twenty-Third Report of the Standing Committee on House Management, presented on February 14, 1992 (Journals, pp. 1024-5), and concurred in on March 27, 1992 (Journals, p. 1230).
The Eighty-Third Report of the then Standing Committee on House Management, presented on April 2, 1993 (Journals, p. 2784), was concurred in on April 28, 1993 (Journals, p. 2873). See also Chapter 20, “Committees”.

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