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2020-05-13 15:51 [p.2291]
Mr. Speaker, I want to congratulate my colleague on his excellent speech. He is always so passionate and engaging. I think we agree on some points.
I do not understand why we are still debating this today. For more than three weeks now, we have been calling on the government to take substantial action for Canada's agri-food sector. I do not know whether my colleague has an opinion on this matter.
What will we have to do?
Earlier I mentioned that we are running out of time. What is the government waiting for?
The $250 million announced last week will not fix the problems in the coming weeks and months for Canada's agriculture and agri-food industry. As my colleague said, there will be supply problems in the fall. This disruption will not disappear and will catch up to us.
What does my colleague suggest that we do?
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