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Mr. Speaker, a small business owner from my riding used to employ seven part-time and full-time employees. She hopes to rehire all of them once the pandemic ends, if she is able to reopen at all. She has been able to keep two employees on payroll and has maintained a small amount of business by utilizing online sales. Any revenue goes directly back into the business to keep the lights on and her two employees paid. The emergency wage subsidy will eventually help keep those two employees hired. However, because of this, her accountant advised her that she is unable to access financial assistance for herself and her family. She would be better off to close her shop and risk losing everything.
Small businesses and job creators are the backbone of our economy. If that is true, we have to ask why this government's plan would leave a mother of three in a position where she is working harder than ever just to keep her business going without receiving any necessary support for her and her family.
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