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Madam Speaker, I was waiting for a question. I guess question marks are not part of the English grammar.
Hon. Andrew Scheer: These are questions and comments.
Mr. Yves-François Blanchet: Still, the role of an MP, whether in government or in opposition, is first and foremost to be the voice of the people. Furthermore, whether we are a member of the opposition or not, our role is not to always say no to everything. Not everything that comes from others or from other sources is automatically bad, whether it comes from a Liberal, a Bloc member or, worse yet, a Chinese person. That is not my mindset.
We are not trying to take over the role of others. That is not what we are all about. We speak for Quebec and just for Quebec. The Bloc Québécois will never say no to something that could clearly be good for Quebec. That is a partisan exercise, a display of jealousy of the work of others, and we are not going to get involved in that. If that is what Conservatives think it means to be an MP, I am even more pleased to say that I will never be a Conservative.
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