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Mr. Speaker, I am scared.
History has shown us, too many times, that when change happens, people all too often target who they see as “other”. When anyone defines a person or a group of people as “other than”, we forget the connection of our human family.
All people want an environment that sustains us. All people want safety for their community and their loved ones. All people want to be heard and seen for the realities they are experiencing. In my riding and across Canada, pressure is rising to address indigenous rights and title, to build an economy that will provide living wages while protecting the environment.
I am calling on all Canadians to put down the weapons of racist language. I am calling on all people to not be silent but to remind one another we can have a difference of opinion, but we should not spread hate.
As the mother of indigenous children and grandchildren, they are precious to me. I am calling on all of us to keep all of us safe.
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