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Mr. Speaker, I beg your forgiveness, but as a new member of Parliament, and I am very proud to be a member of Parliament for the NDP in Alberta, what I do not understand is why it has taken so long for this legislation to come forward. As everyone knows, the NDP has been asking for this legislation for many years, certainly back to when Stephen Harper was prime minister. I am wondering how the member can talk about the delays when the delays began under a Conservative government.
I will read a quote, which states, “It is a basic principle of good human rights practice that agencies that have detention and police powers should be subject to independent oversight and the CBSA has both. It is time that the CBSA is held accountable through an independent and impartial process.”
In addition to why it took so long and knowing that this is important and that Canadians want this legislation, will the Conservative Party support this legislation?
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