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Mr. Speaker, I congratulate the member on her re-election to this place.
I want to pick up specifically on her comments about firearms. Of course, the Conservatives believe in the importance of enhancing public safety, and we think the government needs to do more to target the issue of illegal guns, as a vast majority of gun crime in this country involves illegal guns.
However, one issue that is provoked by her comments about military-style weapons is the question of classification. Firearms owners in my riding have identified the reality that for some politicians classification has less to do with the actual attributes of a firearm and more to do with its appearance. One of the other frustrations they often mention is the arbitrary reclassification of firearms, when firearms in one category are quickly moved to another category without proper discussion or oversight.
Why is the government not moving forward aggressively on the issue of illegal imported guns? We know that the overwhelming majority of violent crimes in this country involve illegal guns.
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