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2019-12-09 13:16 [p.88]
Mr. Speaker, I would like to take my first opportunity to speak to also thank the voters of my riding, who have given me the distinct honour of representing them here. As everyone knows, Drummond is the most beautiful and most vibrant of the 338 ridings we each proudly represent in this distinguished place.
Some hon. members: Oh, oh!
Mr. Martin Champoux: Mr. Speaker, I hear some members expressing doubts, but I invite all my colleagues to come and see for themselves. Everyone is welcome. However, I would advise them not to stay too long, for they may never want to leave.
It is with both humility and pride that I am pleased to bring my constituents' concerns to the House. One such concern is high-speed Internet access and cellular service in all rural areas. I am sure that many of my colleagues are also concerned about that. Internet access is inadequate. In some ridings, farmers, businesses and self-employed people cannot keep pace and cannot adapt to the realities of their markets. As a result, they are really losing out and often have to move to urban areas, which is not necessarily what they want to do, obviously.
Worse still, there are regions, particularly in Quebec, but probably elsewhere in the country as well, where emergency services are at risk. The problem is so acute in the municipality of Amherst, Quebec, that people's safety is in jeopardy. We are not fearmongering, but this is something the government should really pay attention to.
When the safety of our constituents is at risk, I think it is time to act quickly. I am asking the government whether it intends to ensure that the process for providing high-speed Internet in the regions keeps moving forward and whether it could speed up—
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