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Vote No. 39

42nd Parliament, 1st Session
Mr. Cooper (St. Albert—Edmonton)
Opposition Motion (Political fundraising activities)

That the House urge the Minister of Justice to:

(a) follow her government’s own guidelines for Ministers and Ministers of State as described in Annex B of Open and Accountable Government 2015, that “Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries must ensure that political fundraising activities or considerations do not affect, or appear to affect, the exercise of their official duties or the access of individuals or organizations to government”; that “There should be no preferential access to government, or appearance of preferential access, accorded to individuals or organizations because they have made financial contributions to politicians and political parties”; and that “There should be no singling out, or appearance of singling out, of individuals or organizations as targets of political fundraising because they have official dealings with Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries, or their staff or departments”;

(b) apologize for the fundraising event on behalf of the Liberal Party with one of the top law firms in Canada; and

(c) return all funds collected from the event, as was done in 2014 for the event involving the former Minister of Canadian Heritage
See the published vote in the Journals of Wednesday, April 20, 2016
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