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Vote No. 206

42nd Parliament, 1st Session
Mr. Poilievre (Carleton)
Opposition Motion (Impact of carbon taxes)

That, given: (a) the Liberal election platform states that ''government and its information should be open by default'' and ''data paid for by Canadians belongs to Canadians''; (b) the Department of Finance has indicated that a federally-mandated carbon tax will cause higher prices to ''cascade through the economy in the form of higher prices''; (c) such regressive taxes cause low-income people to bear a larger burden as heat, gas, and groceries form a larger portion of their family budgets; and (d) the Department of Finance has produced numerous calculations of the impact of these taxes on low and middle-income families, and their effect on the gap between rich and poor; an Order of the House do issue for a copy of the Department of Finance’s documents titled "Impact of a carbon price on households' consumption costs across the income distribution" and ''Estimating economic impacts from various mitigation options for greenhouse gas emissions,'' and any other documents that calculate the cost of carbon taxes on Canadian workers, businesses, and families
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