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Vote No. 380

41st Parliament, 2nd Session
Mr. Cullen (Skeena—Bulkley Valley)
Budgetary policy (amendment)

That the motion be amended by deleting all the words after the word “That” and substituting the following:

“this House not approve the budgetary policy of the government as it:

(a) gives billions of dollars in handouts to the wealthy few through income splitting, doubling Tax-Free Savings Accounts, and tax loopholes for CEOs;

(b) fails to help middle class families by creating affordable, quality childcare spaces;

(c) contains no plan to make life more affordable by tackling unfair ATM fees or high credit card rates;

(d) fails to restore the age of retirement to 65 by reversing cuts to Old Age Security;

(e) does nothing to help workers by reinstating the federal minimum wage and raising it to $15 an hour;

(f) fails to fight climate change or grow the economy while protecting the environment; and

(g) relies on one time asset sales and accounting sleight-of-hand to achieve a balance.”
See the published vote in the Journals of Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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