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Current Constituencies

Canada is divided into 338 electoral districts, also known as constituencies or ridings, and each is entitled to one seat in the House of Commons. Members of Parliament are elected to represent Canadians living in each constituency.
Name Sorting Affiliation Sorting Constituency Sorting Constituency Provinces/Territories Member of Parliament Political Affiliation
Kelloway Mike Liberal Cape Breton Canso Cape Breton—Canso Nova Scotia Kelloway, Mike Liberal
Fraser Sean Liberal Central Nova Central Nova Nova Scotia Fraser, Sean Liberal
Zann Lenore Liberal Cumberland Colchester Cumberland—Colchester Nova Scotia Zann, Lenore Liberal
Fisher Darren Liberal Dartmouth Cole Harbour Dartmouth—Cole Harbour Nova Scotia Fisher, Darren Liberal
Fillmore Andy Liberal Halifax Halifax Nova Scotia Fillmore, Andy Liberal
Regan Geoff Liberal Halifax West Halifax West Nova Scotia Regan, Hon. Geoff Liberal
Blois Kody Liberal Kings Hants Kings—Hants Nova Scotia Blois, Kody Liberal
Samson Darrell Liberal Sackville Preston Chezzetcook Sackville—Preston—Chezzetcook Nova Scotia Samson, Darrell Liberal
Jordan Bernadette Liberal South Shore St Margarets South Shore—St. Margarets Nova Scotia Jordan, Hon. Bernadette Liberal
Battiste Jaime Liberal Sydney Victoria Sydney—Victoria Nova Scotia Battiste, Jaime Liberal
dEntremont Chris Conservative West Nova West Nova Nova Scotia d'Entremont, Chris Conservative
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The total number of seats in the House has changed over time, as have the boundaries of the constituencies, in order to reflect changes in the Canadian population.