House of Commons Procedure and Practice
Edited by Robert Marleau and Camille Montpetit
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The wording of Standing Order 38(6) still refers to the old practice of providing, at the end of a sitting, information about the future business of the House.
See, for example, Debates, October 11, 1990, p. 14048; November 8, 1991, p. 4838; April 2, 1992, pp. 9262-4; May 7, 1992, pp. 10328-9.
Debates, April 17, 1984, p. 3144. In ruling out of order a Member attempting to inquire into the business of the House on a day other than Thursday, the Speaker stated: “There is a traditional way of dealing with House business. There are the usual channels by which information is transferred and discussions take place relating to House business.” See also Debates, May 23, 1984, pp. 3962-3.
See, for example, Debates, April 21, 1994, pp. 3335-6; March 30, 1995, pp. 11300-1.

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