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PROC Committee Report

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Pursuant to Standing Order 108(3)(a)(iii), your Committee has considered matters relating to the mandate of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs and oversight of the Centre Block rehabilitation project and the Long Term Vision and Plan and recommends the following:

That, effective from the beginning of the 43rd Parliament, the Standing Orders of the House of Commons be amended by adding the following new subparagraph to Standing Order 108(3)(a):

“(x) the review of and report on all matters relating to the Centre Block Rehabilitation Project and Long Term Vision and Plan for the Parliamentary Precinct; including the presentation of a biennial report on current and projected timelines, the current state of incurred and projected expenditures, and any changes therein since the previous report on these matters, provided that the Committee may report on these matters at any time.”; and,

that the Clerk of the House be authorized to make any required editorial and consequential alterations to the Standing Orders.

A copy of the relevant Minutes of Proceedings (Meetings Nos. 155, 156, 157 and 158) is tabled.