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JUST Committee Report

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Bill C-242, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (inflicting torture)
In accordance with its Order of Reference of Thursday, April 21, 2016, your Committee has considered Bill C-242, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (inflicting torture), and agreed on Thursday, October 6, 2016, to report to the following:
While the principle is laudable, the amendments proposed by the Bill may be redundant in light of existing Criminal Code provisions. These provisions can be used to deal with even the most serious forms of torture by private individuals;
The existing offences of aggravated assault and aggravated sexual assault are specifically intended to respond to the most heinous types of non-homicidal conduct;
There would be better ways to ensure that judges clearly have the authority under section 718.2 of the Criminal Code to consider torturous conduct.
Therefore, pursuant to Standing Order 97.1, the Committee recommends that the House of Commons not proceed further with Bill C-242, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (inflicting torture).
A copy of the relevant Minutes of Proceedings (Meetings Nos. 24, 25, 26, 27) is tabled.