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FINA Committee News Release

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Standing Committee on Finance
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House Finance Committee Tables its Pre-Budget Consultations Report in Advance of the 2017 Budget

Ottawa, December 07, 2016 -

Today, the Honourable Wayne Easter, P.C., M.P. presented the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance’s report on its Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2017 Budget. The report was presented in the House pursuant to Standing Order 83.1.

“The Committee’s report, entitled Creating the Conditions for Economic Growth: Tools for People, Businesses and Communities, is the culmination of the House Finance Committee’s consultations in advance of the 2017 budget,” said Mr. Easter. “The report contains 81 recommendations, most of which are focused on measures that would help Canada’s people, businesses and communities contribute to the country’s economic growth.”

“On behalf of the Committee, I’d like to thank those who prepared the hundreds of briefs that were submitted to us online, as well as the hundreds of groups and individuals who appeared before us in Ottawa and throughout Canada. Truly, all of this input is instrumental to us as we formulate our recommendations about the items that should be included in the forthcoming budget,” Mr. Easter continued.

Mr. Easter concluded: “When we launched our pre-budget consultations in September, we started by hearing from representatives of each federal regional development agency, believing that these agencies are important to Canada’s growth. In the winter, we will be preparing a report that summarizes the points that were made by these agencies during their presentations.”

A copy of the Committee’s report is available at: Creating the Conditions for Economic Growth: Tools for People, Businesses and Communities

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