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AGRI Committee Report

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That the House recognizes that the government strongly supports supply management, dairy producers, and the Canadian dairy industry; and, consequently, the House urges the government to: (a) recognize the magnitude of the economic losses to Canadian dairy producers from the importation of diafiltered milk, which has increased significantly over the last few years; (b) recognize that the industry call for the problem to be resolved rapidly; (c) to meet with dairy producers and Canadian dairy industry, within the next 18 days, in order to address the immediate impact of the economic losses cause by the importation of diafiltered milk, and to propose a sustainable solution toward modernizing the dairy industry; (d) and that the Minister appear in front of the Committee, at his earliest convenience, to explain his findings and tell the Committee what he intends to do to resolve this issue.
A copy of the relevant Minutes of Proceedings Meeting No. 13 is tabled.