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FINA Committee Related Document

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Pre-Budget Consultations 2013

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ABC Life Literacy Canada (.PDF, 343 KB)
Action Canada for Population and Development (.PDF, 372 KB)
Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (.PDF, 356 KB)
Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (.PDF, 353 KB)
Alexis, Cameron (.PDF, 302 KB)
Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada (.PDF, 339 KB)
Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (.PDF, 351 KB)
Alzheimer Society of Canada (.PDF, 340 KB)
Assembly of First Nations (.PDF, 353 KB)
Association of Canadian Academic Healthcare Organizations (.PDF, 360 KB)
Association of Canadian Community Colleges (.PDF, 366 KB)
Association of Canadian Publishers (.PDF, 381 KB)
Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Canada (.PDF, 390 KB)
Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (.PDF, 357 KB)
Association of Fundraising Professionals (.PDF, 367 KB)
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (.PDF, 361 KB)
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada - 2 (.PDF, 1,001 KB)
Association québécoise de l'industrie touristique (.PDF, 343 KB)
Association québécoise de l'industrie touristique - 2 (.PDF, 151 KB)
Atlantic Canada Airports Association (.PDF, 356 KB)
Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat (.PDF, 349 KB)
Atlantic Provinces Community College Consortium (.PDF, 348 KB)
Augustine, Roger (.PDF, 353 KB)
Auto21 Inc. (.PDF, 345 KB)
Automotive Industries Association of Canada (.PDF, 355 KB)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (.PDF, 368 KB)
BIOTECanada (.PDF, 356 KB)
Blumberg Segal LLP (.PDF, 373 KB)
Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (.PDF, 373 KB)
Brandon Career Symposium (.PDF, 355 KB)
Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO (.PDF, 370 KB)

Calgary Chamber of Commerce (.PDF, 349 KB)
Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (.PDF, 370 KB)
Cambri Development Group Inc - 2 (.PDF, 949 KB)
Campaign 2000 End Child Poverty in Canada (.PDF, 310 KB)
Campus Stores Canada (.PDF, 338 KB)
Canada Foundation for Innovation (.PDF, 356 KB)
Canada Foundation for Innovation - 2 (.PDF, 123 KB)
Canada Mining Innovation Council (.PDF, 354 KB)
Canada Without Poverty (.PDF, 361 KB)
Canadian Actors' Equity Association (.PDF, 351 KB)
Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (.PDF, 1,010 KB)
Canadian Airports Council (.PDF, 339 KB)
Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (.PDF, 291 KB)
Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (.PDF, 345 KB)
Canadian Apparel Federation (.PDF, 322 KB)
Canadian Artists' Representation (.PDF, 369 KB)
Canadian Arts Coalition (.PDF, 357 KB)
Canadian Arts Presenting Association (.PDF, 344 KB)
Canadian Association for Community Living (.PDF, 371 KB)
Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (.PDF, 342 KB)
Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (.PDF, 349 KB)
Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies (.PDF, 355 KB)
Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (.PDF, 342 KB)
Canadian Association of Gift Planners (.PDF, 350 KB)
Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (.PDF, 331 KB)
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (.PDF, 358 KB)
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers - 2 (.PDF, 59 KB)
Canadian Association of Physicists (.PDF, 375 KB)
Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (.PDF, 334 KB)
Canadian Association of Research Libraries (.PDF, 350 KB)
Canadian Association of Retired Persons (.PDF, 354 KB)
Canadian Association of Social Workers (.PDF, 344 KB)
Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (.PDF, 344 KB)
Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (.PDF, 330 KB)
Canadian Association of University Teachers (.PDF, 352 KB)
Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (.PDF, 395 KB)
Canadian Bankers Association (.PDF, 353 KB)
Canadian Bar Association (.PDF, 363 KB)
Canadian Beverage Association (.PDF, 348 KB)
Canadian Biodiversity Institute (.PDF, 316 KB)
Canadian Bureau for International Education (.PDF, 373 KB)
Canadian Cancer Society (.PDF, 344 KB)
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (.PDF, 352 KB)
Canadian Chamber of Commerce (.PDF, 353 KB)
Canadian Chiropractic Association (.PDF, 345 KB)
Canadian Climate Forum (.PDF, 340 KB)
Canadian Coalition for Action on Tobacco (.PDF, 343 KB)
Canadian Community Economic Development Network (.PDF, 347 KB)
Canadian Consortium for Research (.PDF, 363 KB)
Canadian Construction Association (.PDF, 405 KB)
Canadian Convenience Stores Association (.PDF, 362 KB)
Canadian Co-operative Association (.PDF, 356 KB)
Canadian Council of Chief Executives (.PDF, 352 KB)
Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (.PDF, 368 KB)
Canadian Crafts Federation (.PDF, 363 KB)
Canadian Dance Assembly (.PDF, 429 KB)
Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (.PDF, 355 KB)
Canadian Diabetes Association (.PDF, 355 KB)
Canadian Doctors for Medicare (.PDF, 360 KB)
Canadian Electricity Association (.PDF, 353 KB)
Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (.PDF, 331 KB)
Canadian Energy Pipeline Association - 2 (.PDF, 105 KB)
Canadian Federation of Agriculture (.PDF, 359 KB)
Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (.PDF, 365 KB)
Canadian Federation of Independent Business (.PDF, 344 KB)
Canadian Federation of Medical Students (.PDF, 349 KB)
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (.PDF, 352 KB)
Canadian Federation of Students (.PDF, 369 KB)
Canadian Federation of Students (Manitoba) (.PDF, 358 KB)
Canadian Federation of Students (Newfoundland and Labrador) (.PDF, 365 KB)
Canadian Federation of Students (Nova Scotia) (.PDF, 278 KB)
Canadian Federation of Students (Ontario) (.PDF, 354 KB)
Canadian Federation of University Women (.PDF, 355 KB)
Canadian Ferry Operators Association (.PDF, 334 KB)
Canadian Fertilizer Institute (.PDF, 356 KB)
Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (.PDF, 346 KB)
Canadian Gas Association (.PDF, 334 KB)
Canadian Health Food Association (.PDF, 353 KB)
Canadian Healthcare Association (.PDF, 361 KB)
Canadian Home Builders' Association (.PDF, 365 KB)
Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (.PDF, 358 KB)
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (.PDF, 360 KB)
Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (.PDF, 340 KB)
Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (.PDF, 352 KB)
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (.PDF, 356 KB)
Canadian Interuniversity Sport (.PDF, 335 KB)
Canadian Labour Congress (.PDF, 341 KB)
Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Inc. (.PDF, 346 KB)
Canadian Literacy and Learning Network (.PDF, 346 KB)
Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (.PDF, 362 KB)
Canadian Meat Council (.PDF, 357 KB)
Canadian Media Production Association (.PDF, 350 KB)
Canadian Medical Association (.PDF, 358 KB)
Canadian Medical Association - 2 (.PDF, 1,666 KB)
Canadian Mental Health Association (.PDF, 359 KB)
Canadian Museums Association (.PDF, 355 KB)
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (.PDF, 339 KB)
Canadian Nurses Association (.PDF, 372 KB)
Canadian Nurses Association - 2 (.PDF, 626 KB)
Canadian Psychiatric Association (.PDF, 344 KB)
Canadian Psychological Association (.PDF, 357 KB)
Canadian Real Estate Association (.PDF, 360 KB)
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (.PDF, 346 KB)
Canadian Retail Building Supply Council (.PDF, 377 KB)
Canadian Shipowners Association (.PDF, 354 KB)
Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (.PDF, 364 KB)
Canadian Steel Producers Association (.PDF, 355 KB)
Canadian Taxpayers Federation (.PDF, 357 KB)
Canadian Union of Public Employees (.PDF, 356 KB)
Canadian Urban Transit Association (.PDF, 356 KB)
Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association (.PDF, 344 KB)
Canadian Vintners Association (.PDF, 339 KB)
Canadian Wildlife Federation (.PDF, 333 KB)
Canadians for Tax Fairness (.PDF, 355 KB)
CANARIE Inc. (.PDF, 340 KB)
Canola Council of Canada (.PDF, 351 KB)
Cement Association of Canada (.PDF, 353 KB)
Centennial College (.PDF, 334 KB)
Centre d'action bénévole D'Autray inc. (.PDF, 336 KB)
Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (.PDF, 365 KB)
Chakma, Amit (.PDF, 343 KB)
Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (.PDF, 365 KB)
CHC Helicopter (.PDF, 347 KB)
Chemical Institute of Canada (.PDF, 344 KB)
Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (.PDF, 343 KB)
Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (.PDF, 358 KB)
Citizens for Public Justice (.PDF, 358 KB)
City of Calgary (.PDF, 342 KB)
City of Edmonton (.PDF, 358 KB)
City of London (.PDF, 342 KB)
City of Powell River (.PDF, 339 KB)
City of Summerside (.PDF, 338 KB)
Coalition for Canadian Astronomy (.PDF, 346 KB)
Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (.PDF, 345 KB)
College of Family Physicians of Canada (.PDF, 341 KB)
Colleges Ontario (.PDF, 344 KB)
Community Living Manitoba (.PDF, 337 KB)
Conair Consumer Products Inc. (.PDF, 333 KB)
Conseil canadien de la coopération et de la mutualité (.PDF, 345 KB)
Consumer Health Products Canada (.PDF, 337 KB)
Coombs, Derrick (.PDF, 339 KB)
Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (.PDF, 358 KB)
Council of Canadian Academies (.PDF, 346 KB)
Council of Canadians with Disabilities (.PDF, 335 KB)
Credit Union Central of Canada (.PDF, 349 KB)
Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada (.PDF, 276 KB)
Culture Montréal (.PDF, 344 KB)

Danier Leather Inc. (.PDF, 344 KB)
Deloitte LLP (.PDF, 354 KB)
Desjardins Group (.PDF, 342 KB)
Directors Guild of Canada (.PDF, 346 KB)
Ducks Unlimited Canada (.PDF, 348 KB)

Earth Rangers Foundation (.PDF, 339 KB)
Enbridge Inc. (.PDF, 534 KB)
Engineers Canada (.PDF, 342 KB)
Engineers Without Borders Canada (.PDF, 341 KB)
Erasmus, Bill (.PDF, 341 KB)
Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (.PDF, 338 KB)

Federal Active Transportation Coalition (.PDF, 335 KB)
Fédération culturelle canadienne-française (.PDF, 354 KB)
Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française (.PDF, 344 KB)
Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne du Canada (.PDF, 352 KB)
Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec -2 (.PDF, 111 KB)
Fédération étudiants universitaire du Québec (.PDF, 366 KB)
Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (.PDF, 365 KB)
Fédération franco-ténoise (.PDF, 366 KB)
Federation of Canadian Municipalities (.PDF, 394 KB)
Festivals and Major Events Canada (.PDF, 364 KB)
Financial Executives International Canada (.PDF, 400 KB)
First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition (.PDF, 354 KB)
Food & Consumer Products of Canada (.PDF, 353 KB)
Food Secure Canada (.PDF, 351 KB)
Forest Products Association of Canada (.PDF, 373 KB)
Forest Products Association of Canada -2 (.PDF, 147 KB)
Funeral Service Association of Canada (.PDF, 355 KB)
Future of Howe Sound Society (.PDF, 350 KB)

GIV3 (.PDF, 334 KB)
Godbout, Luc - 2 (.PDF, 97 KB)
Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce (.PDF, 339 KB)
Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce - 2 (.PDF, 1,128 KB)
Green Budget Coalition (.PDF, 362 KB)

Habitat for Humanity Canada (.PDF, 334 KB)
Hacking, Robert (.PDF, 346 KB)
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (.PDF, 345 KB)
Heritage Canada Foundation (.PDF, 364 KB)
Hockley, John (.PDF, 357 KB)
Homes for Women (.PDF, 361 KB)
Hope Air (.PDF, 333 KB)
Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador (.PDF, 358 KB)
Hotel Association of Canada (.PDF, 346 KB)
Hulchanski, David - 2 (.PDF, 727 KB)

Imagine Canada (.PDF, 357 KB)
Imagine Canada - 2 (.PDF, 408 KB)
Imperial Tobacco Canada Limited (.PDF, 360 KB)
Independent Media Arts Alliance (.PDF, 357 KB)
Information Technology Association of Canada (.PDF, 342 KB)
Institut de recherche et d'informations socio-économiques -2 (.PDF, 33 KB)
Institute for Quantum Computing (.PDF, 275 KB)
Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (.PDF, 341 KB)
Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (.PDF, 409 KB)
Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development (.PDF, 356 KB)
International Association of Fire Fighters (.PDF, 348 KB)
Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (.PDF, 128 KB)
Investment Funds Institute of Canada (.PDF, 351 KB)
Investment Industry Association of Canada (.PDF, 386 KB)
Investment Industry Association of Canada - 2 (.PDF, 1,025 KB)

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Canada (.PDF, 359 KB)
Johnson & Johnson Inc. (.PDF, 353 KB)
Johnson, Donald K. (.PDF, 344 KB)

Kitimat Clean Ltd - 2 (.PDF, 40 KB)

Lahey, Kathleen A (.PDF, 359 KB)
Lahey, Kathleen A - 2 (.PDF, 120 KB)
Lapointe, Chantal (.PDF, 336 KB)
LeBourdais, Michael (.PDF, 343 KB)
Leduc Beaumont Devon Primary Care Network (.PDF, 330 KB)
Lenneard, Paul (.PDF, 332 KB)

Macerollo, Tony (.PDF, 371 KB)
Manitoba Aerospace Association Inc. (.PDF, 275 KB)
Manitoba Aviation Council (.PDF, 363 KB)
March of Dimes Canada (.PDF, 625 KB)
MATCH International (.PDF, 351 KB)
McGill University (.PDF, 358 KB)
McMaster University (.PDF, 358 KB)
Medical Reform Group (.PDF, 340 KB)
Medicine Hat and District Chamber of Commerce (.PDF, 344 KB)
Ménard, L. Jacques (.PDF, 335 KB)
Merck Canada Inc. (.PDF, 354 KB)
Merit Canada (.PDF, 344 KB)
Mining Association of Canada (.PDF, 347 KB)
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada (.PDF, 360 KB)

National Aboriginal Caucus (.PDF, 380 KB)
National Airlines Council of Canada (.PDF, 355 KB)
National Allied Golf Associations (.PDF, 383 KB)
National Association of Career Colleges (.PDF, 338 KB)
National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco (.PDF, 396 KB)
National Farmers Union (.PDF, 339 KB)
National Graduate Caucus (.PDF, 362 KB)
National Marine Manufacturers Association Canada (.PDF, 350 KB)
National ME / FM Action Network (.PDF, 348 KB)
National Union of Public and General Employees (.PDF, 352 KB)
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (.PDF, 356 KB)
Nature Conservancy of Canada (.PDF, 344 KB)
Nelson, Andrew (.PDF, 340 KB)
Nelson, Don (.PDF, 328 KB)
Nishiyama, Jason (.PDF, 334 KB)
North West Territories Chamber of Commerce (.PDF, 340 KB)
Northwest Territories Association of Communities (.PDF, 354 KB)
Norton, Brent (.PDF, 140 KB)

Oleson, David (.PDF, 330 KB)
Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (.PDF, 357 KB)
Ooi, Diana (.PDF, 339 KB) (.PDF, 350 KB)
Orchestras Canada (.PDF, 354 KB)
Oxfam Canada (.PDF, 351 KB)

ParticipACTION (.PDF, 344 KB)
Partners for Mental Health (.PDF, 352 KB)
Partnership Group for Science and Engineering (.PDF, 355 KB)
Pasqualetto, Perry (.PDF, 357 KB)
PearTree Financial Services (.PDF, 341 KB)
PearTree Financial Services - 2 (.PDF, 259 KB)
Petroleum Services Association of Canada (.PDF, 353 KB)
Philanthropic Foundations Canada (.PDF, 344 KB)
Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History (.PDF, 343 KB)
Polytechnics Canada (.PDF, 363 KB)
Port Metro Vancouver (.PDF, 343 KB)
Portfolio Management Association of Canada (.PDF, 356 KB)
Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Association (.PDF, 333 KB)
Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (.PDF, 355 KB)
Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (.PDF, 341 KB)
Professional Writers Association of Canada (.PDF, 329 KB)
Progressive Contractors Association of Canada (.PDF, 351 KB)
Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (.PDF, 277 KB)
Public Service Alliance of Canada (.PDF, 342 KB)

Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow (.PDF, 351 KB)
Quebec Association of ICT Freelancers (.PDF, 343 KB)
Quebec Employers' Council (.PDF, 349 KB)
Quebec Employers' Council - 2 (.PDF, 1,413 KB)
Queen's University (.PDF, 336 KB)

Railway Association of Canada (.PDF, 355 KB)
REAL Women of Canada (.PDF, 363 KB)
Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada (.PDF, 351 KB)
Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (.PDF, 351 KB)
ReStore (.PDF, 343 KB)
Retail Council of Canada (.PDF, 339 KB)
Ryerson University (.PDF, 356 KB)

Sandbox Project (.PDF, 353 KB)
Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (.PDF, 343 KB)
Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities - 2 (.PDF, 110 KB)
SickKids Foundation (.PDF, 330 KB)
Sliammon First Nation (.PDF, 339 KB)
Smith, Nelson (.PDF, 330 KB)
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (.PDF, 356 KB)
Société de transport de Montréal (.PDF, 350 KB)
Special Olympics Canada (.PDF, 346 KB)
Special Olympics Canada - 2 (.PDF, 410 KB)
Spirits Canada (.PDF, 358 KB)
Sport Matters Group (.PDF, 346 KB)
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (.PDF, 344 KB)
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - 2 (.PDF, 298 KB)
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre - 3 (.PDF, 258 KB)

Tax Executives Institute, Inc. (.PDF, 390 KB)
Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (.PDF, 337 KB)
Tourism Industry Association of Canada (.PDF, 346 KB)
Tourism Industry Association of Canada - 2 (.PDF, 6,243 KB)
Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island (.PDF, 464 KB)
Township of North Glengarry (.PDF, 346 KB)

U15 - Group of Canadian Research Universities (.PDF, 347 KB)
United Steelworkers - 2 (.PDF, 71 KB)
United Way of Canada (.PDF, 334 KB)
University of Alberta (.PDF, 389 KB)
University of British Columbia (.PDF, 389 KB)
University of Calgary (.PDF, 356 KB)
University of Manitoba (.PDF, 343 KB)
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (.PDF, 356 KB)
University of Saskatchewan (.PDF, 355 KB)
University of Toronto (.PDF, 359 KB)
University of Windsor (.PDF, 331 KB)

Vancouver Board of Trade (.PDF, 344 KB)
Visa Canada Corporation (.PDF, 349 KB)
Visual Arts Alliance (.PDF, 360 KB)

Wabash Building Society (.PDF, 352 KB)
White, B. Jean (.PDF, 352 KB)
Windatt, Clayton Harold (.PDF, 333 KB)
Winnipeg Career Symposium (.PDF, 355 KB)
World University Service of Canada (.PDF, 347 KB)
Writers' Union of Canada (.PDF, 373 KB)

YMCA Canada (.PDF, 342 KB)
Youth Employment Services (.PDF, 373 KB)
YWCA Canada (.PDF, 373 KB)

Zwicker, Barry (.PDF, 341 KB)