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Notice Paper

No. 106

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2:00 p.m.

Introduction of Government Bills

Introduction of Private Members' Bills

Notices of Motions (Routine Proceedings)


Q-5782 — April 3, 2012 — Ms. Sims (Newton—North Delta) — With regard to the planned reductions in departmental spending for the International Assistance Envelope announced in Budget 2012, for the each of the fiscal years between 2012-2013 and 2014-2015: (a) what is the total dollar amount of reductions in official development assistance; (b) what is the total dollar amount of reductions in non-official development assistance; (c) what is the total dollar amount of reductions to administrative costs at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA); (d) when will the restructuring plans for CIDA be announced; (e) what is total dollar amount of reductions to each of the 2011-2012 countries of focus; (f) what is the total dollar amount of reductions to CIDA’s program activities, specifically, (i) fragile countries and crisis – affected communities, (ii) low income countries, (iii) middle income countries, (iv) global engagement and strategic policy, (v) Canadian engagement; (g) what is the total dollar amount of reductions for each of CIDA’s thematic priorities, specifically, (i) increasing food security, (ii) securing the future of children and youth, (iii) stimulating sustainable economic growth, (iv) ensuring stability and security, (v) advancing democracy; (h) what is the total dollar amount of reductions for each of the branches of CIDA, specifically, (i) the geographic programs branch, broken down by country programs, regional programs, and Canada funds for local initiatives, (ii) the partnerships with Canadians branch, (iii) the multilateral and global programs branch, broken down by international humanitarian assistance, other initiative-specific programs with multilateral organizations, and core funding to multilateral development institutions; (i) what is the total dollar amount of the reductions to each of the programs at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, specifically, (i) Security and Stability, (ii) Democracy, broken down by the Glyn Berry Program Democracy Envelope and the Rights and Democracy core funding, (iii) Children and Youth, (iv) Sustainable Economic Growth, broken down by the Investment Cooperation Program and Environment and climate change, (v) Contributions to International Organizations, broken down by the World Health Organization, the Francophonie, the Commonwealth, the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and all others, (vi) Global Partnership Program, (vii) Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program, (viii) Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program, (ix) Afghanistan Counter-Narcotics Program, (x) Services rendered abroad; (j) what is the total amount of the reduction to each of the following programs at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), (i) the Development Innovation Fund, (ii) climate change adaptation in Africa, (iii) ecosystem approaches to human health, (iv) environmental economics, (v) rural poverty and environment, (vi) urban poverty and environment, (vii) Acacia, (viii) connectivity and equity in the Americas, (ix) Pan Asia networking, (x), (xi) the IDRC Research Partnerships Challenge Fund, (xii) innovation, technology and society, (xiii) the global health research initiative, (xiv) governance, equity and health, (xv) research on international tobacco control, (xvi) globalization, growth and poverty, (xvii) peace, conflict and development, (xviii) think tank initiative, (xix) women’s rights and citizenship; (k) what is the total amount of the reduction to each of the following themes at the IDRC, (i) agriculture and environment, broken down by health and the environment, agriculture and food security, climate change, and energy supply and use, (ii) science technology and innovation, broken down by science, technology, and innovation granting councils in developing countries, the role of the university within the national innovation system, and creative industries, (iii) information and communications technologies, broken down by knowledge economies, information societies, collaborative technologies and social change, and policies for networked societies, (iv) social and economic policy, broken down by inclusive, sustainable growth, accountable governance, and inclusion of marginalized groups, (v) health and health systems, broken down by health systems, governance, and access to health, health information systems, health human resources, understanding the emerging chronic disease epidemic, demographic changes, and biomedical research, (vi) complementing thematic programs, broken down by Canadian partnerships — universities, research institutions, and non-governmental organizations, fellowships and awards, and special initiatives; and (l) what is the total amount of the reduction to the operational cost of the IDRC?
Q-5792 — April 3, 2012 — Mr. Hsu (Kingston and the Islands) — With regard to Parks Canada lands: (a) since January 1, 2006, has Parks Canada or the government sold, subdivided, leased, or in any other way alienated or dealt with its holdings of real property on the east side of Little Lake in Peterborough, Ontario; (b) if the answer to (a) is no, has it studied doing so; (c) if the answer to (a) is yes, (i) what was or is the nature of the alienation or dealing which has either been effected or studied, (ii) who are or were the parties to the transaction; and (d) has Parks Canada or the government communicated with any federal or provincial parliamentarians on the subject of the government’s holdings of real property on the east side of Little Lake in Peterborough, Ontario, and, if so, (i) with which parliamentarians, (ii) who sent and who received any such communication, (iii) what were the dates of any such communication, (iv) what are the file or reference numbers of any such communication?
Q-5802 — April 3, 2012 — Mr. Trudeau (Papineau) — With regard to Canadian Forces operations since January 1, 2006, how many times have Canadian Forces aircraft been dispatched, at the request of provincial authorities, to conduct an emergency medical transportation and, for each such dispatch: (a) which provincial authority made the request; (b) which aircraft asset was involved; (c) from which Canadian Forces establishment was the aircraft dispatched; (d) from what location was the patient or patients picked up; (e) to what location was the patient or patients transported; (f) what was the date of the medical transportation; and (g) was a news release or other statement issued to the media concerning the incident, and, if so, on what date was the release or statement made?
Q-5812 — April 3, 2012 — Mr. Trudeau (Papineau) — With regard to search and rescue operations: (a) prior to January 31, 2012, what was the "call back procedure [which] is standard protocol followed by the [Joint Rescue Coordination Centre] and all provincial and territorial emergency management organizations", as referenced in paragraph 5 of the memorandum from Major-General J.H. Vance to the Chief of Defence Staff, dated February 7, 2012, under file number 3120-1 (WH Ops 1-1); (b) in what document or documents was this standard protocol issued, laid down or promulgated; (c) what are or were the dates and file numbers of the documents in (b); and (d) have there been changes to this protocol since January 31, 2012, and, if so, (i) what is the nature of those changes, (ii) when were the changes made, (iii) when did the changes come into effect, (iv) in what document or documents were the changes issued, laid down or promulgated, (v) what are or were the dates and file numbers of those documents?
Q-5822 — April 3, 2012 — Mr. Trudeau (Papineau) — With regard to the 2012 budget: (a) who provided the translation of the budget press release into the following non-official languages: (i) Arabic, (ii) Chinese (simplified), (iii) Chinese (traditional), (iv) Portuguese, (v) Spanish, (vi) Ukrainian, (vii) Persian, (viii) Polish, (xiv) any other non-official language, specifying which language; (b) how much did each translation cost; (c) for each translation, was the work carried out pursuant to a competitive contract, or was it sole-sourced; (d) what are the reference or file numbers associated with each translation; and (e) to which media outlets or organizations was each release distributed, and by whom?
Q-5832 — April 3, 2012 — Mr. Trudeau (Papineau) — With regard to government Web sites: (a) is there a government-wide standard for the retention or maintenance of (i) press releases, (ii) other documents on departmental or agency Web sites; and (b) if the answer to (a) is in the affirmative, (i) what is the standard, (ii) in what document is that standard established, (iii) when was the standard established or most recently re-established?
Q-5842 — April 3, 2012 — Mr. Scarpaleggia (Lac-Saint-Louis) — With regard to government employment levels: (a) what is the current total number of federal employees in each Census Metropolitan Area; and (b) what is the total number of anticipated job reductions in each Census Metropolitan Area for fiscal year (i) 2012-2013, (ii) 2013-2014, (iii) 2014-2015?
Q-5852 — April 3, 2012 — Mr. Easter (Malpeque) — With respect to staffing at Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC): (a) how many persons were employed by VAC in Prince Edward Island for the fiscal years 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, and 2010-2011, broken down by (i) full-time employees, (ii) part-time employees, (iii) term contract employees, (iv) student contract employees; (b) what is the deployment, broken down by percentage, of VAC staff to (i) departmental headquarters in Ottawa, (ii) departmental headquarters in Charlottetown, (iii) regional offices across Canada, (iv) sub-regional offices across Canada, (v) district offices across Canada; and (c) what was the total remuneration of VAC employees in Prince Edward Island for the same periods listed in (a)?

Notices of Motions for the Production of Papers

Business of Supply

Government Business

Private Members' Notices of Motions

M-352 — April 3, 2012 — Ms. Borg (Terrebonne—Blainville) — That, in the opinion of the House, the government should: (a) recognize the economic importance of the Katimavik program to over 90 communities across Canada that benefit from the program; (b) recognize the importance of the relationship between the Katimavik program and hundreds of not-for-profit organizations across Canada; (c) promote and support youth programs, such as Katimavik, that teach youth the merits and the importance of volunteering, civic engagement and bilingualism; (d) recognize that Katimavik promotes important intercultural exchanges between English and French Canada; (e) reinstate the $14 million per year funding to the Katimavik program; and (f) work with all members of the House to address any concerns they might have with the running of the program.
M-353 — April 3, 2012 — Mr. Hayes (Sault Ste. Marie) — That the Standing Committee on the Status of Women be instructed to undertake a comprehensive study on the subject of education programs in Canada that prevent violence against women, and report its finding to the House within one year of the study's initiation.

Private Members' Business

C-313 — February 17, 2012 — Mrs. Davidson (Sarnia—Lambton) — Consideration at report stage of Bill C-313, An Act to amend the Food and Drugs Act (non-corrective cosmetic contact lenses), as reported by the Standing Committee on Health with amendments.
Pursuant to Standing Order 86(3), jointly seconded by:
Mrs. Smith (Kildonan—St. Paul) — October 18, 2011
Committee Report — presented on Friday, February 17, 2012, Sessional Paper No. 8510-411-41.
Report and third reading stages — limited to 2 sitting days, pursuant to Standing Order 98(2).
Motion for third reading — may be made in the same sitting, pursuant to Standing Order 98(2).

2 Response requested within 45 days