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RNNR Committee News Release

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Comité permanent des ressources naturelles

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Canada's Forest Industry: Recognizing the Challenges and Opportunities

Ottawa, June 3, 2008 -

In light of the challenges facing Canada’s forest products industry, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources undertook a study on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. The Committee held eight meetings between February and April 2008, at which it received evidence from some 25 organizations and individuals representing various spheres of forest industry activity and various perspectives on the industry as a whole.

The report, entitled Canada’s Forest Industry: Recognizing the Challenges and Opportunities, describes the challenges that the industry is currently experiencing, identifies the key causal factors, and highlights the impact of the challenges faced by forest communities. Most importantly, it also describes the elements likely to contribute to the industry’s renewal, prosperity and sustainability.

The report will be available in both official languages on the committee’s website at: once the report is presented in the House of Commons.

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