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JUST Committee Report

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has the honour to present its


The following motion was adopted:

That, pursuant to Standing Order 108, there be established a Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws; that the Subcommittee be composed of six (6) members including 2 members of the Conservative Party, 2 members of the Liberal Party, 1 member of the Bloc Québécois and 1 member of the New Democratic Party to be named by the Committee, in consultation with the whips; that the subcommittee ensure that all published evidence submitted to the Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws in the 38th Parliament be thoroughly referenced in their report; that the subcommittee consider if additional hearings are needed to clarify previously submitted evidence in the 38th Parliament; that the Subcommittee report to the Committee by December 8, 2006; and that the subcommittee have all the powers of the Committee under Standing Order 108(1)a) except the power to report directly to the House.

The Subcommittee examined the subject-matter and agreed to present its observations and recommendations to the Committee in a report entitled “THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE:  A STUDY OF CANADA’S CRIMINAL PROSTITUTION LAWS”.

Your Committee had adopted this report which reads as follows: