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JUST Committee Report

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Appendix A
List of Witnesses

Organizations and Individuals Date Meeting
Department of Justice

Erin McKey, Senior Counsel – Criminal Law Policy Section

Shawn Scromeda, Counsel – Criminal Law Policy Section

Michael Zigayer, Senior Counsel – Criminal Law Policy Section

2006/05/09 2
Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

Barry MacKillop, Senior Director – National Strategies Division

2006/05/30 5
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Thomas Bucher, Director – Organized Crime, Federal and International Operations

Raf Souccar, Assistant Commissioner – Federal and International Operations

2006/05/30 5
Criminal Lawyers' Association

Peter Copeland, Representative

2006/06/01 6
As an Individual

Grégoire Webber, Trudeau Scholar – Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, Oxford University

2006/06/06 7
Canadian Bar Association

Gregory DelBigio, Chair – National Criminal Justice Section

Tamra Thomson, Director – Legislation and Law Reform

2006/06/08 8
Ligue des droits et libertés

Denis Barrette, Legal Counsel

Pierre-Louis Fortin-Legris, Case Officer

2006/06/08 8
Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Ken Swan, Representative

Brooke Wagner, Intern

Alexi Nicole Wood, Director – Program Safety Project

2006/06/13 9
Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers

Jeanine LeRoy, Representative – Criminal Law Chambers

2006/06/13 9