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The Journals Index is the key to information contained in the minutes of meetings of the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 2nd Session.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. Once you have located your subject entry, click on the page number in order to open that day's issue; you may either scroll through the text or open the pdf format of the publication to locate the appropriate page. Subject entries may also contain references to sessional paper numbers in brackets. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 2nd Session   (September 30, 2002 - November 12, 2003)  Current Session
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Violent offenders

    >>Security classification, assigning, judicial discretion, 3874(65:1235)
    >>>See also Criminal Code (amdt.) and Corrections and Conditional Release Act(amdt.--judicial discretion to assign a binding security classification ofmaximum to high-risk violent offenders)(Bill C-403)

Visitors to Canada

    >>Visas, security see Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (amdt.)(Bill C-282)

Vitamins and supplements

    >>Medical expense tax credit/Goods and Services Tax (GST) exemption
    >>>>(Borotsik), (372-2181), 1120
    >>>>(Grey), (372-2148 to 372-2151), 1112


    >>Income tax deduction see Income Tax Act (amdt.--exemptions forvolunteers)(Bill C-351);Income Tax Act (amdt.--volunteers)(Bill C-207)
    >>See also Community service groups;Emergency volunteers

Voting see House of Commons proceedings--Electronic voting


    >>Legislation see Criminal Code (amdt.--protection of children and othervulnerable persons) and Canada Evidence Act (amdt.)(Bill C-20)

Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Self-Government Agreement

    >>Legislation see Specific Claims Resolution Act (Bill C-6)


Wages and salaries see Bankruptcy;Military judges;Public Service--Performance pay


    >>Children, protection
    >>>>(Bigras), (372-1842), 918, gr, 1111 (8545-372-43-05); (372-1852), 918, gr, 1111 (8545-372-43-05)
    >>See also Conflict diamonds;Iraq, United States pre-emptive attack;Korean War;Prisoners of war;World War I;World War II

War of 1812 see Tecumseh

War Veterans Allowance Act

    >>Legislation see Children of Deceased Veterans Education Assistance Act(amdt.)(Bill C-50)

Wasagaming, MB see Parks Canada--Reports

Waskesiu, SK see Parks Canada--Reports


    >>British Columbia-Alaska transboundary watersheds, construction projects
    >>>Bradfield Road transportation corridor, International Boundary Waters TreatyAct and Navigable Waters Protection Act provisions, studies, fisheries factor,r.o. Q-21 (Robinson), 196 (8555-372-21)
    >>>Ecosystem sustainable development policy
    >>>>>(Robinson), (372-0811), 304, gr, 476 (8545-372-21-02)
    >>Bulk water exports, prohibition see Canada Water Export Prohibition Act(Bill C-286)
    >>See also Drinking water;Invasive alien aquatic species

Watercraft see Personal watercraft


    >>Management and hunting in Quebec, review
    >>>>(Guimond), (372-1762), 904, gr, 977 (8545-372-58-04)

Waterton, AB see Parks Canada--Reports

Ways and Means (notice of motions), tabled

    >>1.Income Tax Act, notice, tabled, 62 (8570-372-01)
    >>2.Budget 2003 (February 18, 2003), approval, M. (Manley), 431, 436, 454-5478, 496, 498-9, division deferred, 499, agreed to on recorded division(Division No. 59), 515-6
    >>>Amdt. (Harper), 436, negatived on recorded division (Division No. 53), 478-9
    >>>>Amdt. to amdt. (Paquette), 436, negatived on recorded division (Division No. 42), 455-6
    >>>Division, recorded, if requested on Monday, March 17, 2003, deemed deferred until Tuesday, March 18, 2003, M., agreed to, by unanimous consent, 487
    >>>Procedure, "That the debate be now adjourned", M. (Harper), 432, deemed adopted, 432
    >>3.Income Tax Act, notice, tabled, 431 (8570-372-2)
    >>4.Excise Tax Act, notice, tabled, 431 (8570-372-3)Ways and Means
    >>5.Customs Tariff, Excise Tax Act and Excise Act, 2001, notice, tabled, 431(8570-372-4)
    >>6.Budget 2003
    >>>Concurrence, deemed moved and division deferred, M., agreed to, by unanimous consent, 546, agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 65), 551-2
    >>>Notice, tabled, 517 (8570-372-10)
    >>>See also Budget Implementation Act, 2003 (Bill C-28)
    >>7.Income Tax Act (natural resources)
    >>>Concurrence, M. (Manley), 926, agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 208), 926-7
    >>>Disposition, M., agreed to, by unanimous consent, 913
    >>>Notice, tabled, 879 (8570-372-11)
    >>>See also Income Tax Act (amdt.--natural resources)(Bill C-48)
    >>8.Excise Tax Act, notice, tabled, 1090 (8570-372-12)
    >>9.Income Tax Act, notice, tabled, 1203 (8570-372-13)


    >>Trafficking, sentences see Criminal Code (amdt.--weapons trafficking)(BillC-444)
    >>See also Biological and chemical weapons;Disarmament;Land mines (anti-personnel mines);Space Preservation Treaty

Weather services see Meteorological Service of Canada


    >>Work for welfare, requirement see Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act(amdt.--work for welfare)(Bill C-334)

West coast ports

    >>Strikes and lockouts, arbitration see Final Offer Arbitration in Respect ofWest Coast Ports Operations Act (Bill C-312)

West Vancouver--Sunshine Coast constituency

    >>Name, change to West Vancouver--Sea to Sky Country-Sunshine Coastsee Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act (amdt.)(Bill C-300)
    >>Name, change to West Vancouver--Sunshine Coast--Sea to Sky Countrysee Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act (Bill C-53)
    >>See also Government expenditures--Government grants and contributions

Westbank First Nation Self-Government Act (Bill C-57)--Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (Nault)

    >>1st r, 1246
    >>2nd r, deemed read a second time, M., agreed to, by unanimous consent, 1262
    >>Aboriginal Affairs, Northern Development and Natural Resources Standing Committee
    >>>Referral, deemed referred, M., agreed to, by unanimous consent, 1262

Westbank First Nation Self-Government Agreement

    >>Document, "Westbank First Nation Self-Government Agreement", October 3, 2003, tabled, 1236 (8525-372-33)
    >>See also Westbank First Nation Self-Government Act (Bill C-57)

Western Canada see Riel, Louis David

Western Economic Diversification Department

    >>Departmental Performance Report
    >>>2001-2002, tabled, 178 (8563-372-87)
    >>>2002-2003, tabled, 1207 (8563-372-177)
    >>See also Access to Information Act;Estimates, 2003-2004, Main--Reports on Plans and Priorities;Privacy Act

Westlock--St. Paul constituency

    >>Name, change to Battle River see Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act(Bill C-53)

Westmount--Ville-Marie constituency see Government expenditures--Governmentgrants and contributions

Wetaskiwin constituency see Government expenditures--Government grants andcontributions

Wharves see Harbours, wharves and breakwaters

Whistle Blower Human Rights Act (Bill C-201)--Grewal

    >>1st r, 11
    >>2nd r, 379, dropped from the Order Paper, under S.O. 96(1), 379

Whistle Blowers Protection Act (Bill C-457)--Martin, Pat

Whistle blowing see Public Service--Wrongdoing

WHO see World Health Organization (WHO)

Widows see Veterans' benefits and pensions--Veterans independence program

Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act

    >>Legislation see Species at Risk Act (Bill C-5)

Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act (amdt.)(Bill C-427)--Martin, K.


    >>Sale of wildlife or wildlife parts without license or permit, criminal offence see Criminal Code (amdt.--selling wildlife)(Bill C-280);Wild Animal and Plant Protection and Regulation of International and Interprovincial Trade Act (amdt.)(Bill C-427)
    >>See also Deer;Elk;Endangered and threatened species;Waterfowl

Windsor, ON see Border, Canadian

Windsor-St. Clair constituency

    >>Name, change to Windsor-Tecumseh see Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act(amdt.)(Bill C-300)

Windsor West constituency see Chief Electoral Officer of Canada Office(Elections Canada)--Reports

Witness and Spousal Protection Program Act (Bill C-270)--Hill, J.

Witness Protection Program

    >>Reports tabled and permanently referred to Justice and Human RightsStanding Committee
    >>>2001-2002 annual report, 59 (8560-372-7-01)
    >>>2002-2003 annual report, 1095 (8560-372-7-02)

Witnesses (Justice system)

    >>Protection, eligibility, spousal assault/domestic violence see Witness andSpousal Protection Program Act (Bill C-270)

Women see Penitentiary inmates;Pregnancy;Spouses;Status of Women Canada;Widows

Wood products

    >>Chromated copper arsenate, use in pressure treated lumber, health concerns
    >>>>(Stoffer), (372-0078), 26, gr, 145 (8545-372-21-01);(371-0816 to 371-0818), gr, 99 (8545-372-10-01)

Work see Older workers;Welfare

Worker's compensation see Canada Pension Plan (CPP)--"Pensionable employment"

Workplace Psychological Harassment Prevention Act (Bill C-451)--Bourgeois

World Health Organization (WHO)

    >>Taiwan, observer status/participation
    >>>Canadian position, M. on supply (Abbott), 797-8, 802, division deferred, 802, agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 169), 808-9
    >>>See also Foreign Affairs and International Trade StandingCommittee--Reports, Fifth

World Trade Organization (WTO) see Foreign Affairs and International TradeStanding Committee--Reports from 1st Session, 37th Parliament, Nineteenth

World War I see Ukrainian Canadians;Vimy Ridge battle (April 9, 1917)

World War II see Juno Beach Centre (World War II Memorial)

WTO see World Trade Organization (WTO)


Yoho National Park see Field, BC

Young offenders

    >>Detention prior to disposition, parental accountability see Young OffendersAct (amdt.)(Bill C-281)
    >>See also Home invasion;Murder--Capital punishment/young offenders;Swarming

Young Offenders Act

    >>Legislation see Criminal Code and Young Offenders Act (amdt.--capitalpunishment)(Bill C-318)

Young Offenders Act (amdt.)(Bill C-281)--Cadman

Youth Criminal Justice Act

    >>Legislation see Criminal Code (amdt.)(Bill C-32);Criminal Code and Youth Criminal Justice Act (amdt.--sentencingprinciples)(Bill C-416)

Youth Criminal Justice Act (amdt.)(Bill C-204)--Lunn

    >>1st r, 12
    >>2nd r, 332, dropped from the Order Paper, under S.O. 96(1), 332

Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (Bill C-2)--Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (Nault)

    >>1st r, 18
    >>2nd r, 86, division deferred, 86, agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 9), 94-5
    >>Aboriginal Affairs, Northern Development and Natural Resources Standing Committee
    >>>Referral, 95
    >>>Report, with amdts., 273
    >>Report stage, 441-2, 462-3
    >>>Concurrence, with further amdt., M. (Nault), 463, agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 48), 463-4
    >>>Motion No. 1 (Clause 122), (Nault), 442, division deferred, 442, agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 47), 462-3
    >>3rd r, 491, 493, division deferred, 493, agreed to on recorded division (Division No. 57), 513-4, passed
    >>Senate passage, without amdt., 748

Yukon First Nations Self-Government Act

    >>Legislation see Specific Claims Resolution Act (Bill C-6)

Yukon Land Claim Agreements

    >>2000-2001 annual report, tabled, 1245 (8525-372-35)

Yukon Surface Rights Board see Access to Information Act;Privacy Act

Yukon Territory

    >>Devolution, jurisdiction over natural resources and environment transferred from federal to territorial government, Statement by Minister (Nault), 635
    >>Environmental and socio-economic assessment see Yukon Environmental andSocio-economic Assessment Act (Bill C-2)
    >>See also Farm Income Protection Act (FIPA);Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)--Reports, Agreements for RCMP policingservices;Statutes of the Yukon Territory

Yukon Territory Water Board see Access to Information Act;Privacy Act