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AANR Committee Meeting

Notices of Meeting include information about the subject matter to be examined by the committee and date, time and place of the meeting, as well as a list of any witnesses scheduled to appear. The Evidence is the edited and revised transcript of what is said before a committee. The Minutes of Proceedings are the official record of the business conducted by the committee at a sitting.

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Meeting No. 49

Friday, March 21, 2003

The Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs, Northern Development and Natural Resources met at 8:12 a.m. this day, in the Ballroom of the Radisson Plaza Hotel Admiral, Toronto, Ontario, the Chair, Raymond Bonin, presiding.

Members of the Committee present: Raymond Bonin, Stan Dromisky, John Godfrey, Charles Hubbard, Nancy Karetak-Lindell, Pat Martin.

Other Member present: Rick Laliberté.

In attendance: From the Committees Branch: Marc-Olivier Girard, Committee Clerk.

In attendance: From the Library of Parliament: Mary Hurley, Analyst.

Witnesses:  As an Individual: Arthur Dennis Stark, Editor & Publisher, TANSI. From the Kitamaat Village Council: Steve C. Wilson, Kitamaat Band of Indians. As an Individual: Ken Marchant, Lawyer, The Marchant Practice. From the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians: Chris McCormick. From the London District Chiefs Council: Phil Maness, Aamjiwnaang First Nation; Martin Powless, Technical Advisor. From the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte: R. Donald Maracle; Christine Claus, Councillor; Lorraine Hill, Elder; Keitha Barberstock, Elder; Connie Perron; Chris McCormick. As Individuals: Marlene Martin; Christine Claus. From the Oneida Nation of The Thames: Terry Doxtator; Chief Rolanda Elija; Kim Thomas; Randy Phillips. From the Six Nations of the Grand River: Chief Roberta Jamieson; Josephine Harris, Elder; Joey Martin, Youth Representative.

Pursuant to its Order of Reference of Monday, October 7, 2002, the Committee resumed consideration of Bill C-7, An Act respecting leadership selection, administration and accountability of Indian bands, and to make related amendments to other Acts (See Minutes of Proceedings, Monday, January 27, 2003, Meeting No. 14).

At 8:12 a.m., the sitting was suspended.

At 8:15 a.m., the sitting resumed.

The witnesses made statements and answered questions.

At 8:28 a.m., the sitting was suspended.

At 8:31 a.m., the sitting resumed.

At 12:17 p.m., the Committee adjourned to the call of the Chair.

Elizabeth B. Kingston

Clerk of the Committee