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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. When you have located your subject entry, click on the numbers within brackets to access the relevant text in the Debates. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce see Education--Conference Board of Canada national parthership in education awards

Yarmouth-Shelburne Community Learning Centres see Education--Conference Board of Canada partnership in education awards

Year of the Snake see Chinese New Year

Yelich, Lynne (CA--Blackstrap)

    >>Agriculture, 5694(87:1830)
    >>Air transportation security, 9493-5(153:1810-5)
    >>Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-36), 7601(119:2015)
    >>Assisted Human Reproduction Act (Bill C-56), 11767-9(192:1515-25)
    >>Berntson, Senator Eric, references, o.q., 1166(21:1450)
    >>Blackstrap constituency, 1205-6(22:1010-20)
    >>>S.O. 31, 7603(120:1400)
    >>Budget Implementation Act, 2001 (Bill C-49), 9493-5(153:1810-5)
    >>Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), 8728(139:1605)
    >>Canadian Wheat Board, 5694(87:1830)
    >>Cedar Lodge Restoration Resort, S.O. 31, 4523(70:1105-10)
    >>Child abduction, 8729(139:1620)
    >>Croatian Fraternal Union of America, S.O. 31, 11552(188:1400)
    >>Disabled and handicapped persons, 12928(210:1115)
    >>Egg and poultry industry, 5694(87:1830)
    >>Farm income crisis
    >>>Emergency debate, committee take note, M. (Hilstrom), 5694-5(87:1830-5)
    >>>S.O. 31, 595(12:1355)
    >>Grain industry, o.q., 12777(207:1455)
    >>Grain transportation, 5694(87:1830)
    >>Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons With Disabilities Standing Committee, M. (Crête), 12978(210:1115)
    >>Immigrants, 1207-8(22:1020-5)
    >>>o.q., 3991(61:1445-50), 5554(85:1435-40), 5594(86:1440), 5713(88:1115), 5978(92:1435), 6028(93:1155), 6324(97:1435)
    >>>S.O. 31, 4091(63:1410)
    >>Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Bill C-11), 1205-8(22:1010-30)
    >>Income tax, M. on supply (Penson), 12233(200:1110)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien), S.O. 31, 12950(210:1355)
    >>National sex offender registry, M. on supply (White, R.), 8728-30(139:1605-20)
    >>Olympics, 2002 Winter Games (Salt Lake City, United States), S.O. 31, 9094(146:1400)
    >>Pakistan, o.q., 5253(80:1445-50)
    >>Parole/parolees, S.O. 31, 9537(154:1405)
    >>Political system, federal, S.O. 31, 11873(194:1405)
    >>Potash mining industry, S.O. 31, 2302(37:1410)
    >>>Divisions, recorded, 7601(119:2015)
    >>>Members' remarks, 5723(88:1210)
    >>>Private Members' Motions, 8739-40(139:1805-10)
    >>Refugees, 1205-8(22:1010-30)
    >>>o.q., 6481-2(100:1450), 9026(145:1440), 11127-8(181:1430)
    >>Reproductive and genetic technologies, 11767-9(192:1515-20)
    >>Senate, o.q., 1166(21:1450)
    >>Sex offenders/pedophiles, 8728-9(139:1605-10), 8730(139:1620)
    >>Species at Risk Act (Bill C-5), 9045-7(145:1650-5), 9092-3(146:1355), 9106-7(146:1505-10)
    >>Species at risk (endangered species), 9045-7(145:1650-5), 9092-3(146:1355), 9106-7(146:1505-10)
    >>Supply, M. (Williams), 7407-8(116:1835), 9124-5(146:1730-5)
    >>Taxation, 12233(200:1110)
    >>TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Outstanding Community Leadership, S.O. 31, 11711(191:1110)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, o.q., 3218(49:1450-5)
    >>Uranium mining industry, S.O. 31, 2302(37:1410)
    >>Yelich, references, 1205(22:1010), 1207(22:1020-5)

Yellow Quill First Nation see Drinking water contamination

Yellowknife, YT see Air transportation security--Increase, Failure

Yellowstone Park (United States) see Species at risk (endangered species)--Habitat preservation, Compensation

Yeutter, Clayton see Free trade--United States

YHM airport see John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM)


    >>Brandon, MB, establishment, 115th anniversary, S.O. 31, 7258(114:1415)
    >>Chater, Les, lifelong member, tribute, S.O. 31, 8166(130:1405)
    >>Montreal, QC, establishment, 150th anniversary, S.O. 31, 7256(114:1400-5)
    >>See also Peace Week

YMCA Fellowship Honour

    >>Ali, Dr. Mahmoud, recipient, S.O. 31, 11223(183:1410)

Yogurt see Food safety/inspection system--Dairy products

Yom Kippur

    >>Jewish celebration, Day of Atonement, S.O. 31, 5589-90(86:1415)

York North constituency see Agriculture; Prayer Palace Ministries Church--Opening

York South--Weston constituency see Tonks--References

York University

    >>Computer sciences building, opening, S.O. 31, 9651(156:1400)
    >>See also Starowicz, Mark--Canadian broadcaster

York West constituency see Crime prevention; Violence/violent offences--Youth participation rate

Yorkton--Melville constituency see Farm income crisis

Young, Allan see Sex offenders/pedophiles--Canadians, Difficulties

Young, Doug

    >>Former transport minister, 9430(152:1320-5)
    >>See also Canadian National Railway Company (CNR)--Privatization; Highways and roads--New Brunswick, Privatization of highway

Young, Leo

    >>Community leader, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 9702(157:1110)

Young families see Family

Young offenders see Youth justice system--Offenders

Young Offenders Act

Young Offenders Act (amdt.)(Bill C-235)--Cadman

Young Offenders Act (amdt.)(Bill C-256)--MacKay

    >>First reading, 482(10:1215)
    >>See also Youth justice system--Age of criminal accountability

Young Offenders Act (amdt.--public safety)(Bill C-289)--Sorenson

    >>First reading, 1331(23:1515)
    >>Second reading, 5579-85(85:1750-835), dropped from Order Paper, 5585(85:1835)
    >>See also Youth justice system--Age of criminal accountability--Names

Young, Vanessa see Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Prepulsid

Young Women's Christian Association see Women's History Month--Féderation

Young workers see Collective agreements--"Orphan clauses"; Pensions


    >>Budget 2001 measures, lack, 8881(142:1300), 8882(142:1305)
    >>Conference on respect, Len Shepherd Secondary, West Whalley Secondary, Guildford Park Secondary, students/presenters, tribute, S.O. 31, 6616(103:1100)
    >>Disabled see Education
    >>Drug and substance abuse, 4137(64:1020), 4151(64:1200-05), 4165(64:1350), 4182-3(64:1530-35), 4193(64:1650)
    >>Employment insurance see Employment insurance--Eligibility
    >>Employment programs, importance, 331(7:1745)
    >>>o.q., 5910-1(91:1440)
    >>>Youth Employment Strategy, success, S.O. 31, 7674(121:1405)
    >>>See also River Restaurant
    >>Exchange programs, 100,000 per year, goal, Throne Speech statement, 16(2:1530)
    >>Free youth conference (14-29 year olds), Health Canada supporting, safer sado-masochism workshop, o.q., 778(14:1455)
    >>Katimavak program
    >>>Katima...Quoi?, Senator Jacques Hébert book, S.O. 31, 5904(91:1405)
    >>>Funding increase, petitions, 2442(38:1535)
    >>Political awareness, activity, 2406-7(37:2545-50)
    >>>See also Free Trade Area of the Americas; Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)
    >>Rural youth, exodus to urban centres, Avenir des jeunes innovateurs regroupés en région, Antoine-Labelle regional municipality, addressing, S.O. 31, 3387(52:1400)
    >>Throne Speech proposals, 19(2:1600), 358(8:1600)
    >>Youth declaration, social policy goals, stating, Rochebelle students, presenting. S.O. 31, 11875(194:1410)
    >>Youth Outlook, career planning tool, S.O. 31, 3606(55:1105)
    >>Youth rights, UNICEF Canada survey of youth, family, priority, S.O. 31, 2612(41:1405)
    >>Youth Service Canada, providing job skills, etc., 183(5:1400)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities--Conflict with law; Amnesty International; Entrpreneurs/entrepreneurship; Exchange programs; Farm income crisis; Farmers/farms; Free trade; Gordon Russell Crystal Kids Youth Centre; HIV/AIDS--Education fairs; Homelessness; International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination--March 21; La Maison Le Baluchon; Martin, Paul--References, Minute Pompon Award; National Aboriginal Youth Conference; Quebec; Regional development; Remembrance Day (November 11); United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)--Global 500 Youth Environment Award; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Canadian response; Violence/violent offences; Western Arctic constituency--Demographics

Youth at risk

    >>Education, employment, relationship, support measures, government developing, Throne Speech commitment, 11(2:1530)
    >>See also Homelessness

Youth Criminal Justice Act (Bill C-7)--Minister of Justice (McLellan)

    >>First reading, 227(6:1500)
    >>Second reading, 703-29(13:1525-825), 2210-9(36:1255-355), 2233-59(36:1510-810), agreed to, on recorded division, 2259-60(36:1810-40)
    >>>Time allocation under S.O. 78(3)
    >>>>Notice, 2158(35:1010)
    >>>>M. (Boudria), agreed to, on recorded division, 2209-10(36:1210-55)
    >>Justice and Human Rights Standing Committee
    >>>Referral, 2260(36:1840)
    >>>Reported, with amdts., 3525(54:1005)
    >>Report stage, 4104-23(63:1515-1725), 4253-62(66:1245-355), 4278-96(66:1510-720), concurrence, agreed to, on recorded division, 4307-8(66:1915)
    >>>Motions, 4105(63:1515), negatived, on recorded divisions, 4305-7(66:1900-10)
    >>>>Amdt., agreed to, 4299-300(66:1755)
    >>Report stage and third reading, time allocation under S.O. 78(3)
    >>>M. (Boudria), agreed to, on recorded division, 4252-3(66:1200-45)
    >>>Notice, 4228(65:1200)
    >>Third reading, 4312-44(67:1015-355), 4358-76(67:1505-715, agreed to, on recorded divisions, 4376-7(67:1715-40), passed.
    >>Senate amdt., concurrence, M. (Cauchon), 8491-506(135:1530-725), 8527-42(136:1150-355), 8563-72(136:1615-730), 8628-35(138:1245-350), 8648-64(138:1510-720), 8665-77(138:1730-920), agreed to, on recorded division, 8676-7(138:1920)
    >>>Amdt. (Bellehumeur), 8497(135:1615), negatived, on recorded division, 8675-6(138:1915)
    >>>Time allocation under S.O. 78(3)
    >>>>Notice, 8617(137:1405)
    >>>>M. (Goodale), 8628-32(138:1245-320), agreed to, on recorded division, 8633(138:1340)
    >>Royal Assent, 8999(144:1505-10). Chap. 1, S.C. 2002
    >>See also Young Offenders Act--Amending--Reform; Youth justice system--Fundamental values--Quebec system--Reform

Youth Criminal Justice Act (amdt.)(Bill C-444--Lunn

    >>First reading, 10670-1(173:1710)
    >>See also Youth justice system--Probation

Youth Criminal Justice Act (Bill C-3)(36th Parl., 2nd Sess.) see Legislative process--Report stage

Youth declaration see Youth

Youth Employment Strategy

    >>Fund allocation, breakdown, ro., 11887(194:1515)
    >>See also Youth--Employment programs

Youth gangs

    >>Recruiting 10 and 11 year olds, 717(13:1710)
    >>Winnipeg, MB, "The Deuce", 717(13:1710)

Youth Internship Canada

    >>Chateauguay, QC, project, S.O. 31, 10877-8(177:1110)
    >>Mission compétence project, Magog, QC, success, S.O. 31, 7829(124:1355)

Youth justice system

Youth Orchestra Festival

    >>Ottawa, ON, Canadian youth orchestras meeting , Exchanges Canada program, S.O. 31, 11166(182:1055)

Youth Outlook see Youth

Youth Round Table on the Environment

Youth Science Foundation of Canada

    >>Canada-Wide Science Fair
    >>>Kingston, ON, May 12-20, 2001, S.O. 31, 4167(64:1405)
    >>>University of Sasketchewan, May 12-19, 2002, S.O. 31, 11444(186:1405)

Youth Service Canada

    >>L'Annonciation, QC, project, Quebec Provincial Police, Antoine-Labelle RCM joint inititative, success, S.O. 31, 2610-1(41:1400)
    >>See also Youth

Youth Week

    >>Markham, ON, May 5-11, S.O. 31, 11294-5(184:1400)

Yucca Mountain see Nuclear waste--United States


    >>Milosevic, Slobodan, former President
    >>>Arrest and indictment on charges of corruption and abuse of power, war crimes and crimes against humanity, S.O. 31, 2612(41:1405)
    >>>See also Chrétien--References, Conduct
    >>War, Canada participation, condemning, petitions, 230(6:1520)
    >>See also Air transportation


Yukon Act (Bill C-39)--Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development--Nault

    >>First reading, 6770(106:1505)
    >>Second reading, 6909-24(109:1205-350), agreed to, 6923-4(109:1350)
    >>Aboriginal Affairs, Northern Development and Natural Resources Standing Committee
    >>>Referral, 6924(109:1350)
    >>>Reported, without amdt., 7615(120:1510)
    >>Report stage, concurrence M. (Nault), agreed to, 7746(123:1235)
    >>Third reading, 7746-56(123:1235-340), agreed to, 7756(123:1340) passed.
    >>Royal Assent, 10057(162A: 1140) Chap. 7, S.C. 2002

Yukon constituency

    >>Description, S.O. 31, 152(5:1100)

Yukon First Nations Self-government Act

    >>Amending, english and french versions, duplicating, 7411(117:1005), 7720(122:1235)
    >>>See also Fisheries Prices Support Act repeal and technical amendments (amdt.)(Bill C-43)

Yukon Land Claims Agreement

    >>Annual report (1998-1999), tabled, 3618(55:1205)
    >>Annual report (1999-2000), tabled, 10243(165:1510)

Yukon Northern Affairs Program Devolution Transfer Agreement

    >>S.O. 31, 6726-7(105:1410)
    >>Tabled, 6695(105:1005)
    >>See also Yukon Act (Bill C-39)

Yukon salmon see Salmon, Pacific

Yukon Territory see particular subjects

Yukon Waters Act see Nunavut--Land claims agreement of 1993, Legislation