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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. When you have located your subject entry, click on the numbers within brackets to access the relevant text in the Debates. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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Parrot, Jean-Claude

    >>Labour leader, tribute, S.O. 31, 12524(203:1400)

Parrsboro see Canadian Armed Forces--Cadets

Parsons, Dr. Timothy see Japan Prize

Part-time workers see Employment insurance--Eligibility, Women and part-time workers--Premiums, Students--Women, accessibility; Job losses/layoffs--Full time jobs

Parthenon marbles see Greece

Parti-Québecois see Quebec--November 15, 1976--Provincial by-elections

Passaglia, Lui see Football--Canadian Football League

Passenger Name record (PNR) see Air transportation security--Increase, Passenger information


    >>Criminal, Christopher Dawson, passport obtained while in prison, 6212(95:1610)
    >>Forged/forging operations
    >>>Citizenship, forger receiving, 6212(95:1615)
    >>>Sentences, leniency, 5923(91:1620)
    >>>>See also Terrorism/terrorists--Ouzghar
    >>Guarantors, eligibility, signing officers at credit unions or caisse populaire, eliminating, qu., 12225(200:1015)
    >>See also Canada Customs and Revenue Agency--International letters and parcels, Documents; Canadian passports

Pasta see Wheat--Export to United States

Patent Act

    >>Amending, o.q., 6589(102:1425)
    >>See also Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Generic drugs, Affordable--Patent protection; Reproductive and genetic technologies--Life forms/human beings

Patent Act (amdt.)(Bill C-22)(33rd Parl., 2nd Sess.) see Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Patent protection

Patent Act (amdt.)(Bill C-460)--Wasylycia-Leis

    >>First reading, 11091-2(181:1010)
    >>See also Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Patent protection

Patent Act (amdt.)(Bill S-17)--Minister of Industry (Tobin)

    >>First reading, 3526(54:1005)
    >>Second reading, 3669-98(56:1505-830), 3839-53(59:1010-200)
    >>>Agreed to, on recorded division, 4023-5(61:1830-900)
    >>Industry, Science and Technology Standing Committee
    >>>Referral, 4025(61:1900)
    >>>Reported, without amdt., 4404(68:1505)
    >>Report stage, concurrence, 4561-2(71:1140), agreed to, on recorded division, 460910(71:1905)
    >>Third reading, 4632-53(72:1130-355), 4756-66(74:1125-235), agreed to, on recorded division, 4813-5(74:1755), passed.
    >>Royal Assent, 5114(78A:1700). Chap. 10, S.C. 2001
    >>See also Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Generic drugs

Patent Act (amdt.--patented medicines)(Bill C-454)--McTeague

    >>First reading, 11056(180:1530)
    >>See also Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Patent infringement

Patent Act Amendment Act, 1992 (Bill C-91)(34th Parl., 3rd Sess.) see Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Patent protection

Patented Medicine Prices Review Board see Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Costs, Conseil du prix des mèdicaments brevetés

Pathfinder projects see Government on-line services (Internet)

Pathogens see Food safety/inspection system

Patients' Bill of Rights (Bill C-261)--Thompson, G.

    >>First reading, 537(11:1505)
    >>See also Health care system--Consistent quality health care


    >>Liberal government (Chrétien), excessive, etc., 364(8:1640), 8457(134:1630)
    >>>S.O. 31, 10349(167:1100)
    >>Progressive Conservative government (Mulroney) record, 384(9:1020), 10530(170:1915), 10533(170:1940)
    >>>Liberal Party criticizing while in opposition, 5792-3(89:1735)
    >>See also Air transportation security--Increase, Canada Air Transport Security Authority; Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology--Board of directors--Bureaucracy; Canada Post Corporation; Canadian Banking Ombudsman--Appointments; Crown corporations----Appointment process--Boards of directors; Export Development Corporation (EDC); Financial Consumer Agency of Canada--Appointments; Government departments, boards agencies and commissions; Government grants and contributions; Immigration and Refugee Board; Liberal government (Chrétien); Pension funds--Government funds; Strategic Infrastructure Foundation--Board of directors

Patry, Bernard (Lib.--Pierrefonds--Dollard)

    >>Africa, o.q., 11884(194:1500)
    >>Air Canada, o.q., 6480(100:1440)
    >>Aircraft industry, o.q., 6327(97:1455)
    >>Airlines, S.O. 31, 5588(86:1405)
    >>Black History Month, S.O. 31, 467-8(10:1100)
    >>Diabetes Month, S.O. 31, 7605-6(120:1415)
    >>Drugs and pharmaceuticals, S.O. 31, 12667-8(105:1400)
    >>Exports, S.O. 31, 5549(85:1410)
    >>Figure skating, S.O. 31, 2114(34:1400)
    >>Foreign Affairs and International Trade Standing Committee, 11885(194:1505), 12042(197:1515)
    >>Francophonie, S.O. 31, 1906(32:1405)
    >>Free Trade Area of the Americas, o.q., 12610(204:1455)
    >>Guaranteed Income Supplement, o.q., 10723(174:1450)
    >>>o.q., 11451-2(186:1445)
    >>>Petitions, 1655(28:1610)
    >>Infrastructure Canada Program, S.O. 31, 6474(100:1410)
    >>Insectarium de Montréal, S.O. 31, 4065(62:1400)
    >>Interparliamentary delegations, 731(14:1000), 3352(52:1005), 4751(74:1005), 5627(87:0955), 9064(146:1010), 12611(204:1505)
    >>L`@venue-Centre Internet communautaire, S.O. 31, 11374-5(185:1410)
    >>Old Age Security, petitions, 1655(28:1610)
    >>Organ donations/transplants, S.O. 31, 11294(184:1400)
    >>Peace, petitions, 7908(125:1525)
    >>Peru, o.q., 12959(210:1440)
    >>Pesticides, pensions, 4713(73:1520)
    >>Postal workers, petitions, 11263(184:1005)
    >>Procedure, Committees, Parliamentary, 12042(197:1515)
    >>Skiing, S.O. 31, 2551(40:1055)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, 6107-8(94:1820-30)
    >>>o.q., 6591(102:1440)
    >>Tobacco products, S.O. 31, 8055(128:1355)
    >>Tuberculosis, S.O. 31, 11444(186:1405)
    >>United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), S.O. 31, 4469-70(69:1400)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, M. on supply (Clark), 6106-8(94:1820-30)
    >>University research, o.q., 8248(131:1455)
    >>World Trade Organization (WTO), o.q., 12610(204:1455)
    >>Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of, S.O. 31, 2612(41:1405)

Pavon Jaramillo, Laura see Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas

Pay equity

    >>Government recognizing principle, failure to act, 10755(174:1905)
    >>>S.O. 31, 3658(56:1410)
    >>Hearings, expenditures, $3.2 million, 8312(133:1255)
    >>Legislation, review
    >>>Special report, recommendations, o.q., 826(15:1145-50)
    >>>>See also Canadian Human Rights Commission
    >>>Task force, R. E. Bilson, Chair, appointment, reporting fall 2002, o.q., 827(15:1150)
    >>Public Service Alliance of Canada case, legal proceedings, government blocking, President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for Infrastructure Robillard position, o.q., 6595(102:1500), 6626(103:1200)

Payette, Julie see National Engineering Week

Payment Clearing and Settlement Act (amdt.)(Bill S-40)--Minister of Finance (Martin, Paul)

    >>First reading 9892(160:1520)
    >>Second reading, 10592-3(172:1050-5), 10608-17(172:1205-315), agreed to, 10617(137:1315)
    >>Finance Standing Committee,
    >>>Referral, 10617(172:1315)
    >>>Reported, without amdt., 11091(181:181:1010)
    >>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 11461(186:1610)
    >>Third reading, 11461-72(186:1610-725), agreed to, 11471-2(186:1725), passed.
    >>Royal Assent, 12121(198:1625), Chap. 14, S.C. 2002
    >>See also Securities industry--Securities and derivatives clearing houses

Payments in Lieu of Taxes Act

    >>Amending, 7411(117:1005)
    >>>See also Fisheries Prices Support Act repeal and technical amendments (amdt.)(Bill C-43)

Payments of claims against the Crown see National Defence Department

Payments system see Banks and financial institutions

Payroll deductions see Public transit--Public Service

Payroll taxes

PCBs (poly chlorinated biphenyls) see Toxic/hazardous waste

PC/DR Coaltion Working Group on Democratic Reform see Regulations--Reform


    >>Canada, international model, petitions, 7908(125:1525)
    >>Encouraging, Canada role, petitions, 8489(135:1525)
    >>"Hugs for Peace", des Affluents school district project, S.O. 31, 8120(129:1405)
    >>Message of Peace, Quebec youth sending, S.O. 31, 7157(112:1400)
    >>Prayer for Peace, S.O. 31, 7002(110:1400)
    >>See also International Week of Science and Peace; Middle East peace process

Peace officer see instead Police

Peace tax see Conscientious objectors--Income tax paid for defence expenditures

Peace Tower (Parliament Buildings)

Peace Week

    >>November 18-25, YMCA sponsorship, S.O. 31, 7441(117:1400)


    >>Book of Remembrance, establishing, 4535(70:1205)
    >>>See also Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal and Memorial Act (Bill C-356)
    >>Canada, leadership, historical role, 6141-2(94:2320), 8377-8(133:2110), 8397(133:2350), 10065(163:1150)
    >>Canadian Armed Forces participation, continuing, Throne Speech statement, 15(2:1530)
    >>Dag Hammarskjold Medal, honouring 108 Canadian peacekeeper who lost lives, tribute, S.O. 31, 10929(178:1410)
    >>Missions, International Criminal Court jurisdiction, United States refusal, o.q.,. 13001(211:1135)
    >>See also Canadian Armed Forces

Peacekeeping medal see Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal

Pearl, Daniel

    >>Journalist, killed by kidnappers in Pakistan, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 9137(147:1055)
    >>>See also Terrorism/terrorists--Groups/cells operating in Canada, Al-Qaeda

Pearl Harbour see World War II

Pearse, Peter see Species at risk (endangered species)--Habitat preservation, Landowners, Compensation

Pearson International Airport see Lester B. Pearson International Airport (Toronto ON)

Pearson, Right Hon. Lester B. see Parliament Hill

Pedophiles see Sex offenders/pedophiles

Peel District School Board see Volunteers

Pelletier, David see Figure skating--2001 World Figure Skating Championships

Pelly amendment see Species at risk (endangered species)--Legislation, United States

Pembroke, ON see Health care system--Diagnostic and medical equipment, CAT scanner

Peninsula Farm see Food safety/inspection system--Canadian Food Inspection Agency


    >>Conditions, drug and alcohol abuse, violent behaviour, etc., Michael Harris book Con Game, investigation, S.O. 31, 11294(184:1355)
    >>Drug smuggling/trafficking
    >>>Correctional officers
    >>>>Alleged wrongdoings, internal Correctional Service of Canada or Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigation, o.q., 8008(127:1135)
    >>>>Danger, threats/blackmail, improving conditions, necessity, o.q., 7964(126:1450)
    >>>>Subject to search, frequency, o.q., 533-4(11:1445)
    >>>Countermeasures, 4143(64:1100), 4159(64:1305)
    >>>>o.q., 1405-6(24:1435)
    >>>Kingston Penitentiary, five employees suspended for drug trafficking, o.q., 1406(24:1440)
    >>>Research, Prince Edward Island facility, R. White opposition, 4160(64:1315), 4164-5(64:1350)
    >>Drumheller Institution, correctional officers, not permitted to carry handcuffs, o.q., 479(10:1155)
    >>Escapes, drugs, relationship, o.q., 10651(173:1445)
    >>Facilities, upgrades, $500 million expenditure, creation of "Club Fed" condos/cottage-like cabins, 9483-4(153:1650-5), 9720(157:1300)
    >>>o.q., 9197-8(148:1445), 9259(149:1435-40)
    >>>S.O. 31, 9253(149:1405)
    >>Ferndale Institution, golf course, 8405(134:1020)
    >>Guards see Torture--Definition
    >>Maximum, medium and minimum security see Sentences (convicted criminals)--Life sentence
    >>Minimum security institutions, escapes, decline, o.q., 3797(58:1435), 3878(59:1440)
    >>Mission Institution, William Head Institution, information, Correctional Services Canada website, removal, o.q., 7612(120:1455)
    >>Public inquiry, need for, 8405(134:1020)
    >>Reform, White, R., efforts, 8721(139:1510)
    >>Room and board, inmate contributions, o.q., 10091(163:1500)
    >>William Head Institution see Penitentiaries--Mission Institution

Penitentiary inmates

    >>Aboriginal offenders, percentage, 725(13:1805), 2246(36:1645), 8225(131:1210), 8657(138:1620)
    >>>See also Youth justice system
    >>Boucher, Maurice, convicted prison guard killer, special privileges, o.q., 1104(20:1135)
    >>Caruana family members, organized crime organization members, serving sentence in medium or minimum security facilities, making mockery of getting tough on crime campaign, o.q., 1240(22:1415)
    >>Drug and substance abuse, 4163(64:1335), 4164(64:1345)
    >>>o.q., 1405(24:1435), 4275(66:1455)
    >>>See also Penitentiary inmates--Suing government
    >>>926 fugitives at large, recapture
    >>>>o.q., 3878(59:1440), 3934(60:1155)
    >>>o.q., 10091(163:1500)
    >>>Resources, funds, etc. devoted to, o.q., 3797(58:1435)
    >>>Special unit within Royal Canadian Mounted Police, creating, o.q., 3797(58:1435)
    >>Fayette, Denise, inhabiting cottage-like quarters, Edmonton Institution for Women, murder by roommate, o.q., 9259(149:1435)
    >>Glidden, Darlene, manslaughter conviction, walking away from Edmonton Institution for Women, o.q., 9259(149:1435-40)
    >>Gordon, Ian, convicted murderer, sentence, serving two years in maximum security institution, rest of sentence in medium security facility, o.q., 1104(20:1135)
    >>Incentive bonus, $600-$700 per week, CANCOR paying, error, number of recipients, costs, etc., o.q., 10091(163:1455), 10650-1(173:1445), 10724(174:1455), 10770(175:1500), 11715(191:1135)
    >>Pornographic movies, viewing, Saskatchewan prison, etc., 8405(134:1020), 8841(141:1620)
    >>>Courses, costs, success rate, etc., o.q., 108(4:1435)
    >>>Emphasis, o.q., 10651(173:1445-50)
    >>>Programs, failure, 1613(27:1625)
    >>>Reintegration into society, necessity, 78(4:1120)
    >>>Volunteers, role, tribute, S.O. 31, 2906(45:1105)
    >>Release on parole
    >>>50% of prison population, former Correctional Services Commissioner Ingstrup plan, 1614(27:1625)
    >>>Statutory release program, repeat offenders, o.q., 10651(173:1445)
    >>Right to vote see Elections
    >>Security classification, information, public access, 11057(180:1535)
    >>>See also Corrections and Conditional Release Act (amdt.--disclosure of certain information about offenders)(Bill C-459)
    >>Suing government
    >>>Correctional officer using force to prevent inmate swallowing drugs, $9,000 payment, 8312(133:1255)
    >>>Prohibiting, 1168(21:1585)
    >>>>See also Crown Liability and Proceedings Act (amdt.)(Bill C-277)
    >>Suzack, Clinton, convicted cop killer, transfer to medium security institution, unfair, move to maximum security institution, request, o.q., 7374(116:1435), 7447(117:1435), 7564(119:1445-50), 7612-3(120:1455), 7714(122:1200), 7839(124:1450-5)
    >>Toft, Karl, convicted pedophile, transfer to minimum security facility, requesting transfer back to maximum security facility
    >>>o.q., 8483(135:1440)
    >>>S.O. 31, 8434(134:1405)
    >>Transfers, informing victims, 11057(180:1535)
    >>>See also Corrections and Conditional Release Act (amdt.--disclosure of certain information about offenders)(Bill C-459)
    >>Warehousing, 1613(27:1625)
    >>Women inmates
    >>>Housing in men's prisons, discriminatory, Correctional Investigator of Canada report, increasing incidents, government correcting, o.q., 607(12:1455)
    >>>Mother-child relationship, S.O. 31, 3735(57:1400)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities--Conflict with law; Heating Expenses One Time relief; Sex offenders/pedophiles

Pennsylvania see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 (amdt.)(Bill C-474)--Nystrom

Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985 (amdt.--investment criteria)(Bill C-394)--Tremblay, Stéphan

    >>First reading, 5325(82:1005)
    >>See also Investments--Ethical investment

Pension funds

    >>10% rule, legislation enshrining, Enron bankruptcy, implications, o.q., 9101(146:1440-5)
    >>Deferred wages, considered, exclusive property rights of employees, M. (Martin, Pat), 6789-96(106:1730-820)
    >>>Dropped from Order Paper, 6796(106:1825)
    >>Government funds, boards of directors, patronage appointments, lack of qualifications, impact on investments, 9230(149:1025)
    >>Multi-employer, 911(17:1000)
    >>See also Canadian Pacific Railway Company (CPR); Credit unions/caisses populaires; Sales Tax and Excise Tax Amendments Act, 2001 (Bill C-13)

Pension Ombudsman Act (Bill C-227)--Nystrom

    >>First reading, 259-60(7:1005)

Pensioners see Natural gas--Price, Increase


    >>British, living in Canada, frozen British pensions, indexing to cost of living, British Prime Minister Blair visit to Canada, addressing, o.q., 1048(19:1500), 1106(20:1145)
    >>Budget 2001 not addressing, 8419(134:1210)
    >>Survivor pensions, eligibility criteria, 12494(203:1010)
    >>System, reform, Martin, Paul, former Finance Minister, policies, 12707-8(206:1040-50)
    >>Teachers, Manitoba, maternity leave buy back, provincial government disallowing, S.O. 31, 12833-4(208:1355)
    >>Young workers using regulated private savings vehicles, 8094(129:1100)
    >>See also Canada Pension Plan (CPP); Export Development Corporation (EDC); Firefighters/emergency response personnel--Early pension entitlement; Income tax agreements, conventions and treaties; Members of Parliament pensions; Members of Parliament Superannuation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-270); Pension Ombudsman Act (Bill C-227); Personal retirement account; Same-sex couples--Benefits; Senior citizens

Penson, Charlie (CA--Peace River)

Pentagon see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

Penticon see Aboriginal peoples/communities--Economic/social conditions, Indian band members

People smuggling see Immigration

"People to People, Nation to Nation" see Aboriginal peoples/communities

People's Republic of China Accession to Agreement Establishing World Trade Organization Act (Bill C-50)--Minister for International Trade (Pettigrew)

Peoples Summit see Summit of the Americas Peoples Summit (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)

Pépin see Auberge Grand-Mère--Funding controversy, LeGroupes Forces

Pepper spray incident see Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Group (APEC)

Peregrine falcon see Species at risk (endangered species)

Peres, Shimon see Terrorism/terrorists--Combatting

Performance reports see Government departments, boards, agencies and commissions

Peric, Janko (Lib.--Cambridge)

    >>Abortion, petition, 702(13:1520)
    >>Auberge Grand-Mère
    >>>M. on supply (Day), 2667(42:1035)
    >>Border, Canada-United States, 8406(134:1030)
    >>Budget 2001, M. for approval (Martin, Paul), 8405-6(134:1025-30), 8407(134:1035)
    >>Budget surplus, 8405(134:1025)
    >>Budgets, 8405(134:1025)
    >>Canada Elections Act (amdt.--proxy voting)(Bill C-401), 6086(94:1540)
    >>Canada Elections Act (amdt.--voting in place of a mentally incapacitated elector by power of attorney)(Bill C-418), 7907(125:1525)
    >>Canadian Armed Forces
    >>>o.q., 6200(95:1450)
    >>>S.O. 31, 11755(192:1405)
    >>Child pornography, petitions, 12613-4(204:1515)
    >>Community colleges, S.O. 31, 9748(158:1400)
    >>Early Childhood Development initiative, 8405-6(134:1025)
    >>Economy/economic conditions, 8405-6(134:1025)
    >>Education Benefits Act (Bill C-271), 883(16:1510)
    >>Education, post-secondary, 883(16:1510)
    >>>o.q., 10141(164:1455)
    >>Elections, 6086(94:1540), 7907(125:1525)
    >>Government expenditures, 8406(134:1025)
    >>Gzowski, Peter, S.O. 31, 8323(133:1410)
    >>Health care funding, 8405-6(134:1025)
    >>Health care providers, petitions, 4713(73:1515)
    >>Housing, 8406(134:1030)
    >>>o.q., 3487(53:1500)
    >>Immigrants, 230(6:1515)
    >>Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Bill C-11), 1220(22:1155)
    >>Infrastructure, 8406(134:1025-30)
    >>Interest rates, 8406(134:1025)
    >>International Space Station, S.O. 31, 3046-7(47:1355-400)
    >>Land mines (anti-personnel mines), S.O. 31, 7759-60(123:1405), 11553(188:1405)
    >>>o.q., 10457(169:1440)
    >>>S.O. 31, 8991(144:1410)
    >>Mechanics, 8406(134:1030)
    >>Mental health
    >>>o.q., 11839(193:1450)
    >>>S.O. 31, 11373(185:1405)
    >>National debt, 8405(134:1025)
    >>National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week, S.O. 31, 10645(173:1410)
    >>National sex offender registry, o.q., 8719(139:1455)
    >>Pollution, S.O. 31, 11876(194:1415)
    >>Portugal Day, S.O. 31, 12389(202:1405)
    >>Postal workers, petitions, 1989(33:1530), 12400(202:1510)
    >>Procedure, divisions, recorded, 638(12:1850)
    >>Railway safety/accidents, o.q., 880(16:1455)
    >>Refugees, 1220(22:1155)
    >>Reproductive and genetic technologies, petitions, 8647(138:1505)
    >>Sabatine, Fred, S.O. 31, 8636(138:1400)
    >>Shaver, Donald McQueen, S.O. 31, 10232(165:1405)
    >>Skilled trades and technology workforce, o.q., 10390(168:1440)
    >>Small and medium business, 8406(134:1030)
    >>Strategic Infrastructure Foundation, 8405(134:1025), 8406(134:1030)
    >>>o.q., 12193(199:1515)
    >>Tax reductions, 8405(134:1025), 8406(134:1030)
    >>Thornley, Ted, S.O. 31, 100(4:1355)
    >>Toyota Canada Inc., S.O. 31, 337-8(8:1405)
    >>Transfer of Offenders Act (amdt.--removal of foreign offenders)(Bill C-221), 230(6:1515)
    >>Unemployment rate, 8407(134:1035)
    >>University of Waterloo, S.O. 31, 12874-5(209:1410)
    >>University research, S.O. 31, 9458(153:1405
    >>Veterans Week, S.O. 31, 7001(110:1355)
    >>Walker, Ralph, S.O. 31, 10927(178:1400)

Periodicals, foreign

    >>Advertising expenses, deductions, criteria, 2291-2(37:1300-5), 3916(60:1010)
    >>"Canadian citizen" definition, including, 2292(37:1305), 3916(60:1010)
    >>See also Income Tax Amendments Act, 2000 (Bill C-22)

Perley-Rideau Veterans Health Centre see Veterans--Health care

Permanent Joint Board of Defence see Continental security

Permanent Resident Card see Immigration

Pernia, Kimy see Colombia--Human rights violations

Perrin, Warren see Acadians--Apology; Francophones outside Quebec--Louisiana, United States

Perron, Gilles-A. (BQ--Rivière-des-Mille-Îles)

Perry, Cpl Brett see Canadian Armed Forces--Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, Afghanistan mission

Persian Gulf War (1991)

    >>Canadian participants see Veterans

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

    >>Northern aboriginal people, health impact, government actions, etc., o.q., 478-9(10:1150-5), 9544(154:1445)
    >>Reducing, 145(5:1020)
    >>Stockholm Convention, United Nations Environment Program, Canadian role, first signing, ratifying, funding, etc., 145(5:1020)
    >>>o.q., 478-9(10:1150-5), 3988-9(61:1435), 4704(73:1430), 9544(154:1445)
    >>>S.O. 31, 4216-7(65:1105-10)

Personal information see Air transportation security--Passenger information

Personal Information Protection Act

    >>Suspending, national security reasons, certificates, Justice Minister issuing, Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-36) provision, 6166(95:1025)

Personal retirement account

Perth--Middlesex constituency see Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation--Excellence awards; Richardson--References


    >>Demonstrations, Arequipa, Canadian visitors, safety, o.q., 12959(210:1440)
    >>See also Canada-Peru Income Tax Convention; Export Development Corporation (EDC); Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)--Human rights considerations

Peschisolido, Joe (CA--Richmond; Lib.--Richmond as of January 28, 2002)

Peso see North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)--Mexico

Pest Control Products Act (Bill C-53)--Minister of Health (McLellan)

Pest Management Regulatory Agency

Pesticide Awareness Day

    >>Supreme Court of Canada ruling re municipalities powers, relationship, S.O. 31, 5480(84:1405)

Pesticide industry see Nuclear waste--Contaminated land


Pesticides: Making the Right Choice for the Protection of Health and the Environment see Pesticides--Cosmetic, Banning

Pests see Gophers; Grasshoppers; Rats

Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation see Morin, Justice Gerry

Peterborough, ON see Arts and culture--Balsillie Collection of Roy Studio Images; Clean Air Day; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Roots of Our Future conference; Homelessness; Kenner Collegiate; Postal workers--Asbestos; St. John's Anglican Church; Terry Fox Run; VIA Rail Canada Inc.

Peterborough Canoe Company

    >>Canoe patent, John Stephenson receiving, 1879, 3672(56:1520)

Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School

Peterborough Community Housing Development Corporation see Housing--Affordable

Peterborough constituency see Iraq--United Nations economic and military sanctions

Peterson, Hon. Jim (Lib.--Willowdale; Secretary of State (International Financial Institutions) until January 15, 2002)