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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. When you have located your subject entry, click on the numbers within brackets to access the relevant text in the Debates. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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McNaughton, Ashley

    >>Junior Team Canada delegate, economic mission to Mexico, S.O. 31, 7492(118:1400)

McTaggert, David

    >>Greenpeace International founder, death, tributes, S.O. 31, 2221(36:1405), 2302(37:1410)

McTeague, Dan (Lib.--Pickering--Ajax--Uxbridge)

MCTS see Canadian Coast Guard-- Marine Communications and Traffic Services (MCTS)

McWatters Mining Inc.

McWhinney, Ted

    >>Former Member of Parliament, Vancouver Quadra constituency, replacement, 410(9:1315)

McWilliams, Peter see Marijuana--Medical use, Examples

MD Robotics

    >>Technology Partnerships Canada $3.9 million investment, S.O. 31, 3870(59:1400)
    >>See also International Space Station--Mobile base station/rail system

Meal costs see Construction industry--Work camps

Measured Steps see Canadian Landmine Fund--1999-2000 annual report

Meat see Food safety/inspection system; Viandes du Breton


Medal of Bravery

    >>Recipients, congratulating, S.O. 31, 8001(127:1100)
    >>See also Cusson, Matthieu; Devlin, Jason; Dueckman, Helmut; Gignac, Louis; Hoefel, Karl David; Johnston, Robert Douglas; MacLeod, John and Mary-Rose; Major, Mark; McCutcheon, Sergeant Earl; Merlin, Gary; Nicholson, Constable David; Rutt, Senior Constable Curtis; Sauvé, Constable Robert; Weaver, Corporal Ross

Medals see Awards, decorations, medals; International year of Volunteers--Fredericton constituency; Medal of Bravery; Veterans' medals; Victoria Cross

Médécins du Monde Canada

    >>Humanitarian efforts, Iran/Afghanistan
    >>>Fundraising event "Chasons d'espoir", S.O. 31, 6252(96:1410)
    >>>S.O. 31, 5973-4(92:1410)

Médecins Sans Frontières see Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Patent protection

Medeiros-Marin family see Gala Défi 2001--Quebec


    >>Canadian broadcast system
    >>>Canadian Heritage Standing Committee, 18 month study, scope, wide-ranging, mandate, etc.
    >>>>o.q., 3879(59:1445), 3929-30(60:1130), 10721(174:1440), 12839(208:1425)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 3871(59:1405)
    >>>Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, policy review, panel membership, o.q., 1594(27:1425)
    >>Corporate concentration, dangers, government measures, need, 321(7:1630), 8054-5(128:1350), 9386(151:1655-700)
    >>>Democracy threatened, public inquiry, notable Canadians demanding, o.q., 10721(174:1440), 12839(208:1425)
    >>>Freedom of speech, infringing, CanWest Global Communications editorial control
    >>>>Canadian Association of Journalists inquiry, requesting, o.q., 9149(147:1155)
    >>>>Canadian Broadcasting Corporation technicians lock-out, examples, S.O. 31, 8167(130:1410)
    >>>>Mills, Russel, Ottawa Citizen publisher
    >>>>>Carleton University, honorary doctorate, presenting, S.O. 31, 12768(207:1405)
    >>>>>>o.q., 12770(207:1420), 12771-2(207:1425), 12838-9(208:1420-5), 12839(208:1425)
    >>>>>>S.O. 31, 12835(208:1405), 12875(209:1410)
    >>>>o.q., 1521(26:1440)
    >>>Journalistic independence, government measures, renowned journalists, requesting, o.q., 12264(200:1440), 12607(204:1440)
    >>>Review, panel of experts, announcing
    >>>>Membership/mandate, Members of Parliament, input, o.q., 1595(27:1425)
    >>>>o.q., 1521(26:1440)
    >>>Television, print media, exchange of information, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, licensing regulations, strengthening, S.O. 31, 3049(47:1410)
    >>English media, racist excess toward Quebec, Maryse Potvin, researcher, study, S.O. 31, 7760(123:1410)
    >>Video programming, closed-caption broadcasting, mandatory requirement, 1871(33:1015)
    >>See also Budget 2001; Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute--Expiry of agreement, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Department media briefing; Canadian Armed Force--Recruiting crisis; Canwest Global Communications; Foot and mouth disease--Preventing; G-20 countries--Non-governmental organizations; Justice system--Updating; Members of Parliament--Salaries; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Canadian response, Chrétien

Media IDA Vision see Government advertising; Government contracts--Groupaction Marketing Inc., Report on government visibility--Groupe Everest

Mediation see Environmental assessment

Medical devices

    >>Disposable see Health care system

Medical Equipment Fund see Health care system--Diagnostic and medical equipment

Medical expense see Disabled and handicapped persons--Income tax provisions; Herbal remedies--Income tax deduction

Medical expense tax credit see Disabled and handicapped persons--Income tax provisions, Home construction or renovations

Medical procedures see Bone marrow transplants

Medical Radiation Technology Week

    >>November 5-9, recognition, S.O. 31, 6584(102:1400)

Medical research see Census--Post 1901 records, Use

Medical school see Education, post-secondary; Health care providers

MedicAlert Month

    >>Canadian MedicAlert Foundation designating, public awareness campaign, etc., S.O. 31, 3873(59:1415), 11664(190:1400)


    >>Saskatchewan, introduction, doctors' strike, 40th anniversary, then Premier Woodrow Lloyd role, tribute, S.O. 31, 11167(182:1105) see Drugs and pharmaceuticals; Health care system

Medicine Hat constituency see Species at risk (endangered species)--Legislation; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Canadian response

MedMira Laboratories see Biotechnology industry

Meech Lake see Gatineau Park--Sparks property

Meech Lake Agreement see Senate--Reform

Meeùs, Father Joseph

    >>50th anniversary of priesthood, celebrating, S.O. 31, 9192(148:1415)

Melvin, Craig see Saskatchewan School Trustees Association--Nikolegsin

MEM see Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM)

Member of Parliament for a Day contest see Auger, Christopher; Beltran, Melinda-Sue; Renaud, Jean-Sébastien

Members of Parliament

    >>Absence from House, 3470(52:2245)
    >>>Government Members, 2547-8(40:1025)
    >>>>Epp remarks, 10477(169:1700)
    >>Accountability, 2057-8(33:2555-305)
    >>>Directly responsible to constituents, 917(17:1040)
    >>>Proportional representation system, impact, 976(17:1655-700)
    >>Allowances see Members of Parliament--Salaries and allowances
    >>Background, members born in other countries, 10060(163:1115)
    >>Behaviour, self-discipline, exercising, 3466-7(52:2225)
    >>Bureaucracy contempt for, 2042-3(33:2115-20)
    >>Cellular telephones, use see House of Commons proceedings
    >>Certificate of election, introduction in House
    >>>Barnes, Rex (Gander--Grand Falls), 11666(190:1415)
    >>>Efford, John (Bonavista--Trinity--Conception), 11554(188:1410)
    >>>Frulla, Liza (Verdun--Saint-Hénri--Saint-Paul--Pointe Saint-Charles), 11554-5(188:1415)
    >>>Harper, Stephen (Calgary Southwest), 11555(188:1420)
    >>>Masse, Brian (Windsor West), 11555(188:1415)
    >>>Pacetti, Massimo (Saint-Léonard--Saint-Michel), 11555(188:1415)
    >>>Simard, Raymond (Saint Boniface), 11555(188:1420)
    >>Chinese terra cotta warrior statues, value, "great in House of Commons. You could just get them up to vote", Prime Minister Chrétien comment, insulting, 1059(19:1610), 1150-1(21:1320), 1999(33:1625)
    >>>o.q., 607-8(12:1500)
    >>Co-operation, all parties, 1740(29:1650)
    >>>See also Human Resources Development and Status of Disabled Persons Standing Committee--Employment Insurance Act
    >>Code of Conduct
    >>>Background, previous measures, 10530(170:1915), 12943-4(210:1300-10)
    >>>Council of Europe, example, 444(9:1640)
    >>>Enforcement, 447(9:1655)
    >>>Establishing, 386(9:1030), 1654(28:1600), 2017(33:1820), 2038(33:2040), 2729(42:1655), 12931-2(210:1140-5), 12939(210:1230-5), 12947-8(210:1335-40)
    >>>>M. (MacKay), 1743-52(29:1715-815)
    >>>>>Dropped from Order Paper, 1752(29:1815)
    >>>>o.q., 12035(197:1430), 12188(199:1445), 12720(206:1150)
    >>>Lack, 444(9:1640), 446-7(9:1655), 455-7(9:1800-10)
    >>>Milliken-Oliver report, 1997, basis, 12931-2(210:1140-5), 12936((210:1215)
    >>>Personal privacy, entitlement, o.q., 11758-61(192:1420-40), 11834(193:1420), 11836(193:1430), 11877(194:1420)
    >>>Public trust, restoring, government failure, 564(11:1815-20)
    >>>Unwritten code, 1288(22:2020-25)
    >>>See also Cabinet Ministers--Standards/code of conduct; Parliamentarians' Code of Conduct (Bill C-299)
    >>Computer files in office, access by party officials, 5672-4(87:1545-600), 6081-2(94:1505-10)
    >>Conflict of interest guidelines, legislation, 1654(28:1600)
    >>>See also Conflict of interest; Parliamentarians' Code of Conduct (Bill C-299)
    >>Congratulating, 18(2:1550), 58(3:1745), 62(3:1810)
    >>Constituencies/constituents, representing, intervening on behalf of, Cabinet Minister's restrictions, 12300-1(200:1905-15), 12302(200:1920)
    >>Constituency allowances, Schedule 3 ridings, West Vancouver--Sunshine Coast inclusion, 1526(26:1505)
    >>>See also Parliament of Canada Act (amdt.--constituency allowances)(Bill C-293)
    >>Constituency/Ottawa, time spent in each place, public expectations, 924(17:1125)
    >>Constituency "slush funds", making available to Liberal Members to distribute as Members see fit, allegations, S.O. 31, 8239-40(131:1405)
    >>Effective voice, lack, 453(9:1745), 2651(41:1820), 3452(52:2035-40)
    >>>Congratulating, 281(7:1220)
    >>>Less than 50% of votes, 977(17:1700)
    >>>Personal reasons, party platform, party leader, 976(17:1655)
    >>Election, anniversary see Grey--References
    >>Employees see Robar, Linda
    >>Ethical conduct, non-partisan investigation mechanism, establishing, 414(9:1335-40)
    >>>Individual Members' Expenditures for the Fiscal Year 2000-01, tabled, 4910(76:1500)
    >>>Individual Member's Expenditures for the Fisacl Year 2001-2002, tabled, 12354(201:1200)
    >>Family life, 2026(33:1920), 2027(33:1930)
    >>>Deaths, tributes, S.O. 31, 4655-6(72:1410)
    >>>>See also Blouin, Gustave; Hogan, Fr. Andy; Iftody, David; Knowles, William; Macquarrie, Sen. Heath; Olsen, Hon. Bud; Whicher, Ross MacKenzie
    >>>See also Bouchard, Hon. Lucien; Canadian flag--Desecration/destruction, Cyr; Charest, Hon. Jean; Citizenship judges--Sekora; Dubé, Jean; Fairclough, Right Hon. Ellen; Godin, Maurice; Grubel, Herb; Hart, Jim; Hillsborough constituency--Proud; Jelinek, Hon. Otto; Leblanc--References, Father; Marchi, Hon. Sergio; Matapédia--Matane constituency--Canuel; McClelland, Ian; McLaughlin, Hon. Audrey; McWhinney, Ted; Morrison, Lee; Murray, Ian; Nielsen, Hon. Erik; Riis, Nelson; Vautour, Angela
    >>Housing allowance, $3,000 increase, 1994(33:1555), 3437(52:1900)
    >>Illness, return to House, Members rising and applauding, 347(8:1450)
    >>>See also Manning--References
    >>Independence, 941(17:1315-20), 2066(33:2400), 3464-6(52:2205-20), 5958(92:1140), 5964(92:1225)
    >>>Nunziata, John, position re Goods and Services Tax (GST), 1287(22:2015), 1298(22:2135)
    >>>Proportional representative system, impact, 917(17:1045)
    >>>Voting against party line/party discipline, 943-4(17:1330-5), 3461-2(52:2145)
    >>>>Mongolia, comparison, 3462(52:2145)
    >>Integrity, Canadian Alliance attacking, 455(9:1755)
    >>Intimidation attempts by other Members, 10844-5(176:1510-25), 10849-50(176:1550)
    >>Languages spoken other than two official
    >>>Cree, 337(8:1400), 1849(31:1630), 1851(31:1640), 2059(33:2310), 5426(83:1100), 9103(146:1450), 9961-2(161:1540-5), 12790(207:1630)
    >>>Greek, 9949(161:1415)
    >>>Hebrew, 3207(49:1400)
    >>>Inuktitut, 4066(62:1400)
    >>>Italian, 1830(31:1430)
    >>>Sign language, 4405(68:1510)
    >>>Ukrainian, 6833(107:1400)
    >>>See also Bakopanos--References; Cotler--References; Goldring--References; Karetak-Lindell--References; Laliberte--References; Peschisolido--References; St-Hilaire--References
    >>Mahoney remarks, criticism, 94-5(4:1320)
    >>Marginal importance, easily replaced, Prime Minister Chrétien position, 1059(19:1605-10)
    >>Minority rights, Speaker protecting, 2017(33:1820)
    >>New members
    >>>Congratulating, 465(10:1045)
    >>>Welcomed by Governor General Clarkson, 9(2:1530)
    >>"Nobodies", 2078(33:2520)
    >>Oath of allegiance to Queen, adding oath or solemn affirmation of loyalty to Canada, 12915(210:1005)
    >>>See also Parliament of Canada Act (amdt.--oath or solemn affirmation)(Bill C-480)
    >>Office budgets, increase, 1994(33:1555), 3437(52:1900)
    >>Opposition Members of Parliament, treatment, 1277-8(22:1905)
    >>Parliamentary reform see Parliamentary reform
    >>Pensions see Members of Parliament pensions
    >>Political affiliation, changing, resigning, running in by-election for new party, 229(6:1510-5), 2074(33:2455), 7723(122:1310), 7726-33(122:1330-425)
    >>>See also Parliament of Canada Act (amdt.)(Bill C-218)
    >>>Tangible, lack, 964(17:1530)
    >>>See also Members of Parliament--Role
    >>Prime Minister's Office influence over government backbenchers, 96(4:1325), 1281-2(22:1935), 1293-4(22:2100), 1296(22:2120), 5957-8(92:1140-5), 11064(180:1610)
    >>>See also Ethics Counsellor--Canadian Alliance supply motion; Hepatitis C--Tainted blood recipients
    >>Public opinion, 3468(52:2235), 5954-5(92:1115), 5956(92:1125)
    >>Recall by constituents, 946(17:1345)
    >>>Canadian Alliance/Reform Party policy, application, 402(9:1220), 2057-8(33:2255-305), 12304(200:1940)
    >>Reference to by constituency name or title, non personal name, 2037(33:2035-40)
    >>Reputations, restoring, 385-6(9:1025-30), 1279(22:1915), 1287(22:2015), 3460-1(52:2135-45)
    >>Resignation, requests see Cabinet Ministers
    >>Respect for other party members, friendship, etc., 7221-2(103:1225)
    >>Responsibilities, exercising, 4190-1(64:1630-35)
    >>Return from Easter recess, Chair welcoming, 2937-8(46:1120)
    >>Role, 59(3:1745), 83(4:1200), 9759(17:1650), 1272-3(22:1820-25), 1287(22:2015), 2032(33:2005), 2042(33:2110), 2062(33:2330), 2065(33:2350-5), 2067(33:2405), 4971-2(77:1300-5), 5951(92:1045), 11388(185:1525-30)
    >>>Backbenchers effectiveness, examples, etc., 92-4(4:1300-10), 95-6(4:1320-30), 580-1(12:1210-5), 1297-8(22:2125-30), 2024(33:1910), 2317(37:1540)
    >>>Enhancing, 3463-6(52:2200-20), 3466-9(52:2220-40), 3470(52:2250), 5955(92:1115-20), 5956-7(92:1130-5), 5963(92:1215)
    >>>>Turner, John, former Liberal Prime Minister statements, 3804-5(58:1515)
    >>>Extending, 62(3:1815)
    >>>Fundamental rights, respecting, 2015(33:1805)
    >>>Increasing role and powers, 7788(123:1730)
    >>>Opposition/government member, differences, 2066(33:2400)
    >>>Outside Chamber rather than listening to speeches, 93(4:1305-10), 95(4:1320-5)
    >>>Proportional representation system, relationship, 973(17:1635)
    >>>Public service, Stanley Knowles, David Orlikow examples, 2065(33:2345-50)
    >>>Reduced in order for government to govern more effectively, 2053(33:2230)
    >>>Reflecting will and wishes of the people, 1147(21:1255), 1999-2000(33:1630-5)
    >>>Trudeau, former Prime Minister Pierre, remarks, 1287(22:2015)
    >>>Watchdog role, government preventing, 742(14:1115)
    >>Salaries and allowances
    >>>Attendance at Private Members' Business, requirement for payment, 2073(33:2445)
    >>>Canadian Alliance position, 4796(74:1535), 4797-8(74:1545-55)
    >>>Canadian Taxpayers Federation position, 3461(52:2140-5)
    >>>>Judges, 4794-5(74:1525-30), 4809-10(74:1705-10)
    >>>>Other occupations, 4809(74:1700-5)
    >>>Established independently, 4795(74:1530), 4789-9(74:1555), 4804(74:1635), 4808(74:1655-1700)
    >>>Increase, 4806(74:1645), 4810(74:1710), 8942(143:1700)
    >>>>Delaying vote until after summer, 4446(69:1120), 4451(69:1150), 4808(74:1655)
    >>>>o.q., 4783(74:1420)
    >>>>Retroactive to January 1, 2001, 4796(74:1535), 4810(74:1710)
    >>>>>o.q., 4660(72:1430)
    >>>Legislation, Parliament of Canada Act, Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act and Salaries Act (amdt.)(Bill C-28), timetable, "unseemly haste", 4799(74:1600), 4802-4(74:1620-30), 4808(74:1655)
    >>>Level, fair and equitable, 4794(74:1520-5), 4799(74:1555), 4805-6(74:1640), 4807(74:1655)
    >>>Media treatment, impact, 4794(74:1525), 4800-1(74:1605-10)
    >>>New Democratic Party position, 4797(74:1545)
    >>>Opting in provision, 4794(74:1525), 4796-9(74:1535-1600), 4801-3(74:1610-25), 4806(74:1640), 4807-9(74:1650-1700), 4810-1(74:1710-5)
    >>>Other countries, comparison, 4794(74:1525)
    >>>Private Members' Business debate participation, linking, 3439(52:1910)
    >>>Progressive Conservative Party position, 4800(74:1600-5)
    >>>Public perception, 4799(74:1600), 4800(74:1605), 4808-9(74:1655-1700)
    >>>Review, Commission to Review of Allowances of Parliamentarians (Lumley), 4320(67:1100), 4793(74:1515), 4794(74:1525-35), 4802(74:1620), 4807-8(74:1650-5)
    >>>>Opposition parties, position, 4793(74:1520)
    >>>Tax free allowance, 882-3(16:1510), 4795(74:1530), 4805-7(74:1635-50), 4807(74:1650)
    >>>>See also Members of Parliament Superannuation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-270)
    >>>United States, Virginia Ratifying Convention (1788), comparison, 4801-2(74:1615)
    >>>See also Cabinet Ministers--Salaries; Committees, Parliamentary--Chairs; Members of Parliament--Housing allowance; Parliamentary reform--Estimates; Prime Minister--Salary
    >>Staff, collective bargaining rights, 9303-4(150:1510)
    >>>See also Parliamentary Employment and Staff Relations Act (amdt.--members' staff)(Bill C-435)
    >>Suspension from House, penalties, increasing, 2017(33:1820)
    >>Talents, underutilized, 446(9:1655)
    >>>Orientation, improving, 3468(52:2230-5)
    >>>See also Canadian Armed Force--Parliamentary Program
    >>Trips abroad
    >>>Opposition Members of Parliament, treatment, 1277(22:1905)
    >>>Paid for by foreign governments or corporations, unethical, 456(9:1800)
    >>Voting machines, public image, 2053(33:2225)
    >>Women, 2026(33:1920), 2027(33:1930)
    >>>Percentage, 965(17:1530)
    >>See also Air transportation security--Increase, Air marshals; Automobile industry--Automotive Industry Association of Canada; Borders, international--Security, Customs officers role; Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute--Expiry of agreement, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Department media briefing--Expiry of agreement, Members of Parliament role; Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada (Romanow); Committees, Parliamentary--Research assistance; Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec; Environment; Farm income crisis--Urban; Foreign Affairs and International Trade Department; Free Trade Area of the Americas passim; G-20 countries--Non-governmental organizations; Government; Government grants and contributions; Immigration--Immigrant application files; Justice system--Updating; Lobbyists; Northern Canada; Public transit--Sustainable development role; Rural/remote/natural resource communities/regions; Soccer; Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)--Exclusion of public--Liberal Party Members of Parliament non-attendance; Terrorism/terrorists--Combatting; Toronto, ON--Federal government expenditures; United States--Anti-American sentiment; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Canadian response

Members of Parliament pensions

Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act see Parliament of Canada Act, Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act and Salaries Act (amdt.)(Bill C-28)

Members of Parliament Superannuation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-270)--Gouk

    >>First reading, 882-3(16:1510)
    >>See also Members of Parliament--Allowances; Members of Parliament pensions--Discontinuing

Membertou Band Council

    >>Mikmaq historical project, learner booklet, youth initiative, S.O. 31, 1516(26:1415)

Membertou First Nation

    >>ISO certification, first native government receiving, S.O. 31, 8751-2(140:1405)

Memorial Cup see Hockey--Foreurs de Val d'Or----Ottawa 67's--Red Deer Devils

Memory cards see Recording media--Tax on blank media

Men with Brooms see Films

Ménard, Réal (BQ--Hochelaga--Maisonneuve)


    >>Immunization against, public awareness, S.O. 31, 2907(45:1105)

Mennonite Church of Canada see Mennonite community

Mennonite community

    >>Contributions, history, 4557-61(71:1105-30)
    >>>See also Incorporation of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada Act (amdt.)(Bill S-25)
    >>Mennonite Church of Canada, name change from Mennonite Conference of Canada, 4557-61(71:1105-30)
    >>>See also Incorporation of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada Act (amdt.)(Bill S-25)

Mennonite Conference of Canada see Mennonite community--Mennonite Church of Canada

Mental disability see Disabled and handicapped persons--Income tax provisions, Housekeeping tax credit

Mental disorders see Criminal Code

Mental health

    >>Depression, costs, etc., S.O. 31, 11373(185:1405)
    >>"En espadrilles pour la santé mentale", Fondation Pierre-Janet fundraiser, S.O. 31, 3559(54:1400)
    >>Knowledge-based economy, increased demands, relationship, o.q., 11839(193:1450)
    >>Promotion, federal government efforts, strengthening, Throne Speech commitment, 13(2:1530)
    >>Research and treatment, encouraging, government measures, o.q., 11839(193:1450)
    >>See also Demers, Percy

Mental Health Week

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mentorship see Entrepreneurs/entrepreneurship--Young entrepreneurs

Merchant marines/seamen

    >>Merchant Navy Veterans Day, September 3, establishing, 4625-6(72:1005)
    >>World War II service, loss of lives, 10064(163:1135-40)
    >>World War II veterans, equal treatment, retroactive benefits, compensation
    >>>300 late applicants, 6972(110:1010-5)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 6072(94:1415)
    >>>Final instalment
    >>>>o.q., 699(13:1500)
    >>>>qu., 3996(61:1510)
    >>>Full payments, delays, date payment to be made, etc., 270(7:1110), 272(7:1120), 2500(39:1015)
    >>>>o.q., 878(16:1445), 3217(49:1445), 3571-2(54:1500), 3666(56:1450)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 26(3:1410)
    >>>Further funds required, o.q., 1831(31:1440)
    >>See also Remembrance Day (November 11)--Canadian Armed Forces

Merchant Navy Veterans Day Act (Bill C-374)--Bonwick

    >>First reading, 4625-6(72:1005)
    >>See also Merchant marines/seamen

Mercier constituency

    >>Lalonde, commitment, 150(5:1050)


    >>Free trade agreement see Mexico--Free trade agreements

Mercury pollution

    >>English and Wabigoon Rivers, Grassy Narrows and White Dog First Nations, health effects, etc., 4062-3(62:1340)
    >>Tainted fish see Food safety/inspection system--Fish
    >>See also Electricity--Coal fired power plants

Meredith, Val (CA--South Surrey--White Rock--Langley; PC/DRCoalition--South Surrey--White Rock--Langley as of September 13, 2001; Ind.--South Surrey--White Rock--Langley as of April 10, 2002; CA--South Surrey--White Rock--Langley as of April 16, 2002)

Mergers see Corporate mergers

Mérite Stallaris Gala

    >>Charlesbourg--Chauveau Chamber of Commerce, small and medium business awards, S.O. 31, 11985(196:1100)

Meritorious Service Cross see Hadfield

Merlin, Gary

    >>Medal of Bravery, recipient, congratulating, S.O. 31, 7957-8(126:1410)

Merrifield, Rob (CA--Yellowhead)

Merritt, BC see Discrimination and racism

MERX system see Government aircraft--VIP executive jet fleet; Government on-line services (Internet)

Metalclad Corporation

Meteorological Service of Canada

    >>Anniversary, 130th, S.O. 31, 6473(100:1400)

Methamphetamine abuse

Methane gas see Greenhouse gas emissions

Methanex Corporation see Gasoline--MTBE

Methyl cyclo pentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT) see Gasoline--MMT

Methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) see Gasoline--MTBE


    >>Hunting, fishing rights, government programs, unfair, S.O. 31, 1155(21:1400)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples--Métis and non-status Indians

Metro Non-Profit Housing Association see Homelessness

Metrostar Gala

    >>Quebec television personality awards, recipients, congratulating, S.O. 31, 9749(158:1400-5)


    >>Fox, Vicente, President see Drugs/narcotics--Legalization; Foreign aid--Development fund for poor economies in the Americas; Free Trade Area of the Americas--Fast tracking--Mexico
    >>Free trade agreements with North America, European Union (EU), Mercosur, 2846(44:1330)
    >>See also Automobile industry; Border, Canada-United States--Security, Canada-United States agreement; Currency--Single currency; Defence equipment--Helicopters; Energy; Export Development Corporation (EDC); Foreign investment/ownership; Free Trade Area of the Americas--Countries involved--Socioeconomic inequalities fund; Globalization, global economy/marketplace; McNaughton, Ashley; Metalclad Corporation--North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); Potato industry--Exports; Trade--Mexico--United States-Mexico; Trucking industry--Extraprovincial motor carriers

Miami FL see Au Dragon Forge; Summit of the Americas (April 2001, Quebec City, QC)--Previous summits