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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

To use the Index, select one of the alphabetical ranges below. When you have located your subject entry, click on the numbers within brackets to access the relevant text in the Debates. You may also use the “Publication Search” tool for content published after January 2001.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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Gibson, Gordon see Prime Minister--Powers

Gignac, Louis

    >>Medal of Bravery recipient, congratulating, S.O. 31, 8001(127:1100)

Gill, Abdul see Canadian Armed Forces--Air Force

Gill, Ranjiit see Immigrants--Criminals, Deportation

Giller Prize see Wright, Richard B.

Gillham, Robert W.

    >>Scientist, Order of Canada recipient, congratulations, S.O. 31, 8988(144:1400)

Gingrich, Newt see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--United States response

Girard-Bujold, Jocelyne (BQ--Jonquière)

Girl Guides

    >>Lady Baden-Powell Award for Achievement, Amanda Charlebois, recipient, S.O. 31, 12387(202:1400)
    >>World Thinking Day, February 22, 2001, S.O. 31, 1037(19:1405)
    >>See also Guide-Scout Week

Gisborne Lake see Water exports--Export permits

Giuliani, Rudolph

    >>New York City Mayor see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--United Nations

Glace Bay, NS

    >>Stream International Incorporated, call centre, establishment, 900 jobs created, S.O. 31, 5587(86:1405), 12258(200:1410)

Gladstone, Sen. James

    >>First aboriginal appointed to Senate, tribute, bust unveiling, S.O. 31, 6584(102:1400)

Glass see Owens Corning Canada Inc.

GlaxoSmithKline see Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Pharmaceutical industry

Glidden, Darlene see Penitentiary inmates

Global 500 Youth Environment Award see United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

Global warming see Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)

Global Youth Service Day

    >>Youth volunteers, recognizing, S.O. 31, 10876(177:1100)

Globalization, global economy/marketplace

    >>Autonomy, sovereignty, protecting, 278(7:1205), 500(10:1410)
    >>>Barnevick, Percy, ABB Industrial Group president, comments, 3358(52:1045)
    >>>Concerns, government ignoring, 59(3:1750), 60-1(3:1800-5), 3850(59:1140-5)
    >>Benefits, 60(3:1800), 277-8(7:1200-5), 3363(52:1120)
    >>>Educating Canadians, 3025(47:1125-30)
    >>Canada's role
    >>>Increasing, government measures, 2846-7(44:1330-5), 2867(44:1525)
    >>>Taxation levels, factor, 2847(44:1335)
    >>Canadian impact, etc., 10(2:1530), 175(5:1310), 182(5:1355), 237(6:1615), 2421(37:2730)
    >>China, entering, implications, 3065(47:1540)
    >>Corporate concentration factor, 832(15:1225)
    >>Democracy, relationship, 765(14:1350), 787-8(14:1545-55), 2404(37:2535), 3860(59:1250), 9352-3(151:1325), 9372-3(151:1520)
    >>Developing countries
    >>>Benefits, 277-8(7:1200), 839(15:1305), 9315(150:1630-5), 9317(150:1650)
    >>>Impact, Stéphan Tremplay, efforts, 6652(104:1315)
    >>Economic dependencies
    >>>Avoiding, Jamaican sugar example, 3410(52:1610)
    >>>Creating, 3065(47:1540)
    >>Environmental concerns, protecting, 3358(52:1045)
    >>G-20 finance ministers Montreal consensus, poverty reduction factor, o.q., 3484(53:1445)
    >>Human rights, protecting, 3358(52:1045)
    >>Individuals, impacting, 765(14:1345), 2404(37:2535)
    >>Mexican leaders, opposition meeting with, 8451(134:1550)
    >>Negative consequences, 5878-9(90:1600)
    >>>See also Industrial adjustment programs
    >>New Democratic Party position, 2357(37:2020), 6579-80(102:1325-30), 6581(102:1340)
    >>Observatoire québécoise de la mondialisation, establishment, role, S.O. 31, 12257(200:1405)
    >>Poverty, relationship, reducing, etc., 838-9(15:1305), 2403(37:2520-5), 6579-80(102:1320-30), 6583(102:1355), 6597(102:1510), 6650(104:1255-1300), 6673(104:1525), 6680-1(104:1625-35)
    >>>Wealth creation/distribution gap, 6575(102:1250)
    >>>See also Globalization, global economy/marketplace--G-20 finance ministers Montreal consensus
    >>Social programs, employment insurance, etc., government policy, influencing, 619(12:1620)
    >>>See also Industrial adjustment programs
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, relationship, concentration of decision-making power factor, 5825(89:2130)
    >>See also Drummond constituency--Small and medium business; Farm income crisis; Financial services legislation (Bill C-8); Foot and mouth disease; Free trade; Free Trade Area of the Americas; Internet; Money laundering; Organized crime; Small and medium business; World Social Forum (Brazil, 2002(; World Trade Organization (WTO)--Agreements

Globe 2002 Conference see Environment and Sustainable Development Standing Commitee--Travel

Globe and Mail see Business Development Bank of Canada--Auberge Grand-Mère, Documents; Quebec--Nationhood, Dion; Liberal Party--Leadership campaign

GMOs see Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

GNP see Gross National Product (GNP)

Gobé, Jean-Claude see Quebec National Assembly--Chevrette

God see Canadian Armed Forces--Christian military Chaplains

Godbout, Louis see Bravery--Recognition for heroism

Godfrey, John (Lib.--Don Valley West)

    >>Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Standing Committee, reports, 3619(55:1205)
    >>Afghanistan, Committee take note, M. (Eggleton), 8362(133:1905)
    >>Aga Khan Foundation, S.O. 31, 8476-7(135:1405)
    >>Children, S.O. 31, 7491-2(118:1400)
    >>Disabled and handicapped persons, o.q., 9467(153:1450)
    >>DNA evidence databank, o.q., 828(15:1155)
    >>Governors General of Canada, S.O. 31, 12834-5(208:1400)
    >>Heart disease, o.q., 1167(21:1455)
    >>Homelessness, S.O. 31, 296(7:1400-5)
    >>Interparliamentary delegations, reports, 10887(177:1200)
    >>Kids Help Phone, S.O. 31, 9457(153:1400)
    >>Kingston, ON, S.O. 31, 12669(205:1405)
    >>Laurier, Right Hon. Sir Wilfred, 3525(54:1005), 4816-8(74:1805-15), 8506-7(135:1730-40)
    >>Macdonald, Right Hon. Sir John A., 3525(54:1005), 4816-8(74:1805-15), 8506-7(135:1730-40)
    >>National Volunteer Week, S.O. 31, 10642(173:1355)
    >>North American security, o.q., 11560-1(188:1500)
    >>Poy, William, S.O. 31, 8711(139:1410)
    >>Sir John A. Macdonald Day and the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Day Act (Bill S-14), 3525(54:1005), 4816-8(74:1805-15), 8506-7(135:1730-40)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks, S.O. 31, 5136(79:1400)

Godin, Maurice

    >>Former Member of Parliament see Châteauguay constituency

Godin, Yvon (NDP--Acadie--Bathurst)

Gold see Bank of Canada

Gold Medallion Award

    >>Pound, Richard, former competitive swimmer, recipient, S.O. 31, 11666(190:1410)

Gold mining industry

    >>Crisis, price decline, 3102-3(47:2010-5)
    >>Emergency Gold Mining Assistance Act, reinstating, 3117(47:2145)
    >>>M. (St-Julien), 3229-38(49:1610-705)
    >>>>Dropped from Order Paper, 3238(49:1705)
    >>>S.O. 31, 1588(27:1435)
    >>Emergency legislation, introducing, S.O. 31, 3386(52:1400)
    >>Production volume, extraction costs, value of gold produced, quantity sold by Bank of Canada, r.o., 6772(106:1515)
    >>Yukon Territory, Klondike gold rush, dredging rivers, environmental damage, etc., 5613(86:1655-700)
    >>See also Giant Gold Mine

Gold rush see Tourism industry--Yukon Territory

Golden, Anne see Homelessness--Toronto, ON--Study

Golden handshakes see Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation

Golden Jubilee see Queen Elizabeth II--Accension to throne

Golden Jubilee Medal see Queen Elizabeth II--Accension to throne

Goldring, Peter (CA--Edmonton Centre-East)


    >>Kane, Lori, Ladies Professional Golf Association player, Prince Edward Island native, S.O. 31, 950(17:1405-10)
    >>Weir, Mike, Bright's Grove, ON, PGA Tour Championship winner, S.O. 31, 6924(109:1355)

Golf courses see Leamy Lake Park; Penitentiaries--Ferndale Institution

Good faith reliance defence see Corporations--Liability, Due diligence defence

Goodale, Hon. Ralph (Lib.--Wascana; Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board and Minister of Natural Resources; Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board and Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians as of January 15, 2002; Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board and Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians as of May 26, 2002))

Goodman, Russel see Visual and Media Arts Awards

Goods and services see Environmental costs--Prices of goods and services including

Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

    >>Abolition, Liberal Party election promise not kept, 750-1(14:1210-5), 1430(24:1710), 1445(25:1030), 1446(25:1035), 1447(25:1040-50), 1470(25:1255), 1473(25:1315), 1657(28:1615), 2549(40:1040), 2950(46:1245), 2951(46:1255), 3036(47:1245), 3346(51:1810),3694(56:1805), 3839(59:1015), 3841(59:1025), 4758(74:1140), 6862(107:1725), 7103(111:1540), 8158(129:1840), 8214(131:1050), 8227(131:1230), 8228(131:1240), 8349(133:1700), 8448(134:1530), 8781(140:1715), 8848(141:1715), 8856(142:1010), 9478(153:1610), 9497(153:1830), 9696(157:1025), 10533(170:1940)
    >>>Copps resignation, re-election, 1470(25:1255), 2950(46:1245), 4464-5(69:1325), 8227(131:1230)
    >>>o.q., 3873(59:1415)
    >>>See also Members of Parliament--Independence, Nunziata
    >>Atlantic provinces, harmonization
    >>>Rate doubled, 750(14:1210)
    >>>See also Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)--Quebec
    >>Audits see Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA)--Audits
    >>Evasion, accepting cash payments, 4915(76:1525-30)
    >>Exemption, diplomats, 6344(97:1655)
    >>Export distribution centre program, 1441-2(25:1005-10), 1446(25:1040), 2945-6(46:1205-15), 2947(46:1220)
    >>>Airports role, John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM), etc., 2946(46:1215)
    >>>Job creation factor, 2946(46:1215)
    >>Export of imported goods by non-residents, exemption, 1442(25:1010), 2945(46:1205)
    >>Exporters of processing services program, 1442(25:1010), 2945(46:1205), 2947(46:1220)
    >>Legislation (Bill C-62)(34th Parl., 2nd Sess.) see Legislative process--Report stage, Abuse
    >>Legislation, Sales Tax and Excise Tax Amendments Act, 2001 (Bill C-13)
    >>>Administrative oversights, correcting, 1446(25:1035-40)
    >>>Bloc Québécois position, 1470(25:1255)
    >>>Budget 2000 measures, 1441-3(25:1005-15)
    >>>Canadian Alliance position, 1447(25:1045), 2947(46:1220), 2948(46:1230-5)
    >>>Consultations, 1441(25:1005), 1442(25:1010)
    >>>Excise Tax Act measures, 14421(25:1005)
    >>>>See also Automobiles/motor vehicles--Imports; Excise taxes--Interest or penalties
    >>>Progressive Conservative Party position, 1657(28:1615)
    >>>See also Charitable and non-profit organizations--Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) exemption; Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) passim; Housing--Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) provisions--Rental housing; Rail transportation/railways--Rolling stock; Real property--Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) provisions; Sales Tax and Excise Tax Amendments Act, 2001 (Bill C-13); Speech therapy services--Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) exemption; Vocational training--Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) exemption
    >>Manufacturers' sales tax, hidden tax, replacement, increased revenues, etc., 1473(25:1315-20), 2949(46:1240)
    >>Progressive Conservative government (Mulroney), implemented by, election defeat following, 1445(25:1030), 1447-8(25:1045-50), 9697(157:1030)
    >>Public opinion, animosity, 1445(25:1030), 1447-8(25:1045-50), 1464(25:1210), 10046-7(162:1320)
    >>Quebec, harmonization, 8940(143:1645)
    >>>Compensation not provided, inequity with Atlantic provinces, 1465-6(25:1220-5), 4461(69:1255)
    >>Rate, reducing gradually, eliminating eventually, New Democratic Party position, 1470(25:1255), 2950(46:1245), 2951(46:1250-5)
    >>Rebates and refunds
    >>>50% of tax collected, 1465(25:1215)
    >>>Increasing, 6852(107:1600)
    >>>See also Education--Funding, School bus services; Goods and Services Tax Credit
    >>Reduction, 2867(44:1525), 3857(59:1225), 6851(107:1555)
    >>Regressive, inequitable, wealthy/poor paying same amount, 1470(25:1255), 2949-50(46:1240-5), 2951(46:1250)
    >>Retail industry GST sales, 1464(25:1210)
    >>Returns, electronic filing, streamlining, 1444(25:1025), 1447(25:1040), 1945(46:1210), 2947(46:1225)
    >>>$23/24 million, 2949(46:1240)
    >>>1993 to 2001, by year, qu., 10607(172:1205)
    >>Scope, items covered, 2949-50(46:1240-5)
    >>>Reducing, 2951(46:1255)
    >>Simplifying, 2867(44:1525), 3857(59:1225)
    >>Small business purchases, impact, 1465(25:1215)
    >>>One year, United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, financial impact factor, 5808-9(89:1925-30)
    >>>Six months, 6862(107:1720-30)
    >>Warranty repairs and replacements, exemption, 1442(25:1010), 1446(25:1040), 2945(46:1205), 2947(46:1220)
    >>See also Air Canada--United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Government assistance, Financial situation; Air transportation security--Increase, Passenger surcharge; Arcola, SK--Community rink; Automobiles/motor vehicles; Beverage container deposits; Budget deficit--Elimination; Budget surplus; Charitable donations; Condominiums--Vancouver, BC; Disabled and handicapped persons--Automobile conversion costs; Feminine hygiene products; Gasoline taxes; Heating Expenses One Time Relief; Heating fuel; Heating oil--Price increases; Home heating costs--Increase, Taxation factor; Publishing industry; Tools--Requirement

Goods and Services Tax Credit

    >>Improving system, Budget 2001 measure, 8768(140:1540), 9698(157:1040)
    >>Low-income earners receiving, $32 billion, 1473(25:1320)
    >>Withholding, money owed to government factor, o.q., 12958(210:1435-40)
    >>See also Heating Expenses One Time Relief

"Goose step" see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Canadian response, Martin, Pat

Gophers see Farm Income Protection Act (amdt.--crop damage by gophers)(Bill C-321); Strychnine--Farmers obtaining

Gordon, Ian see Penitentiary inmates

Gordon Russell Crystal Kids Youth Centre see Russell, Gordon

Gordon, Walter see Economic sovereignty--Liberal Party historical support

Gordon, Xavier see Toronto Dominion Canada Trust Scholarship--Community leadership award

Gore, Al see United States

Gosselin, Drew see United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Canadian response, Humanitarian gestures

Gosselin v. Quebec see Social assistance

Gouk, Jim (CA--Kootenay--Boundary--Okanagan)