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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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FACT see Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils

Fadway, Jeff see Humedica

Fahel, Shawky

    >>Citizen of the Year, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, congratulating, S.O. 31, 869(16:1400)

Fair, Dana

    >>Murder, Lloydminster, SK, September 1, 2001, Raymond Cannepotatoe, Michael Harper and Cody Littlewolf charges/bail, 9893(160:1525), 10244(165:1515)

Fair opportunity see Trade--Unites States, Opportunities

Fair trade see Trade

Fair trade agreements see Trade agreements

Fairbairn, Hon. Senator Joyce see Literacy--Government commitment

Fairclough, Right Hon. Ellen

    >>Former Member of Parliament, 97th birthday, celebrating, S.O. 31, 8323-4(133:1415)

Fairs see Exhibitions and Fairs

Fallen Heroes Fund

    >>London Professional Fire Fighters Association, $285,000 fund raising effort, donation to New York Fire Fighters 911 Disaster Relief Fund, tribute, S.O. 31, 6726(105:1410)

Falun Dafa see China--Human rights violations

Falun Gong see China--Human rights violations


    >>Alberta, February 19, statutory holiday in respect of family, S.O. 31, 870(16:1405)
    >>Government support, Throne Speech proposal, 17(2:1540), 19(2:1600)
    >>Household debt, increase, 1471(25:1300), 5888(90:1725)
    >>Importance, 17(2:1540), 293(7:1345)
    >>>S.O. 31, 9140(147:1110)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien), neglect, 293(7:1345)
    >>Quebec, family policy, model to Canada, S.O. 31, 4068(62:1410)
    >>Wage earners, both parents working, 10750(174:1835), 10755(174:1905)
    >>Young families, wealth decline, Statistics Canada study, S.O. 31, 9748-9(158:1400)
    >>See also Children; Income tax; National Family Week; Single parents; Tax reductions

Family allowance program

Family business see Employment insurance--Eligibility

Family cup see Skiing

Family Farm Cost of Production Act (Bill C-224)--Nystrom

    >>First reading, 259(7:1005)
    >>See also Farm income crisis--Production

Family farms see Farmers/farms

Family Literacy Day

Family reunification see Immigration; Refugees

Family Services Canada see National Family Week--October 1-7

Famine see Sudan; Ukraine

"Famous Five" (Emily Murphy, Nellie Mooney McClung, Irene Marryat Parlby, Louise Crummy McKiney and Henrietta Muir Edwards)

    >>Persons Day, October 18, 6301(97:1110)
    >>>S.O. 31, 6319-10(97:1405-10)
    >>Governor General's Award, Persons Case, commemorating, recipients, congratulating, S.O. 31, 6319(97:1405-10)

"Far Side of the Moon, The" see Lepage, Robert

Fargo, ND see Buhler Industries Inc.

Farm Aid Bill (United States) see Agricultural subsidies--United States; Agriculture--Exports, United States

Farm Credit Canada see Farm Credit Corporation

Farm Credit Corporation

Farm Credit Corporation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-25)--Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (Vanclief)

    >>First reading, 2819(44:1005)
    >>Second reading, 3226-9(49:1550-605), 3290-306(51:1200-355), 3334-42(51:1640-735), agreed to, on recorded division, 3426-7(52:1755)
    >>Agriculture and Agri-Food Standing Committee, referral, 3427(52:1755)
    >>>Reported, without amdt., 4135(64:1005)
    >>Report stage, 4766-78(74:1235-355), concurrence, agreed to, on recorded division, 4815-6(74:1755-800)
    >>>Motions, 4766-7(74:1235)
    >>>>Agreed to, on division, 4778(74:1400)
    >>>>Negatived, on division, 4778(74:1355-400)
    >>Third reading, 4827-34(75:1005-100), agreed to, on recorded division, 4940-1(76:1830-900), passed.
    >>Royal Assent, 5113(78A:1700). Chap. 22, S.C. 2001
    >>See also Farm Credit Corporation--Legislation

Farm equipment

    >>Costs, dollar exchange rate factor, 8341(133:1555)

Farm equipment industry

    >>Small farms, equipping, 684(12:2245)
    >>See also Buhler Industries Inc.; Farm income crisis

Farm fuel tax see Farm income crisis--Taxation

Farm income crisis

Farm Income Crisis in Canada see Farm income crisis--Agriculture and Agri-Food Standing Committee

Farm Income Protection Act (amdt.--crop damage by gophers)(Bill C-321)--Benoit

    >>First reading, 2441(38:1525)
    >>See also Strychnine--Farmers obtaining, Gophers

Farm real estate industry see Foot and mouth disease

Farm Safety Week

    >>March 13 to 20, 2002, S.O. 31, 9653(156:1410)


    >>Accidents, children, S.O. 31, 3252(50:1110)
    >>Aging, older, 1887(32:1205-10)
    >>Agri-start loans, helping young/new farmers, Farm Credit Corporation initiative, 3227(49:1555), 3293(51:1220), 4828(75:1005)
    >>Aid, Liberal Members voting against, 1999(33:1625)
    >>Appreciation, 333(7:1800), 649-50(12:1950), 671-2(12:2225), 680(12:2320), 683(12:2340), 1876(32:1045), 1880(32:1115), 3299(51:1305)
    >>>Government showing, request, 3297(51:1255)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 524(11:1400)
    >>Budget 2001 measures, 8298(133:1110), 8300(133:1125)
    >>>Lack, 8103(129:1210), 8105(129:1225), 8108(129:1240-5), 8160(129:1900), 8213(131:1045), 8349(133:1700), 8780(140:1710)
    >>>See also Agriculture--Funding
    >>Chemicals, generic, Farmers of North America Inc. importing, request, 8343(133:1610), 8357(133:1810)
    >>>S.O. 31, 8635(138:1355)
    >>Costs, increase, energy, etc., 3158(48:1545-50), 3160(48:1600-5)
    >>Credit, access, lack, 2549(40:1045)
    >>Crops, diversifying, expanding, Farm Credit Corporation assisting, 3227(49:1555)
    >>Efforts, achievements, 682(12:2335), 3340(51:1720)
    >>Environmental standards, following, enviro-loan, Farm Credit Corporation initiative, 3227(49:1555), 4828(75:1010)
    >>Epp, family farm, recounting, 3339-40(51:1715-20), 1448-9(25:1055)
    >>Family farm
    >>>Government supporting, 8300(133:1120)
    >>>Toronto, ON area Members of Parliament promoting, 84-5(4:1205)
    >>>See Family Farm Cost of Production Act (Bill C-224); Farm Credit Corporation; Farm income crisis
    >>Foreign ownership, selling top foreign buyers for higher price, 3201(49:1315-20)
    >>Government commitment, 645(12:1920), 646-7(12:1930)
    >>>New vision, establishing, 8299(133:115)
    >>Government neglect, 2549-50(40:1045), 8782(140:1725)
    >>>Election system factor, proportional representation alternative, 8781-2(140:1720)
    >>Interest rates, decline, benefits, 8154(129:1810)
    >>Legislation (Bill C-15), harmful effects, 5337(82:1335)
    >>Musquodoboit Valley, NS, Stoffer, saluting, 3297(51:1250)
    >>Safety inspections, timing, effects, 5702(87:1925)
    >>Tax reductions, benefits, 8133(129:1525)
    >>Taxation, poem, 8417(134:1155)
    >>Trade agreements/disputes, effects, 1896-7(32:1305-15)
    >>Unstable employment, self-employed, outside interference, 645(12:1920), 646-7(12:1930), 653(12:2015), 660-1(12:2110), 663(12:2125), 666(12:2150), 672(12:2230), 682(12:2335), 1896(32:1305), 5680(87:1645), 5683(87:1710), 5685(87:1720), 5691(87:1805-10), 5697(87:1850), 5699(87:1905)
    >>>Employment insurance, independent workers, eligibility, lack of hours factor, 2525-6(39:1320-35)
    >>>See also Farm income crisis--Weather
    >>Youth, attracting, 2762(42:2230)
    >>>o.q., 9418-9(152:1200)
    >>>qu., 6265(96:1525)
    >>>See also Farm income crisis--Farmers, Youth
    >>Women farmers, Lower St. Lawrence region, QC, contribution, S.O. 31, 10555(171:1410)
    >>See also Agricultural subsidies; Aircraft industry--Canada-Brazil dispute, Canadian farmers; Drought; Environment--Protecting; Epp--References; Farm Credit Corporation; Farm equipment industry--Small farms; Farm income crisis passim; Food supply system passim; Foreign aid--Food aid; Gasoline--Ethanol blended fuel; Genetically modified organisms (GMOs); Grain transportation--Canadian Wheat Board, Uneconomical--Railway lines/system; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming); Gun control/guns--Registration system; Internet; Livestock industry; Marine conservation areas--Communities affected; Pesticides--Banned in other countries; Scrapie--Outbreak; Species at risk (endangered species)--Habitat preservation, Stewardship programs; Strychnine; Western provinces--Alienation

Farmers of North America Inc. see Farmers/farms--Chemicals

Farness, Alice see Western provinces--Alienation, Saskatchewan farmers, Liberal election candidate

Faro, YT

    >>Open pit lead mine, closing, effects, 1918(32:1515)

Faroe Islands see Fisheries--Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization

Farrah, Georges (Lib.--Bonaventure--Gaspé--Îles-de-la-Madeleine--Pabok; Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Fisheries and Oceans as of September 13, 2001)

Fashion see Siemens, Crystal--Toronto fashion designer of the year

Fast, Dr. Raymond see Pakistan

Fast, Wayne

    >>Police constable, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 7330(115:1405)

Fathom Five see Marine conservation areas

Faure, André see Lynch, Thomas

Favoured nation tariff see Sugar industry--Trade negotiations, Most favoured nation tariff

Fayette, Denise see Penitentiary inmates

FBI see Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

FCI pulp mill see Pulp and paper industry--Prince Rupert, BC FCI pulp mill

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) see United States

Federal Business Development Bank see Business Development Bank

Federal Court of Appeal

    >>Establishment as separate court, 5796-7(89:1800), 9131(147:1005)
    >>>See also Courts Administration Service Act (Bill C-30)
    >>Powers, 9135(147:1035-40)
    >>See also Courts Administration Service--Establishment; Federal Court of Canada--Judges; Prime Minister's Office--Chrétien; Sea King helicopters--Replacement

Federal Court of Canada

    >>Estimates see Estimates--2001-2002, Main, Justice Department
    >>Judges, lawyers, sheriffs. Federal Court of Canada and Federal Appeal Court, 9134(147:1035)
    >>Jurisdiction, 9135(147:1035)
    >>Re-organization, benefits, 5798(89:1810)
    >>>Legislation see Courts Administration Service Act (Bill C-30)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities--Taxation; Courts Administration Service--Establishment; House of Commons--Official Languages Act; Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada--Judgements

Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor)

    >>Role, 3091(47:1850)
    >>See also Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, QC; Private family trusts

Federal Judicial Affairs Commission

    >>Estimates see Estimates--2001-2002, Main, Justice Department

Federal Law--Civil Law Harmonization Act, No. 1 (Bill S-4)--Minister of Justice (McLellan)

    >>First reading, 3320(51:1505)
    >>Second reading, 3640-3(56:1205-30), agreed to, 3643(56:1230)
    >>Committee of the Whole referral, committee stage, reported, without amdt., concurred in, 3643(56:1230)
    >>Third reading, 3644(56:1235), agreed to, 3644(56:1235), passed.
    >>Royal Assent, 3892(59:1615). Chap. 4, S.C. 2001
    >>See also Legal system--Federal legislation; Quebec Civil Code

Federal Office of Regional Development-Quebec see Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec--Name

Federal-provincial conferences/meetings

    >>Historical background, Sir Wilfred Laurier role, 85(4:1210)
    >>See also First ministers conferences; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing; Research and development--Federal-provincial science ministers meeting;

Federal-provincial finance ministers meetings see Taxation--Federal-provincial tax/fiscal imbalance

Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (amdt.)(Bill C-18)--Minister of Finance (Martin)

    >>First reading, 1678(29:1010)
    >>Second reading, 2084-113(34:1025-355), 2455-60(38:1655-730), 2606-10(41:1330-55), 2624-31(41:1510-600), agreed to, on recorded division, 2659-60(41:1905)
    >>Finance Standing Committee
    >>>Referral, 2660(41:1905)
    >>>Reported, without amdt., 3402(52:1520)
    >>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 3535-6(54:1110)
    >>Third reading, 3536-57(54:1110-350), agreed to, on recorded division, 3769-71(57:1750), passed.
    >>Royal Assent, 5113(78A:1700), Chap. 19, S.C. 2001
    >>See also Equalization payments--Ceiling provision, Removal

Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (amdt.)(Bill C-216)--Wasylycia-Leis

    >>First reading, 229(6:1510)
    >>See also Hospitals--Private for profit

Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (amdt.--school-leaving age)(Bill C-382)--Harb

Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (amdt.--work for welfare)(Bill C-241)--Pankiw

Federal-provincial jurisdiction

    >>Constitutional provisions, 4495(69:1625)
    >>Federal government respecting, 4497(69:1635)
    >>Federal government too strong, 7701(122:1040)
    >>Federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction, 283-4(7:1240), 285(7:1250), 362(8:1625), 488(10:1255), 860(16:1305), 4002(61:1555), 4010(61:1650-5), 4048-9(62:1205-10), 8457(134:1635), 9338(151:1125)
    >>>Budget surplus use, 4458-9(69:1235-40), 4489(69:1540), 4497(69:1635)
    >>>Federal spending power, use, 4048-9(62:1205-10), 4458-9(69:1235-40), 8349(133:1700), 12281(200:1640), 12282(200:1655), 12290(200:1745-50)
    >>>>Association des économistes du Québec position, o.q., 8718(139:1450)
    >>>National programs, funding with funds from cutbacks to transfer payments to provinces, 9694(157:1010)
    >>>Telecommunications, exclusive federal jurisdiction, Quebec interests, prejudicing, o.q., 10562(171:1450)
    >>>Quebec separation/sovereignty alternative, 8453(134:1605)
    >>>Social programs, etc., 12229(200:1035)
    >>>Throne Speech proposals, impact, 57(3:1735), 80-1(4:1135-45), 120(4:1555-600)
    >>>>o.q., 28(3:1420), 108(4:1440), 157(5:1125)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 419(9:1410)
    >>>>See also Parliamentary reform--Throne Speech proposals; Social Union Framework Agreement
    >>Quebecers positions/Telegdi position, 8432(134:1350)
    >>See also Banks and financial institutions--Consumer protection measures; Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology; Canada Health Act--Five principles; Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada (Romanow)--Provincial jurisdiction; Drinking water--National standards; Education; Education, post-secondary; Electricity--Exports to United States; Energy--Exports to United States, Alberta Premier Klein meeting with United States Vice-President Cheney--North American continental energy strategy/agreement/free trade; Environment; Environmental assessment; Forest industry--Government assistance; Free Trade Area of the Americas; Gasoline prices; Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)--Regulating; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing; Health care system; Highways and roads--Provincial jurisdiction factor; Housing--Affordable; International agreements, conventions and treaties--Provinces; Marine transportation--Shipowners liability for carriage of goods/passengers; Millennium scholarship fund--Provincial jurisdiction; Municipalities--Federal government policy--Powers; National security--Military security zones; Oil and gas industry--Exports to United States; Remembrance Day (November 11)--National holiday; Securities industry--Regulation; Species at risk (endangered species)--Legislation; Strategic Infrastructure Foundation; Taxation; Toxic/hazardous waste--Dioxins; Trade agreements--Provinces; Waste--Industrial waste dumping; Water exports; Working hours

Federal-provincial relations

    >>Provincial civil servants, briefings or negotiations, exclusion of elected provincial government officials, preventing, M. (Toews), 11197-202(183:1105-45)

Federal-provincial shared cost programs

    >>Federal spending power, relationship, Quebec position, 4438(69:1025)

Federal-provincial subcommittee on drinking water see Drinking water

Federal-provincial-territorial co-operation, consultations, negotiations, agreements, etc. see Aboriginal peoples/communities--Fetal alcohol syndrome; Agriculture--Policy; Air pollution/smog--Reduction; Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology--Legislation, Consultations; Canada Pension Plan--Premiums, Increase; Canada Pension Plan Investment Board--Board of directors; Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute; Canadian Banking Ombudsman; Cartagena Protocolk on Biosafety to the Convention on Biological Cellular telephones--Automobiles; Child pornography--Possession; Crime prevention--Focus; Drinking water--Federal-provincial jurisdiction/co-operation factors; Drug and substance abuse--Injection drug use; Environment--Federal-provincial co-operation--Federal-provincial-territorial harmonization agreement--National standards; Farm income crisis--$500 million, Distribution; Free Trade Area of the Americas; Gasoline taxes--Price increases; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing; Health care system; Highway safety/accidents--Revelstoke, BC; Highways and roads--Quebec, Outaouais region, QC; Housing--Affordable, Federal-provincial-territorial framework agreement--Affordable, Ontario government position; Interprovincial trade--Barriers; Justice system--Modernization; Mining industry; National standards; Older workers--Government programs; Ports/harbours--Regional; Public transit--Federal government funding; Regional development; Rural/remote/natural resource communities/regions; Tourism industry--Atlantic Canada; Water/freshwater--Security factor

Federal-provincial-territorial-municipal co-operation see Infrastructure Canada Program; Pesticides--Regulatory system, Jurisdiction; Ports/harbours--Halifax, N.S., Sewage dumping; Public transit--Infrastructure; Strategic Infrastructure Foundation

Federal research centres see Research and development

Federal reserve rate (United States) see Interest rates--United States federal reserve rate

Federal securities commission see Securities industry--Regulation

Federal spending power

    >>Constitutionality, lack, former Prime Minister Trudeau position, 4448(69:1130)
    >>See also Federal-provincial jurisdiction-Federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction; Federal-provincial shared cost programs

Federal system see Canada; Women--Injustices of federal system


    >>Centralization see Government
    >>Co-operative, 2459(38:1720)
    >>Executive federalism, 3461(52:2145), 3471(52:2255)
    >>Provinces principalities, premiers positions, 4493(69:1610)
    >>Unitary state, federal government goal, Quebec separation/sovereignty alternative, 4466-7(69:1335-45)

Fédération des caisses populaires Desjardins du Québec see Farm Credit Corporation--Amendments

Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec see Cruelty to animals--Legislation (Bill C-15), Groups concerned

Fédération des producteurs de volailles du Québec see Cruelty to animals--Legislation (Bill C-15), Groups concerned

Fédération des traivailleurs et traivailleuses du Québec

    >>Quebec City, QC meeting, November 2001, S.O. 31, 7556(119:1400)

Fédération des Travaileurs du Québec (FTQ) see Fonds de solidarite des travailleurs du Québec

Fédération Internationale de Football Association see Soccer

Fédération nationale Saint-Jean-Baptiste see Women's History Month

Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils

    >>Tamil Tiger terrorist front, fundraising activities, 1008(18:1500-5), 3328(51:1555-600)
    >>>Canadian Alliance position, 6209-11(95:1550-1605)
    >>>>Stereotyping, Secretary of State Fry, condemning, o.q., 1105(20:1140)
    >>>Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) website, concerns, 269(7:1100)
    >>>Citizenship and Immigration Department lawyers presenting evidence in court, o.q., 1004(18:1440)
    >>>Martin, Finance Minister and International Cooperation Minister Minna attending fundraising dinner, impression of lending support to terrorists, 269(7:1100), 1004(18:1440), 1042-3(19:1430-5), 3331(51:1615), 5603(86:1535), 6210-1(95:1605)
    >>>>o.q., 1522(26:1445-50), 7262-4(114:1440)
    >>>Minna, International Cooperation Minister receiving confidential briefing note prior to attending, ignoring, o.q., 1100-1(20:1115)
    >>>Prohibiting, adding to list of terrorist organizations, o.q., 5911(91:1445), 5981(92:1455)
    >>>>See also Terrorism/terrorists--Funds/assets
    >>See also Privilege--Minna

Federation of Canadian Municipalities

    >>64th annual conference, federal government, municipal governments, relationship, S.O. 31, 4392(68:1405)
    >>See also Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming)--Reducing, Canada ratifying protocol; Infrastructure Canada Program

FedNor see Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FedNor)

Feed see Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)--Starlink corn feed

Feeney case see Search and seizure without warrant--Legal technicalities

Feminine hygiene products

    >>Taxation, Manitoba provincial sales tax removed, removing Goods and Services Tax (GST), o.q., 11132(181:1455)

Ferby, Randy see Curling--World curling championships--Men's 2002 winners

Féria du Vélo de Montréal

    >>Children's cycling event, S.O. 31, 11754(192:1400)

Ferndale Institution see Penitentiaries

Ferron, Marcelle

Ferry service

    >>Quebec, Trois-Pistole, QC-Les Escoumins, QC, interruption, deterioration of docks/wharves, repairs, safety factor, tourism industry impact, etc., 12219-21(199:1840-50), 12910-11(209:1830-5)
    >>>o.q., 7451(117:1500), 11499(187:1200), 11673(190:1500), 11764(192:1455-500), 12535(203:1455-500), 12678(205:1455), 12884(209:1500)
    >>>S.O. 31, 12344(201:1110), 12390(202:1410), 12711(206:1110)
    >>Wharves leased to operators, government revenues, qu., 10973-4(179:1010)
    >>See also Highways and roads--Quebec, Charlevoix constituency; Marine Atlantic Inc.; Marine transportation--Safety factor, measures, Accidents; Ports--Lewisporte, NF marine terminal; Shipbuilding industry--British Columbia

Fertility clinics see Reproductive and genetic technologies

Fertilizers see Drinking water contamination---Agricultural practices; Explosives--Terrorist use; Export Development Corporation (EDC)--Argentina; Farm income crisis--Production

Festival beauceron de l'érable

    >>Saint-Georges de Beauce, QC, celebrating, S.O. 31, 2115-6(34:1405)

Festival international de la chanson de Granby

    >>33rd annual song festival, Granby, QC, S.O. 31, 5587(86:1405)

Festivals see Bard on the Beach; Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival; Canada Opera Festival 2002; Canadian Tulip Festival; Cannes Festival; Carnaval-Souvenir de Chicoutimi; Diwali Festival; Eid ul-Adha; Elmira Maple Syrup Festival; Festival beauceron de l'érable; Festival international de la chanson de Granby; Hanukkah; Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival; Just for Laughs Festival; Mondial des cultures de Drummondville; New York Festivals; Oktoberfest; Oxford Children's Groundwater Festival; Ramadan; Saint-Côme Festival de sculptures sur glace; Saint-Placide Festi-vent sur glace; Stratford Festival of Canada; Waterloo County & Area Quilt Festival; Winnipeg International Children's Festival; Youth Orchestra Festival

Fetal alcohol syndrome

    >>>Education, treatment and research, 140(4:1805-10)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 2167(35:1110)
    >>>Federal government initiatives, 368(8:1705)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 1823(31:1400)
    >>Szabo role, books, etc., 92(4:1300)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities; Alcoholic beverages--Pregnancy

Fetal tissue see Reproductive and genetic technologies--Stem cell research

Fête national de Québec see Quebec

Fetus see Abortion; Cruelty to animals--Legislation (Bill C-15)(Bill C-15B), Definition, Animal, Pain

Fifth Estate, The see Michener Award--Journalism award