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The Hansard Index is the key to information about what is said by Members of Parliament in the House of Commons during the 37th Parliament, 1st Session. The subject entries will either provide reference to a page number or, a combination of page number followed by the issue sitting number and time checks in the daily Hansard.

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37th Parliament, 1st Session   (January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002)  Latest Session
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Desrochers, Daniel see Motorcycle (biker) gangs--Car bombing

Desrochers, Norman and Edith see Grain industry--Marketing, Canadian Wheat Board

Desrochers, Odina (BQ--Lotbinière-L'Érable)

    >>Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-36), 6304-5(97:1140-5)
    >>Auditor General of Canada, S.O. 31, 154(5:1110)
    >>Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute, M. to adjourn under S.O. 52 (Crête), 7074-5(110:2155-200)
    >>Crown corporations, o.q., 302-3(7:1435)
    >>Eldorado Nuclear Limited Reorganization and Divestiture Act and Petro-Canada Public Participation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-3), 815(15:1055), 830-3(15:1210-30)
    >>Employment insurance, 832-3(15:1230)
    >>>S.O. 31, 818(15:1110)
    >>Employment Insurance Act and the Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations (amdt.)(Bill C-2), 561-3(11:1755-1810)
    >>Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act (amdt.)(Bill C-35), 7438-40(117:1330-45)
    >>G-20 Summit (Ottawa, ON, November 2001), 7440(117:1345)
    >>Gasoline prices, 831-3(15:1210-30)
    >>Globalization, global economy/marketplace, 832(15:1225)
    >>Government contracts, o.q., 11227(183:1430), 11449(186:1430), 11714-5(191:1130), 12776(207:1450)
    >>Government policies and programs, 7438(117:1330)
    >>Heating Expenses One Time Relief, 831(15:1220)
    >>International conferences, 7438-40(117:1330-45)
    >>Liberal government (Chrétien), 563(11:1810), 830(15:1210)
    >>Natural resource industries, 830(15:1210), 833(15:1230)
    >>Nuclear Fuel Waste Act (Bill C-27), 7671-2(121:1345-50)
    >>Nuclear waste, 7671-2(121:1345-50)
    >>Petro-Canada, 831-2(15:1220)
    >>Poverty, S.O. 31, 11490(187:1110)
    >>Procedure, speeches, 4326(67:1140)
    >>References see Guaranteed income supplement--Eligible recipients, Informing
    >>Rural/remote/natural resource communities/regions, M. on supply (Breitkreuz), 11210-3(183:1240-1305)
    >>Supply, M. (Williams), 5743-4(89:1120-5)
    >>Taxation, 833(15:1230)
    >>Terrorism/terrorists, 6305(97:1140-5), 7438(117:1330)
    >>Trade, M. on supply (Duncan), 11809-10(193:1130-4-)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, 6304-5(97:1140)
    >>>M. on supply (Gauthier), 5546(85:1355)
    >>>S.O. 31, 5428(83:1110)
    >>Wages and salaries, 832(15:1225)
    >>World Press Freedom Day, S.O. 31, 11169(182:1110)
    >>Youth Criminal Justice Act (Bill C-7), 4323(67:1115), 4326(67:1140), 4336(67:1255), 4343-4(67:1345-55)
    >>Youth justice system, 4336(67:1255), 4343-4(67:1340-55)

Destiny Science Lab see International Space Station--Security, Windsor, ON-Detroit, MI

Detroit, MI see Border, Canada-United States--Windsor, ON-Detroit, MI crossing; Energy--G-8 energy ministers meeting

Detroit River

    >>Ecological preservation of area along river, petitions, 6380(98:1225)
    >>See also Border, Canada-United States--Windsor, ON-Detroit, MI crossing

DEVCO see Cape Breton Development Corporation (DEVCO)

Developing countries

    >>Children, access to education, World Bank proposals, Canada position, 10883(177:1140)
    >>Drinking water projects see Hreljac, Ryan
    >>Industrialization, greenhouse gas emissions increase factor, alternative energy options, etc., 867(16:1350)
    >>International assistance, Canada, role, 9310-1(150:1600)
    >>Knowledge about, Canadian youth increasing, Canadian International Development Agency programs, Butterfly 208 essay and art contest, etc., o.q., 9145(147:1135)
    >>Malnutrition, combatting, micronutrients initiative, $20 million Canadian contribution, o.q., 11496(187:1140)
    >>Middle class, creating, benefits, 2350(37:1925)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, impact, 6652(104:1315)
    >>See also Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement; CANDU reactors--Export sales; Drugs and pharmaceuticals--Donations--Generic drugs--Patent protection; Energy--Consumption; Export Development Corporation (EDC); Foreign aid--Debts; Foreign investment/ownership; Free trade; Free Trade Area of the Americas; Globalization, global economy/marketplace; Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming); HIV/AIDS; Investment; Labour standards; Poverty; Sustainable cities initiative; Textile industry Toxic/hazardous substances--By-products; Trade; Trade agreements; World Trade Organization (WTO)--Growth and development round of negotiations--Ministerial meeting

DeVillers, Hon. Paul (Lib.--Simcoe North; Secretary of State(Amateur Sport) and Deputy Leader of the Government in the House of Commons as of January 15, 2002)

Devine, Grant see Saskatchewan--Progressive Conservative Party government of Grant Devine

Devlin, Jason

    >>Medal of Bravery, recipient, congratulating, S.O. 31, 8820(141:1405)

Devry Institute of Technology-Calgary

    >>Degree granting powers, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), relationship, o.q., 1832(31:1440)

Deutsch, Pierre see Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO)

DEW line see Contaminated sites--Northern Canada

Dewdney--Alouette constituency see Basketball; McNally--References

DeWitt, Cynthia see International Space Station--Canadarm II role

Dhaliwal, Hon. Herb (Lib.--Vancouver South--Burnaby; Minister of Fisheries and Oceans; Minister of Natural Resources as of January 15, 2002)


    >>Aboriginal peoples
    >>>High incidence, 12592(203:2220)
    >>>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities--Preventable diabetes and tuberculosis
    >>Combatting, federal government strategy, S.O. 31, 3478(53:1415)
    >>See also Insulin; National Aboriginal Diabetes Awareness Day

Diabetes Month

    >>November, commemorating, S.O. 31, 7605-6(120:1415)

Diamond mining industry

    >>Conflict/blood diamonds, Africa, etc.
    >>>Illegal trade, stopping, Kimberley process re certification, etc.
    >>>>o.q., 8249(131:1455-500)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 6366-7(98:1055), 9577-8(155:1405), 10025(162:1100)
    >>>Imports, prohibiting from countries without import and export controls, 6293(97:1000)
    >>>>See also Conflict Diamonds Act (Bill C-402)
    >>>Zimbabwe involvement, Dickens and Madson role, Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigation, requesting, o.q., 9956(161:1455)
    >>Northwest Territories, Broken Hill property mine, Diavik mine, operations, 367(8:1700)
    >>Quebec discoveries, 3135(47:2345)
    >>See also Highways and roads--Northern Canada

Diavik mine see Diamond mining industry--Northwest Territories

Dichlorodiphenyltricholoroethane see DDT

Dicken and Madson see Diamond mining industry--Conflict/blood diamonds; Zimbabwe--2002 presidential election, Tsvangirai

Diefenbaker homestead see Historic/heritage buildings, sites and monuments

Diefenbaker, Right Hon. John G. see Bill of Rights (1961)

Diefendollar see Dollar exchange rate--Decline, 1960s

Diesel fuel

    >>Air pollution/smog, removal of particulates and sulphur, 885(16:1525)
    >>Prices see Gasoline prices--Petro-Canada legislation
    >>See also Oil spills--Newfoundland coast
    >>>4 cents per litre, 3167(48:1645)
    >>>See also Public transit--Federal government funding, Gasoline and diesel fuel taxes
    >>See also Gasoline--Sulphur levels in gasoline and diesel fuel

Dietrich, Greg see Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation--Excellence awards

Digby, NS see Ports/harbours

Digital Hate 2002 see Discrimination and racism--Combatting

Digital Opportunities Task Force (G-8)

    >>Information technology role, Canadian role, 15(2:1530)

Dilaudid see Drug and substance abuse--Stellarton, NS

Dime see Royal Canadian Mint--Coins

Dion, Hon. Stéphane (Lib.--Saint-Laurent--Cartierville; President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs)

    >>Acadians, o.q., 5487(84:1450)
    >>Air Canada, o.q., 4403(68:1500), 4477(69:1435), 7904(125:1500)
    >>Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, o.q., 10500(170:1450)
    >>Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST), o.q., 4584(71:1420), 4661(72:1435)
    >>Constitution, o.q., 10496(170:1425), 10501-2(170:1500)
    >>Council for Canadian Unity, o.q., 4839-40(75:1120-5)
    >>Eldorado Nuclear Limited Reorganization and Divestiture Act and Petro-Canada Public Participation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-3), 3153(48:1515)
    >>Energy, o.q., 4528(70:1130)
    >>Estimates, M. (Robillard), 12295(200:1830)
    >>Excise Act, 2001 (Bill C-47), 19941(162:1235)
    >>Federal-provincial jurisdiction, o.q., 108(4:1440), 8718(139:1450), 10562(171:1450)
    >>Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act (amdt.)(Bill C-35), 6011(93:1000)
    >>Francophones outside Quebec, o.q., 3144(48:1425), 5557(85:1455), 8443(134:1455), 8484-5(135:1450), 8717(139:1440)
    >>Free Trade Area of the Americas, o.q., 1403(24:1425), 1457(25:1135)
    >>Government expenditures, o.q., 823(15:1130)
    >>Government contracts, o.q., 11993(196:1445)
    >>Health care funding, o.q., 821(15:1120), 823(15:1130), 9263(149:1455)
    >>Hepatitis C, o.q., 3257(50:1140)
    >>Income tax, o.q., 7378(116:1450)
    >>International agreements, conventions and treaties, o.q., 1457-8(25:1135)
    >>Legislative process, 1309(22:2245)
    >>NAV CANADA, o.q., 4356(67:1455)
    >>Official languages policy (Bilingualism), o.q., 4171-4(64:1420-40), 8922(143:1440), 11881(194:1440), 13003-4(211:1150)
    >>Parental leave, o.q., 4587(71:1435)
    >>Quebec, o.q., 1774-5(30:1155), 2914(45:1140), 4587(71:1435), 4661(72:1435), 4840(75:1125)
    >>Quebec separation/sovereignty, 4525-6(70:1120)
    >>>o.q., 4586(71:1430)
    >>>"Quebec separatists blackmailing Canada", alleged comment, 1305(22:2220)
    >>>>o.q., 777(14:1450), 823(15:1135)
    >>>See also Canada-Nation; Health care funding--Increase; Income tax--Tax points; Official languages policy/bilingualism--Restoring; Western provinces--Alienation
    >>Social Union Framework Agreement, o.q., 8645(138:1450)
    >>Standing Orders, M. (Boudria), 1309(22:2245)
    >>Taxation, o.q., 8646(138:1455), 8718(139:1450), 10500(170:1450)
    >>Transfer payments to provinces, o.q., 821(15:1120), 4584(71:1420), 4586(71:1430)
    >>Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Act (Bill C-34), 5924(91:1630)
    >>Western provinces, o.q., 880(16:1455)
    >>Yukon Act (Bill C-39), 7746(123:1235)

Dionne-Marsolais, Rita see Quebec--Youth

Diotte, Const. Christine

    >>Police officer, death, tribute, S.O. 31, 9824(159:1410)

Dioxins see Toxic/hazardous waste

Diplomatic appointments

    >>Disgraced former cabinet ministers, o.q., 11838(193:1445)
    >>>See also Eggleton--References; Gagliano--References

Diplomatic Corps see Foreign Service/Diplomatic Corps

Diplomatic immunity

Direct mail marketing see Canada Post Corporation--Mail redirection

Disability Awareness Week

    >>New Brunswick awareness campaign, S.O. 31, 4394(68:1415)

Disability insurance

    >>Providers, private, ombudsman, establishing, M. (Abbott), 4081-7(62:1520-600)
    >>>Dropped from Order Paper, 4087(62:1600)

Disability tax credit (DTC) see Disabled and handicapped persons--Income tax provisions

Disability WebLinks see Disabled and handicapped persons

Disabled and handicapped persons

    >>Aboriginal peoples, twice rate of general population, 12645(205:1020)
    >>Automobile conversion costs, Goods and Services Tax (GST) rebate, extending to full cost of automobile, o.q., 3800(58:1450)
    >>Barrier free world, universal access, etc., S.O. 31, 4700(73:1405)
    >>Barriers, eliminating
    >>>S.O. 31, 7830(124:1400)
    >>>Federal-provincial labour-market strategy, developing, Throne Speech proposal, 11(2:1530), 325(7:1655), 331(7:1745)
    >>>>Effectiveness, employment insurance ineligibility, 321(7:1630), 322(7:1640)
    >>Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
    >>>Housing improvement initiatives, S.O. 31, 7757(123:1355)
    >>>Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities (RRAP-D), income threshold, qu., 12043-4(197:1520)
    >>Care givers, tribute, S.O. 31, 155(5:1115)
    >>>Families, government support, measures, o.q., 9467(153:1450)
    >>>See also Fondation Beaudoin-Desrosiers
    >>Disability WebLinks, internet information site, federal-provincial-territorial initiative, o.q., 3318(51:1450)
    >>Disadvantaged, unemployment, poverty, etc., 12645(205:1020)
    >>Employment equity, Canadian Labour Congress, International Labour Organization, efforts, S.O. 31, 7760(123:1405)
    >>EVERYkidspark, Orangeville, ON, accessible children's playground, establishment, S.O. 31, 3387(52:1400)
    >>Fondation Entre Deux Roues, third annual Roulethon, fundraising event, tribute, S.O. 31, 6761(106:1410)
    >>Government assistance, inadequate, 8780-1(140:1715)
    >>Government ignoring, Throne Speech omission, 59(3:1755)
    >>Income support programs, necessity, 322(7:1640)
    >>Income tax provisions
    >>>Caregiver tax credit, increases, Budget 2000 and Budget 2000 Mini Budget measures, 2289(37:1250), 2318(37:1545), 3800(58:1450), 3916(60:1005)
    >>>Disability tax credit, 8984(144:1330)
    >>>>Budget 2000 and Budget 2000 Mini Budget measures, 2289(37:1250), 3800(58:1450)
    >>>>Budget 2000 and Budget 2001 measures, o.q., 11841(193:1500)
    >>>>Caregivers, supporting persons, relatives, claiming, 2289(37:1250), 3916(60:1005), 12926(210:1100), 12928(210:1115)
    >>>>Child care expenses, deductions, increase, 2289(37:1250), 3916(60:1005)
    >>>>Definition of disability, Canada Pension Plan (CPP) definition, difference, qu., 10772(175:1515)
    >>>>Eligibility, criteria changed, reproving required, recipients disqualified, etc., 8223(131:1200), 8354-5(133:1750), 8424(134:1250), 8780(140:1710-5), 8781(140:1720), 9492(153:1755), 12643-5(205:1005-20), 12646-7(205:1025-35), 12915(210:1005), 12920-6(210:1015-100), 12927-9(210:1105-25), 12930(210:1130)
    >>>>>Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities Standing Committee report, recommendations, apology, compensation, government response, etc., 12643-4(205:1005-15), 12647(205:1030), 12915(210:1005), 12920-4(210:1015-45), 12925-6(210:1050-100), 12927(210:1110), 12929(210:1125), 12930(210:1130)
    >>>>>>o.q., 12676(205:1440)
    >>>>>o.q., 7339(115:1450-5), 7448(117:1440-5), 7613(120:1455), 8870(142:1145), 9145-6(147:1135-40), 10312(166:1500)
    >>>>>Petitions, 11915(195:1005)
    >>>>>Retroactive application, 12920(210:1015)
    >>>>>S.O. 31, 9253(149:1405), 9748(158:1355), 11590(189:1405), 11875-6(194:1415), 12669(205:1405)
    >>>>>Veterans, impact, 12646(205:1025)
    >>>>>>o.q., 10312(166:1500), 12679(205:1455-500)
    >>>>>See also Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities Standing Committee--Reports, Seventh
    >>>>Increases, 2318(37:1545)
    >>>>Indexed, 12928(210:1115)
    >>>>Quebec tax credit, comparison, 12923(210:1035)
    >>>>Speech pathologists, eligibility, 2289(37:1250), 3916(60:1005)
    >>>>>See also Income Tax Amendments Act, 2000 (Bill C-22)
    >>>Home construction or renovations, medical expense tax credit eligibility, 2290(37:1250), 3916(60:1005)
    >>>Housekeeping tax credit, physical or mental impairment, establishing, 4535(70:1205)
    >>>>See also Income Tax Act (amdt.--tax credit for mental or physical impairment)(Bill C-360)
    >>>Inequity, 8100(129:1145)
    >>>Medical expenses, refundable medical expense supplement, providing, petitions, 9712(157:1205)
    >>>See also Brison--References
    >>Integrating into society, S.O. 31, 4701-2(73:1415)
    >>Quebec provincial government attitude, programs, 12923(210:1035)
    >>Rights, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, provincial human rights codes, 12644(205:1010)
    >>Royal prerogative of mercy, upholding, M. (Lill), 6627-34(103:1210-300)
    >>>Dropped from Order Paper, 6634(103:1300)
    >>Services, inconsistent across country, 12644(205:1010)
    >>Tax credits
    >>>Definition of disabled, restrictive, impact, o.q. 10842(176:1500)
    >>>See also Disabled and handicapped persons--Income tax provisions
    >>Technology, research and development, government support, increase. Throne Speech statement, 11(2:1530)
    >>Witnesses, testifying see Justice system--Criminal proceedings, Witnesses
    >>Youth see Education
    >>See also Bland, Fay--Developmentally disabled persons; Canada Assistance Plan (CAP)--Liberal government (Chrétien); Canada Pension Plan--Disability benefits--Disability program; Education; Education, post-secondary; Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities National Report; Housing; Intellectual Disability Week; Para Transpo; Public Service--Enabling Resource Centre--Hiring policies; Reproductive and genetic technologies--Eugenics; Semaine Québécoise des Personnes Handicapées; Tourism industry--Grands Prix du tourisme québécois awards

Disabled veterans see Veterans' benefits/pensions

Disallowance power see Constitution

Disallowance procedure see Statutory instruments

Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangement Program see Ice Storm 1998--Ontario

Disaster relief funding

    >>Necessity, 278(7:1200)
    >>See also Farm income crisis; Floods--Manitoba--St. John's, NF

Disasters see Chernobyl nuclear disaster; Natural disasters

Discepola, Nick (Lib.--Vaudreuil--Soulanges)

    >>Canada-Italy Business Council, o.q., 8175(130:1455)
    >>Indian bands/reserves, o.q., 7i374(116:1435)
    >>Finance Standing Committee, 11091(181:1010)
    >>Nuclear fusion technology, S.O. 31, 11042(180:1405)
    >>Postal workers, petitions, 11886(194:1515)
    >>References, wife's illness, best wishes, 447(9:1655)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, S.O. 31, 5287(81:1410)
    >>Payment Clearing and Settlement Act (amdt.)(Bill S-40), 11091(181:1010)

Discipline see Children

Discovery Centre at the Normal School see Historic/heritage buildings, sites and monuments

Discrimination and racism

    >>Acceptance, teaching, 5856(90:1320), 5856(90:1330)
    >>Anti-racism conference, Prince George, BC, Multiculturalism Secretary of State Fry not attending, o.q., 4073(62:1435-40)
    >>Babra, Surjit, chairman and CEO of Skylink, Sikh, required to remove turban by security personnel at La Guardia Airport, condemning, S.O. 31, 7208(113:1110)
    >>Canadian prevention, excellence, 5858(90:1345)
    >>>Call for Action: Combatting Hate and Bias Activity, document, 5836(90:1055)
    >>>Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA), measures, 5836(90:1055)
    >>>Digital Hate 2002 program, Simon Wiesenthal Centre contribution, S.O. 31, 11554(188:1410)
    >>>Educating children, importance, 5858(90:1345)
    >>>Government measures, 5836(90:1055), 6290-1(96:1900-5)
    >>>International efforts, Stockholm International Forum, S.O. 31, 101(4:1400-5)
    >>>Measures, 5889(90:1725)
    >>Granger, Betty, Canadian Alliance candidate, comments re "Asian invasion", 415(9:1345)
    >>International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, Canada recognizing, qu., 7617(120:1520)
    >>Internet material, distribution, prohibiting, 227-8(6:1500-5)
    >>>Children, protecting, government measures, 7566(119:1455)
    >>>See also Clean Internet Act (Bill C-210)
    >>Islamic/Arab, visible minorities communities
    >>>M. (McDonough), agreed to, 5437(83:1200-5)
    >>>o.q., 5772(89:1440-5)
    >>>S.O. 31, 5426(83:1100), 7208(113:1110)
    >>>See also Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL)--Attiah; Terrorism/terrorist, combatting--Muslim communities; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
    >>Jewish-Muslim communities, hatred against, vandalism, etc., condemning, encouraging tolerance by all, S.O. 31, 10593-6(172:1055-1105), 10597(172:1110)
    >>March 21 see International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
    >>Merritt, BC, allegations of cross burning, Multiculturalism Department funding awareness workshops, o.q., 4843-4(75:1140)
    >>Montreal, QC, March 2000, International Women's Day, "radical feminists" burning crosses on steps of Notre Dame Cathedral, Multiculturalism Secretary of State Fry silence, 2542-3(39:1510)
    >>>o.q., 2537(39:1435-40), 2559-60(40:1135-40), 2563(40:1155)
    >>National consultation on racism, Multiculturalism Secretary of State Fry, attendance, requiring, o.q., 1105(20:1140)
    >>Prince George, BC, crosses being burned on lawns, Multiculturalism Secretary of State Fry statement, 2550(40:1045)
    >>>Apology, acceptance, letter from acting Mayor, Prince George, BC, 2177(35:1200)
    >>>>o.q., 2175(35:1150)
    >>>Fry, Multiculturalism Secretary of State, contacting Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) regarding racism incidences in British Columbia, o.q., 2229(36:1445-50), 2310(37:1455), 2433(38:1445), 2436(38:1455-500)
    >>>Inciting hatred against an identifiable group, o.q., 2435(38:1450)
    >>>Insult, withdrawal of statement requested, apology insincere, unacceptable, resignation demanded, 1986(33:1510), 2126-9(34:1505-20)
    >>>>o.q., 2121-2(34:1435-40), 2124-5(34:1450-5), 2173-5(35:1140-50), 2229(36:1445-50), 2231(36:1455-500), 2433-5(38:1445-50), 2437(38:1500), 2538-41(39:1445-55), 2559-61(40:1135-40), 3617(55:1155)
    >>>Jaffer lying to cover-up aide's impersonation during radio interview, comparison, o.q., 2437(38:1500), 2539(39:1450)
    >>>Letter from Mayor of Prince George, BC, tabling requested, 2106(34:1305)
    >>>>o.q., 2122(34:1440), 2125(34:1455), 2173(35:1140), 2230-1(36:1455), 2311(37:1500)
    >>>Meeting with Prince George City Council, apologizing in person, 2661-2(41:1910-5)
    >>>o.q., 1982(33:1445), 2537(39:1435)
    >>>Similar allegations relating to Kamloops, BC, proof, lack, o.q., 2330(36:1450), 2540(39:1450), 2559(40:1130-5)
    >>>Withdrawal, apology to House, 2010(33:1735-40), 2106(34:1300-5)
    >>>>o.q., 2230-1(36:1450)
    >>Prohibited grounds, Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, S.O. 31, 9750(158:1410)
    >>Sharpeville, South Africa, March 21, 1960 massacre, o.q., 1982(33:1450)
    >>Social conditions, poverty, grounds, Canadian Human Rights Commission, recommendation, 2566(40:1205), 2575-6(40:1315)
    >>>Eight provinces adopting, o.q., 3880(59:1450)
    >>>Grocery store supermarkets, gouging welfare recipients, example, o.q., 4988-9(77:1440-5)
    >>>LaForest, Justice Gérard, former Supreme Court justice, recommendation, 3880(59:1450)
    >>>>o.q., 4989(77:1445)
    >>>S.O. 31, 255(40:1115)
    >>Synagogue, vandalism/attack against, Middle East conflict, relationship, o.q., 10084(163:1415)
    >>United Nations World Conference on Racism, August 2001, Johannesburg, South Africa
    >>>Expenses, 5313(81:1715), 8861(142:1045)
    >>>Multiculturalism Secretary of State Fry, disgraced, representing Canada
    >>>>o.q., 2621(41:1455)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 2852(44:1405)
    >>See also Anti-Semitism; Automobile insurance--Senior citizens; Canadian Alliance--Holocaust deniers, racists and bigots; Collective agreements--"Orphan clauses"; Hate crime--Victims; Human Resources Development Department--Employment competition; Income tax--Families; Public Service--Employment opportunities/postings, Governor General's office--Hiring policies; Semaine d'action contre la racisme; United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks--Islamic/Arab communities

Disease see Gulf War Syndrome; Infectious diseases; Leukemia; Multiple chemical sensitivity; Post-traumatic stress syndrome; Species at risk (endangered species)--Deer mice

Disease prevention

    >>Developing countries, treatment, receiving, Canada, Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), pharmaceutical industry, partnership, measures, 3848(59:1120-5)
    >>Progress, achieving, government measures, Throne Speech statement, 13(2:1530)
    >>Research, Canadian Institutes of Health Research role, 13(2:1530)
    >>See also Aboriginal peoples/communities--Preventable diabetes and tuberculosis; Terrorism-/terrorists--Combatting

Disease testing see Blood--Taking of samples; Blood Samples Act (Bill C-217)

Disposable medical devices see Health care system

Distilleries and breweries

    >>Political donations see Alcoholic beverages--Pregnancy

Distinguished Budget Presentation Award see Richmond Hill, ON

Distinguished Retailer of the Year Award see Retail industry--Retail Council of Canada

Distinguished Service Award see Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians

Dividend income see Income tax

Divisions, recorded

    >>Acadians, apology, British Crown, presenting, M. (Bergeron), negatived, 7570(119:1525-40)
    >>>Amdt. (Dalphond-Guiral), negatived, 7569(119:1520-5)
    >>Alcoholic beverages, pregnancy, consumption during, fetal alcohol syndrome/fetal alcohol effects, warning labels on containers, necessity, M. (Wasylycia-Leis), agreed to, 3005-6(46:1905-15)
    >>Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-36)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 6311(97:1315)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>>Concurrence, with a further amdt., agreed to, 7601-2(119:2015-20)
    >>>>Motions, negatived, 7594-601(119:1910-2010)
    >>>Report stage and third reading, time allocation under S.O. 78(3), M. (Boudria), agreed to, on recorded division, 7537(119:1130)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 7634-5(120:1720-40)
    >>Appropriation Act No. 1, 2002-2003 (Bill C-52)
    >>>Estimates, 2002-2003, Main, Interim supply, concurrence, M. (Robillard), agreed to, 9864-5(159:1800-5)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 9865-6(159:1805)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 9867(159:1805)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 9868-9(159:1810)
    >>Appropriation Act No. 2, 2001-2002 (Bill C-29), third reading, agreed to, 5075-6(77:2235)
    >>Appropriation Act No. 2, 2002-2003 (Bill C-59)
    >>>Estimates, 2002-2003, Main, concurrence, except votes disposed of earlier today, less amounts voted in interim supply, M, (Robillard), agreed to, 12329-30(200:2245)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 12330-1(200:2245)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 12332-3(200:2250)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 12333-4(200:2250)
    >>Appropriation Act No. 3, 2001-2002 (Bill C-45)
    >>>Estimates, 2001-2002, Supplementary (A), concurrence, except votes disposed of earlier today, M. (Robillard), agreed to, 1953-4(32:1805-10)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 7871-2(124:1755)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 7873-4(124:1800)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 7874-5(124:1800)
    >>Appropriation Act No. 4, 2001-2002 (Bill C-51)
    >>>Estimates, 2001-2002, Supplementary (B), concurrence, except any vote disposed of earlier today, M. (Robillard), agreed to, 9859-60(159:1755)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 9860-1(159:1800)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 9862-3(159:1800)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 9863-4(159:1800)
    >>Assisted Human Reproduction Act (Bill C-56), second reading, agreed to, 11860-1(193:1745-55)
    >>Auberge Grand-Mère, funding controversy, inquiry, independent, need, M. on supply (Day), negatived, 2804-5(43:1755)
    >>>Amdt. (Meredith), negatived, 2803-4(43:1740-5)
    >>Blood Samples Act (Bill C-217), second reading, agreed to, 6220-2(95:1725-805)
    >>Border, Canada-United States, security, increasing, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) role, terrorism threat factor, etc., North American perimeter approach, United States Ambassador Paul Cellucci statement, M. on supply (Day), negatived, 6501-2(100:1715-45)
    >>Broadcasting Act (amdt.)(Bill S-7), second reading, agreed to, 8738-9(139:1755-805)
    >>Budget 2001, M. for approval (Martin, Paul), agreed to, 8471-3(134:1810-50)
    >>>Amdt. (Kenney), negatived, 8357-8(133:1815-45)
    >>>>Amdt. to amdt. (Loubier), negatived, 8202-3(130:1815-45)
    >>Budget Implementation Act, 1997 and Financial Administration Act (amdt.)(Bill C-17)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 3002-3(46:1900)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>>Concurrence, agreed to, 3824-5(58:1755-800)
    >>>>Motions, negatived, 3823-4(58:1730-55)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 4026-7(61:1905)
    >>Budget Implementation Act, 2001 (Bill C-49)
    >>>Ways and Means motion, concurrence, agreed to, 8487-8(135:1500-5)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 8953-4(143:1900)
    >>>>Amdt., six month's hence (White, T.), negatived, 8942-3(143:1830-900)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>>Concurrence, with further amdts., agreed to, 9505-6(153:1930)
    >>>>>Agreed to, 9500-1(153:1915-20), 9504-5(153:1930)
    >>>>>Negatived, 9499-500(153:1910-5), 9501-4(153:1920-30)
    >>>Report stage and third reading, time allocation under S.O. 78(3), M. (Goodale), 9447-54(153:1200-325), agreed to, 9453-4(153:1240-325)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 9787(158:1825-55)
    >>Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Bill C-32)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 5891-2(90:1800-5)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 6753-4(105:1730-800)
    >>Canada Elections Act and Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act (amdt.)(Bill C-9)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 1312-4(22:2335)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>>Concurrence, agreed to, 3001-2(46:1900)
    >>>>Motion, negatived, 2999-3001(46:1900)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 3422-3(52:1745-50)
    >>Canada Foundation for Sustainable Development Technology Act (Bill C-4)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 983-4(17:1800)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>>Concurrence, as amended, with a further amdt., agreed to, 2482-3(38:1815)
    >>>>Motions, negatived, 2477-82(38:1815)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 3004-5(46:1905)
    >>Canada Health and Social Transfer (CHST), Federal-provincial tax/fiscal imbalance, Quebec, etc., impact, M. on supply (Loubier), negatived, 9853-4(159:1755)
    >>Canada National Marine Conservation Areas Act (Bill C-10)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 4123-4(63:1730-55)
    >>>>Amdt., order for second reading discharged, bill withdrawn and subject-matter referred to Canadian Heritage Standing Committee (Girard-Bujold), negatived, 4027-8(61:1905-10)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>Concurrence, agreed to, 7020-1(110:1520)
    >>>>Agreed to, 7018-9(110:1515)
    >>>>Negatived, 7013-8(110:1505-15), 7019-20(110:1515-20)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 7566-7(119:1500-10), passed.
    >>>>Amdt. (Burton), negatived, 7379-80(116:1510)
    >>>>>Amdt. to amdt. (Mills, B.), negatived, 7378-9(116:1500-10)
    >>Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement/dispute, expiry of agreement, negotiations, establishing free trade, etc., Canadian position, free trade, etc., House supporting, M. on supply (Paquette), as amended, agreed to, 1938-9(32:1750)
    >>>Amdt. (Asselin), agreed to, 1937-8(32:1750)
    >>Canadian Commercial Corporation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-41), second reading, agreed to, 7340-1(115:1500-10)
    >>Canadian sovereignty, preserving, New Democratic Party 12-Point Plan to Save Canada, budgetary policy reflecting, M. on supply (McDonough), negatived, 9568(154:1805-10)
    >>Charities Registration (Security Information) Act (Bill C-16)
    >>>Standing Committee referral prior to second reading, M. (Boudria), agreed to, 3424(52:1750)
    >>Child abduction, stopping, international leadership, M. (Bigras), agreed to, 4304-5(66:1830-900)
    >>Child sexual abuse/assault/exploitation, protection against, legislation, requesting, M. on supply (Spencer), negatived, 10742-3(174:1745-55)
    >>>Amdt. (Kenney), negatived, 10741-2(174:1710-45)
    >>Computer hackers, computer viruses, creating, spreading, criminal offence, M. (Pankiw), negatived, 7570-1(119:1540)
    >>Contraventions Act and Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (amdt.--marijuana)(Bill C-344)
    >>>Second reading, as amended, agreed to, 10525(170:1825)
    >>>>Amdt. (Maloney), agreed to, 10524-5(170:1750-1825)
    >>Criminal Code (amdt.--cruelty to animals and firearms) and Firearms Act (amdt.)(Bill C-15B)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, with further amdts., agreed to, 10167-8(164:1825-30)
    >>>>Motions, negatived, 10163-7(164:1755-825)
    >>>Third reading
    >>>>Amdt. (Toews)
    >>>>>Amdt. to amdt. (Hilstrom), negatived, 10749(174:1830)
    >>>>Time allocation under S.O. 78(3), M. (Boudria), agreed to, 12030-1(197:1405)
    >>Criminal Code (amdt.--organized crime and law enforcement)(Bill C-24), third reading, agreed to, 5110-1(78:1740-50)
    >>Criminal Law Amendment Act, 2001 (Bill C-15A)
    >>>Senate amendments, concurrence/disagreement, M. (Cauchon), agreed to, 10746-7(174:1810-5)
    >>>>Amdt. (Harris), negatived, 10745-6(174:1810)
    >>Customs Act (amdt.)(Bill S-23)
    >>>Second reading, amdt. (Jaffer), negatived, 5577-8(85:1745-50)
    >>>Report stage, motions (Bergeron), negatived, 6502-3(100:1745-50)
    >>Drinking water, national standards, Safe Water Act, enshrining in, M. on supply (Herron), as amended, agreed to, 3768-9(57:1750)
    >>>Amdt. (Charbonneau), agreed to, 3767-8(57:1745)
    >>>>Amdt. to amdt. (Marceau), negatived, 3765-7(57:1715-45)
    >>Eldorado Nuclear Limited Reorganization and Divestiture Act and Petro-Canada Public Participation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-3), third reading, agreed to, 3423-4(52:1750)
    >>Employment Insurance Act and the Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations (amdt.)(Bill C-2)
    >>>Second reading
    >>>>Agreed to, 638-9(12:1850)
    >>>>Time allocation under S.O. 78(3), M. (Boudria), agreed to, 567-9(12:1010-55)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>>Concurrence, agreed to, 2658-9(41:1900)
    >>>>Motions, negatived, 2653-8(41:1825-900)
    >>Estimates, 2000-2001, Supplementary (A)
    >>>Canadian Heritage Department
    >>>>Vote 1a (operating expenditures), agreed to, 1946-7(32:1805)
    >>>>Vote 5a (grants), agreed to, 1947-8(32:1805)
    >>>Concurrence, except votes disposed of earlier today, M. (Robillard), agreed to, 1943-4(32:1805-10)
    >>>Foreign Affairs and International Trade Department
    >>>>Vote 1a (operating expenditures), agreed to, 1943-3(32:1805)
    >>>>Vote 5a (capital expenditures), agreed to, 1944-5(32:1805)
    >>>>Vote 10a (grants), agreed to, 1945-6(32:1805)
    >>>Indian Affairs and Northern Development Department
    >>>>Vote 5a (Indian and Inuit Affairs Program), agreed to, 1951-2(32:1805)
    >>>>Vote 15a (Indian and Inuit Affairs Program), agreed to, 1952-3(32:1805)
    >>>Justice Department
    >>>>Vote 1a (operating expenditures), agreed to, 1949-50(32:1805)
    >>>>Vote 5a (grants and contributions), agreed to, 1950-1(32:1805)
    >>>Privy Council Office, vote 1a (program expenditures), agreed to, 1948-9(32:1805)
    >>>Public Works and Government Services Department, Vote 15a (Canada Information Office - program expenditures), agreed to, 1941-2(32:1805)
    >>Estimates, 2001-2002, Main, Health Department, Vote 1 (operating expenditures), agreed to, 5056-7(77:2200-30)
    >>Estimates, 2001-2002, Supplementary (A)
    >>>Concurrence, M. (Robillard), agreed to, 7870-1(124:1755)
    >>>Environment Department, Vote 10a (grants and contributions), agreed to, 7856-7(124:1750)
    >>>Justice Department, Vote 1a (operating expenditures), agreed to, 7865-6(124:1745-50)
    >>>Natural Resources Department, Vote 10a (grants and contributions), agreed to, 7867-8(124:1750)
    >>>Privy Council Office
    >>>>Vote 1a (program expenditures), agreed to, 7862-3(124:1745)
    >>>>Vote 10a (Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat - program expenditures), agreed to, 7863-4(124:1745)
    >>>>Vote 30a (Millennium Bureau of Canada - operating expenditures), 7859(124:1715), agreed to, 7860-1(124:1745)
    >>>>Vote 35a (Millennium Bureau of Canada - contributions), agreed to, 7861-2(124:1745)
    >>>Public Works and Government Services Department, Vote 15a (Communication Canada - program expenditures), agreed to, 7864-5(124:1745)
    >>>Solicitor General Department, Vote 10a (Canadian Security Intelligence Service - program expenditures), agreed to, 7868-70(124:1750-5)
    >>2001-2002, Supplementary (B)
    >>>Concurrence, except any vote disposed of earlier today, agreed to, 9859-60(159:1755)
    >>>Industry Department, Vote 5b (grants and contributions), agreed to, 9854-5(159:1755)
    >>>Privy Council Office, Vote 1b (program expenditures), agreed to, 9858-9(159:1755)
    >>>Public Works and Government Services Department
    >>>>Vote 1b (operating expenditures), agreed to, 9855-6(159:1755)
    >>>>Vote 5b (capital expenditures), agreed to, 9856-7(159:1755)
    >>>>Vote 15b (Communications Canada - program expenditures), agreed to, 9857-8(159:1755)
    >>Estimates, 2002-2003, Main
    >>>Citizenship and Immigration Department, vote 10 (Immigration and Refugee Board - program expenditures), agreed to, 12326-7(200:2245)
    >>>Concurrence, except votes disposed of earlier today, less amounts voted in interim supply, M. (Robillard), agreed to, 12329-30(200:2245)
    >>>Foreign Affairs and International Trade Department, vote 10 (grants and contributions), agreed to, 12325-6(200:2245)
    >>>Interim supply, concurrence, M. (Robillard), agreed to, 9864-5(159:1800-5)
    >>>Justice Department
    >>>>Vote 1 (operating expenditures), agreed to, 12327-8(200:2245)
    >>>>Vote 5 (grants and contributions), agreed to, 12328-9(200:2245)
    >>>Privy Council Office
    >>>>Vote 1 (program expenditures), concurrence, M. (Robillard), agreed to, 12322-4(200:2235-40)
    >>>>Vote 20 (Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat - program expenditures), agreed to, 12324-5(200:2240-5)
    >>Ethics Counsellor, independence, appointment after consultation with leaders of all parties in the House of Commons and will report directly to Parliament, M. on supply (Day), negatived, 637-8(12:1850)
    >>Excise Act, 2001 (Bill C-47)
    >>>Ways and Means Motion, concurrence, agreed to, 7904-5(125:1505-15)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 11580-2(188:1800)
    >>>>Amdt., six months' hence (Picard), negatived, 11052(180:15000-15)
    >>Export Development Act (amdt.(Bill C-31)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 5893-4(90:1805-10)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 6755-7(105:1800-5)
    >>Farm Credit Corporation Act (amdt.)(Bill C-25)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 3426-7(52:1755)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 4815-6(74:1755-800)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 4940-1(76:1830-900), passed.
    >>Farm income crisis, $400 million, additional, M. on supply (Day), negatived, 1940-1(32:1755-805)
    >>>Amdt. (Hilstrom), negatived, 1939-40(32:1750)
    >>Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act (amdt.)(Bill C-18)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 2659-60(41:1905)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 3769-71(57:1750)
    >>Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Act (Bill C-8)
    >>>Ways and Means motion, concurrence, agreed to, 335(7:1830)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 639-41(12:1855)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>>Concurrence, agreed to, 2475-6(38:1810)
    >>>>Motions, negatived, 2460-75(38:1730-810)
    >>Food and Drugs Act (amdt.--genetically modified food)(Bill C-287), second reading, negatived, 6283(96:1740-815)
    >>Foreign aid, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) percentage, increasing, M. on supply (Tremblay, Stéphan), agreed to, 6754-5(105:1800)
    >>Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act (amdt.)(Bill C-35)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 6504-5(100:1750)
    >>>>Question be now put, M. (Bulte), agreed to, 6503-4(100:1750)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>>Concurrence, agreed to, 7343-4(115:1515)
    >>>>M. (Lalonde), negatived, 7342-3(115:1510-5)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 7877-8(124:1805)
    >>>>Amdt. (Pallister), negatived, 7567-8(119:1510-20)
    >>>>Question be now put, M. (Carroll), agreed to, 7875-6(124:1800-5)
    >>Free Trade Area of the Americas, Parliament, role, House of Commons debating, voting on, draft agreement
    >>>House of Commons debating and voting on before Canadian ratification, M. on supply (Paquette), negatived, 981-3(17:1750-800)
    >>>M. on supply (Paquette), amdt. (Loubier), negatived, 3079-80(47:1715-45)
    >>Greenhouse gas emissions (climate change/global warming), reducing, Kyoto protocol, Canadian commitment, etc., Canada not ratify protocol, M. on supply (Mills, B.), negatived, 9852-3(159:1720-55)
    >>Health care funding, federal government share, M. on supply (Ménard), negatived, 9016-7(144:1710-40)
    >>House of Commons, adjournment (summer recess), M. (Boudria), agreed to, 5111-2(78:1750-800)
    >>House of Commons proceedings, questions raised in House, responses, letters of instruction from Government House Leader/Clerk of Privy Council to ministers/deputy ministers (Thompson, G.), called and transferred for debate, negatived, 9890-1(160:1505-15)
    >>Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Bill C-11)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 1314-5(22:2335)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>Concurrence, agreed to, 4621-2(71:1915)
    >>>>Agreed to, 4611-3(71:1910)
    >>>>Negatived, 4613-21(71:1910-5)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 5109-10(78:1715-40)
    >>Income tax
    >>>Provincial income tax, federal government collecting, $3.3 billion overpayments to provinces, impact, government response, etc. (Penson), negatived, 12321-2(200:1225-35)
    >>>>Amdt. (Loubier), negatived, 12320-1(200:2200-25)
    >>>Tax points, transferring to provinces, first ministers conference, calling, M. on supply (Dubé), negatived, 4607-9(71:1905)
    >>>>Amdt. (Paquette), negatived, 4606-7(71:1830-900)
    >>Income Tax Act (amdt.--deduction of expenses incurred by a mechanic for tools required in employment)(Bill C-222), second reading, negatived, 4377-8(67:1740-50)
    >>Income Tax Act (amdt.--public transportation costs)(Bill C-209), second reading, agreed to, 6222-3(95:1805-20)
    >>Income Tax Amendments Act, 2000 (Bill C-22)
    >>>Ways and Means motion, concurrence, agreed to, 1960-1(32:1830)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 3003-4(46:1900-5)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 4025-6(61:1900-5)
    >>International Boundary Waters Treaty Act (amdt.)(Bill C-6)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 3771-2(57:1750-5)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 4622-3(71:1920)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 5889-90(90:1730-800)
    >>Judges Act (amdt.)(Bill C-12), second reading, agreed to, 2260-1(36:1840)
    >>Marine Liability Act (Bill S-2), report stage
    >>>Concurrence, agreed to, 3775-6(57:1755-800)
    >>>Motions, negatived, 3772-5(57:1755)
    >>Motor Vehicle Transport Act, 1987 (amdt.)(Bill S-3), third reading, agreed to, 4941-2(76:1900)
    >>National Horse of Canada Act (Bill S-22)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 8954-5(143:1900-10)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 10743-4(174:1755-1810)
    >>National sex offender registry
    >>>Establishing, M. on supply (White, R.), as amended, agreed to, 1621-2(27:1750)
    >>>Legislation, Justice and Human Rights Standing Committee drafting, M. on supply (White, R.), negatived, 8737-8(139:1755)
    >>>>Amdt. (MacKay), negatived, 8736-7(139:1715-45)
    >>Nuclear Fuel Waste Act (Bill C-27)
    >>>Ways and Means motion, concurrence, agreed to, 3008-9(46:1915)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 5890-1(90:1800)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 7882-3(124:1810-5)
    >>>>Motions, negatived, 7878-82(124:1805-10)
    >>>Third reading, 9282-3(149:1800)
    >>Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal Act (Bill C-33), Senate amdts., second reading, concurrence, agreed to, 10461-2(169:1500)
    >>Parliament of Canada Act (amdt.--Parliamentary Poet Laureate)(Bill S-10), third reading, agreed to, 8130-1(129:1500-15)
    >>Parliament of Canada Act, Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act and Salaries Act (amdt.)(Bill C-28)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 4688-9(72:1805)
    >>>>Amdt. (Reynolds), negatived, 4687-8(72:1750-5)
    >>>>>Amdt. to amdt. (MacKay), negatived, 4685-6(72:1745)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 1820(73:1820-5)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 4812-3(74:1755)
    >>>>Amdt. (Day), negatived, 4811-2(74:1745)
    >>Patent Act (amdt.)(Bill S-17)
    >>>Second reading, agreed to, 4023-5(61:1830-900)
    >>>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 4609-10(71:1905)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 4813-5(74:1755)
    >>Pest Control Products Act (Bill C-53)
    >>Report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 12490-1(202:2135)
    >>>Motions, agreed to, 12488-90(202:2130-5)
    >>Privilege, prima facie
    >>>Goodale (contempt of Parliament), Member suspended from service of House until appearance before Bar of House to apologize for his action to the satisfaction of the Speaker, M. (Goodale), amdt. (Reynolds), 10658(173:1530), negatived, 10747-8(174:1815-25)
    >>>Pallister (false/misleading statements), Procedure and House Affairs Standing Committee referral, M. (Pallister)
    >>>>Amdt. (Keddy), negatived, 8831-2(141:1510-5)
    >>>>Debate be now adjourned, M. (DeVillers), agreed to, 8627-8(138:1240)
    >>>Debate be now adjourned, M. (Harris), negatived, 10547-8(171:1235-315)
    >>>House do now adjourn, M. (Lanctot), agreed to, 2543-4(39:1555)
    >>>Member be now heard, M. (Skelton), negatived, 10546(171:1145-220)
    >>>Orders of the Day, proceeding to
    >>>>M. (Lee), agreed to, 4631-2(72:1045), 4756(74:1120)
    >>>>M. (Regan), agreed to, 7132-3(112:1030-115), 7933-4(126:1035-1120), 8526-7(136:1100-45), 9233(149:1130), 10544-5(171:1100-40), 12638(205:1035-1120), 12813-4(208:1035-1120)
    >>Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) Act (amdt.)(Bill S-16), report stage, concurrence, agreed to, 4610-1(71:1905-10)
    >>Public Safety Act, 2002 (Bill C-55), second reading, amdt. (Moore), amdt. to amdt. (Bigras), negatived, 11579-80(188:1730-800)
    >>Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, death, March 20, 2002, Message of condolence, M. (Chrétien), agreed to, 10093(163:1510-20)
    >>>Amdt. (Lalonde), negatived, 10092(163:1510)
    >>Sir John A. Macdonald Day and the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Day Act (Bill S-14), third reading, agreed to, 9016-7(144:1740-50)
    >>Species at Risk Act (Bill C-5), second reading, agreed to, 1959-60(32:1820-30)
    >>Specific Claims Resolution Act (Bill C-60), second reading, agreed to, 12885(209:1510)
    >>Standing Orders, 76(5) and 76.1(5), amending
    >>>M. (Boudria), agreed to, 1311-2(22:2330)
    >>>>Amdt. (Epp), negatived, 1310-1(22:2330)
    >>>>Closure under S.O. 57, M. (Boudria), agreed to, 1249-51(22:1505-50)
    >>Strychnine, farmers obtaining, banning, effects, M. for Production of Papers (Benoit), agreed to, 7884-5(124:1815-25)
    >>Supply, Procedure and House Affairs Standing Committee (36th Parl., 1st Sess.), 51st report (The Business of Supply: Completing the Circle of Control), implementing, M. (Williams), 5741-9(89:1100-200), 7401-8(116:1740-835), 9124-30(146:1730-815), agreed to, 9566-7(154:1730-800)
    >>Throne Speech, Address in Reply, M. (Macklin), agreed to, 641-2(12:1855-900)
    >>>Amdt. (Day), negatived, 333-5(7:1800-30)
    >>>>Amdt. to amdt. (Duceppe), negatived, 141-2(4:1815)
    >>Tobacco Tax Amendments Act, 2001 (Bill C-26), Ways and Means motion, concurrence, agreed to, 3006-8(46:1915)
    >>Trade, United States, United States protectionism, Canadian agriculture/lumber industries, damage, M. on supply (Duncan), negatived, 11859-60(193:1715-45)
    >>Trade agreements, investor-state dispute settlement provisions similar to North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), not signing if included, M. on supply (McDonough), negatived, 3420-1(52:1745)
    >>>Amdt. (Robinson), negatived, 3419-20(52:1715-45)
    >>United States, September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
    >>>M. on supply (Clark), 6050-69(94:1125-355), 6086-108(94:1545-830), as amended, agreed to, 6108-9(94:1835-905)
    >>>United States response, Canadian Armed Forces participation in offensive action, House of Commons, prior consultation, M. on supply (Gauthier), negatived, 5576-7(85:1745)
    >>>>Amdt. (Bachand, A.), negatived, 5575-6(85:1715-40)
    >>Youth Criminal Justice Act (Bill C-7)
    >>>Second reading
    >>>>Agreed to, 2259-60(36:1810-40)
    >>>>Time allocation under S.O. 78(3), M. (Boudria), agreed to, 2209-10(36:1210-55)
    >>>Report stage
    >>>>Concurrence, agreed to, 4307-8(66:1915)
    >>>>Motions, negatived, 4305-7(66:1900-10)
    >>>Report stage and third reading, time allocation under S.O. 78(3), M. (Boudria), agreed to, 4252-3(66:1200-45)
    >>>Third reading, agreed to, 4376-7(67:1715-40)
    >>>Senate amdt., concurrence
    >>>>Agreed to, 8676-7(138:1920)
    >>>>Time allocation under S.O. 78(3), M. (Goodale), agreed to, 8633(138:1340)
    >>>>Amdt. (Bellehumeur), negatived, 8675-6(138:1915)
    >>See also Procedure


    >>Child access, grandparents' rights, recognition, 4850(75:1215), 10862(176:1735)
    >>>Petitions, 1170(21:1515), 3450(52:1505)
    >>>S.O. 31, 9579(155:1410)
    >>>See also Divorce Act (amdt.--right of spouses' parents to access to or custody of child)(Bill C-383)
    >>Child access, right of sex offenders, limits, Lisa's Law, 6086(94:1540)
    >>>S.O. 31, 6191(95:1400)
    >>>See also Divorce Act (amdt.--limit on rights of child access by sex offenders)(Bill C-400)
    >>Child custody, grandparents' applying for, without leave of court, 6672(104:1520)
    >>>See also Divorce Act (amdt.--custody of grandchildren)(Bill C-406)
    >>Child custody, joint custody
    >>>Automatic unless evidence exists that it is not in the best interests of the child, 261(7:1015), 290(7:1325), 1121-9(20:1330-420)
    >>>>See also Divorce Act (amdt.--joint custody)(Bill C-237)
    >>>Income tax deductions, proportional, 5517(85:1005), 7922-3(125:1730-5)
    >>>>See also Income Tax Act (amdt.--support payments)(Bill C-397)
    >>>Parenting education, introducing, 10866(176:1810)
    >>>Relocation of custodial parent, judicial permission, 10862-3(176:1740)
    >>>Shared parenting, 11997(196:1205)
    >>>>See also Divorce Act (amdt.--shared parenting)(Bill C-469)
    >>Child support/custody/access, laws
    >>>For the Sake of the Child, Child Custody and Access Arrangements Special Joint Committee (36th Parl., 1st Sess.), recommendations, implementation
    >>>>Federal-provincial consultations, 10864-5(176:1750-1805)
    >>>>>o.q., 3569(54:1450), 4531(70:1145)
    >>>>M-329 (Strahl), 10861-8(176:1730-1825)
    >>>>>Dropped from Order Paper, 10868(176:1825)
    >>>>o.q., 2971(46:1455), 3054-5(47:1435), 9301-2(150:1455-500), 10938(178:1450-5)
    >>>>Petitions, 883(16:1515)
    >>>>S.O. 31, 11297(184:1410), 12873(209:1400)
    >>>Joint parenting proposal, 10862-4(176:1735-50), 10866-7(176:1805-15)
    >>>>Legislation, requesting, o.q., 3569(54:1450)
    >>>>McLellan, Justice Minister, position, o.q., 3055(47:1440)
    >>>Modernizing, best interest of child criteria, 275(7:1140), 289-90(7:1320-5), 330(7:1740), 10861(176:1730), 10867(176:1815-20)
    >>>>o.q., 4400(68:1440-5)
    >>>>Throne Speech commitment, 13(2:1530)
    >>>Problems, financial pressures, Darrin White, suicide, 10861-2(176:1730)
    >>Children, best interests, ensuring
    >>>M. (Hill, J.), 6891-9(108:1210-305)
    >>>>Dropped from Order Paper, 6899(108:1310)
    >>>S.O. 31, 9880(160:1410)
    >>>See also Divorce--Child custody, Modernizing
    >>Costs, high, 3972-3(61:1300)
    >>Non-adversarial marital separation code, establishing, petitions, 1837(31:1510), 2624(41:1505), 4713(73:1520)

Divorce Act (amdt.--child of the marriage)(Bill C-334)--Gallaway

    >>First reading, 2819-20(44:1005)
    >>Second reading, 11325-32(184:1730-825), agreed to, 11332(184:1825)
    >>Justice and Human Rights Standing Committee
    >>>Referral, 11332(184:1825)
    >>See also Child support payments--Post-secondary education expenses

Divorce Act (amdt.--custody of grandchildren)(Bill C-406)--MacKay

    >>First reading, 6672(104:1520)
    >>See also Divorce--Child custody

Divorce Act (amdt.--joint custody)(Bill C-237)--Hill, J.

    >>First reading, 261(7:1015)
    >>Second reading, 1121-9(20:1330-420)
    >>>Dropped from Order Paper, 1129(20:1420)
    >>See also Divorce--Child custody

Divorce Act (amdt.--limit on rights of child access by sex offenders)(Bill C-400)--Mills, B.

    >>First reading, 6086(94:1540)
    >>See also Divorce--Child access

Divorce Act (amdt.--right of spouses' parents to access to or custody of child)(Bill C-383)--Harb

    >>First reading, 4850(75:1215)
    >>See also Divorce--Child access, grandparent rights

Divorce Act (amdt.--shared parenting)(Bill C-469)--Hill, J.

    >>First reading, 11997(196:1205)
    >>See also Divorce--Child custody

Diwali Festival

    >>Hindu festival of light, celebrating, S.O. 31, 7089(111:1410)

DNA/DNA therapies see Reproductive and genetic technologies

DNA evidence databank

    >>Creation, success to date, increased public safety, etc., 374(8:1750), 1581(27:1305)
    >>>o.q., 828(15:1155)
    >>Ex parte applications, 1603(27:1515)
    >>Legislation, flawed, o.q., 7613(120:1500)
    >>Warrants issued, schedule of offences, 1603(27:1515)
    >>See also Criminals--Suspects; National sex offender registry--Information contained; Sex offenders/pedophiles