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ENVI Committee Meeting

Notices of Meeting include information about the subject matter to be examined by the committee and date, time and place of the meeting, as well as a list of any witnesses scheduled to appear. The Evidence is the edited and revised transcript of what is said before a committee. The Minutes of Proceedings are the official record of the business conducted by the committee at a sitting.

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[Recorded by Electronic Apparatus]

Thursday, October 5, 2000

• 0915


The Clerk of the Committee: Honourable members, I see a quorum.

Pursuant to Standing Order 106(1), your first order of business is the election of a chair. I'm ready to receive motions to that effect.

Mr. Knutson.

Mr. Gar Knutson (Elgin—Middlesex—London, Lib.): I'll move that it be Mr. Caccia.

The Clerk: It's moved by Mr. Knutson that Mr. Caccia be elected chair of the committee. Is it the pleasure of the committee to accept the motion?

Some hon. members: Agreed.

(Motion agreed to)

The Clerk: I therefore invite Mr. Caccia to take the chair.

The Chair (Mr. Charles Caccia (Davenport, Lib.)): I would like to thank the mover and the committee for the support they have shown, and I indicate that I will try to live up to your expectations, if at all possible. I look forward to the work ahead that we have with the endangered species legislation, which, as you know, is very much in demand by Canadians, judging from the number of postcards we receive daily.

We'll proceed quickly with the organization of the committee by now calling the item that relates to the two vice-chairs.

Are there any nominations for vice-chair? Madam Carroll, please.

Ms. Aileen Carroll (Barrie—Simcoe—Bradford, Lib.): Mr. Chair, I would like to nominate Karen Kraft Sloan for vice-chair. She is not here, but we feel....

The Chair: Okay, thank you. That motion is received. This would be for the first vice-chair, I presume. Are there any other nominations for the first vice-chair?

Madame Girard-Bujold wants the floor, so I have to recognize her.


Ms. Jocelyne Girard-Bujold (Jonquière, BQ): I do not wish to be recognized at this time.

The Chair: Then we can proceed to vote on Ms. Carroll's motion.


(Motion agreed to)

The Chair: We now have the election of the second vice-chair. Are there any nominations? Madame Girard-Bujold.


Ms. Jocelyne Girard-Bujold: I move that Mr. Rahim Jaffer be elected second vice-chair.


The Chair: The motion has been put.

Madame Redman.

Mrs. Karen Redman (Kitchener Centre, Lib.): Mr. Chairman, are we done with the routine proceedings?

The Chair: No, not yet. We have a motion made by Madame Girard-Bujold for the election of the second vice-chair in the person of Mr. Jaffer.

(Motion agreed to)

The Chair: The committee has already decided the order of witnesses and the hearings that may, I understand, take place when we come back on the week of the 16th. There has been an indication of a willingness on the part of committee members to start on Monday, that day, and the clerk will proceed as instructed by the committee.

• 0920

Now, we have on the agenda an item related to Madame Girard-Bujold and Madame Redman.

Mrs. Karen Redman: Mr. Chairperson, I would move a motion to adjourn. I have already been approached by several committee members. I know there is clause-by-clause going on in some committees, as well as the formation of other committees. Members are required elsewhere, so I would ask for the committee's consideration to adjourn at this point.

The Chair: That takes precedence, I presume.

The Clerk: It's non-votable and non-debatable, Mr. Chairman.

The Chair: The clerk informs us that the motion to adjourn is non-debatable and non-votable.

The Clerk: Excuse me, it's just non-debatable, Mr. Chairman. It's immediately votable.

The Chair: Non-debatable, yes, of course.

I will have to give precedence to Madam Redman's motion. I unfortunately cannot recognize Madam Girard-Bujold because of the rules that say a motion of this nature is non-debatable.

(Motion agreed to)

The Chair: This meeting is adjourned.