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Strategic Objectives and Major Initiatives

Strategic Objectives

Four strategic objectives will guide the activities of the House Administration during the 40th Parliament, providing a framework for its activities in support of Members.

Major Initiatives

In support of its four strategic objectives, the House Administration has identified a series of major initiatives.

To respond to the evolving role of Members and the institution

  • Supporting the evolution of parliamentary practices and rules
  • Improving Members' access to parliamentary information
  • Facilitating the involvement and awareness of Canadians about their Parliament and the parliamentary process

To enhance ongoing services to Members and sustain the institution

  • Advancing the long-term vision and plan to rehabilitate heritage buildings and grounds, and provide additional parliamentary accommodations
  • Providing a flexible technology infrastructure to respond to the needs of Members and the institution
  • Ensuring the guardianship of the institution

To promote understanding and support the advancement of legislative institutions

  • Ensuring the availability of up-to-date information on parliamentary procedure
  • Providing learning opportunities for parliamentarians and legislative officials from jurisdictions in Canada and abroad
  • Increasing public awareness and sustaining the independence and traditions of the House of Commons

To apply the highest standards of public sector governance in a parliamentary context

  • Promoting strong stewardship and effective management of public resources
  • Attracting, engaging and retaining our talent
  • Strengthening environmental practices
  • Supporting an integrated approach to information management


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