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The House of Commons: Report to Canadians 2015

Report to Canadians 2015

Year in Review

As Speaker of the House of Commons, I am proud to present the Report to Canadians 2015 for the 2014–2015 fiscal year. This report, the last one of the 41st Parliament, is a companion piece to the Strategic Outlook for the 41st Parliament, which presents the plans and priorities that were established to meet the House of Commons' core strategic objectives.

Updated annually, the Report to Canadians provides an overview of the accomplishments realized by Members of Parliament and highlights the key role of the House Administration in supporting the work of Members and of the institution.

In my role as Speaker, it is my duty to maintain order in the Chamber and to ensure that parliamentary rules and traditions are observed. I also chair the Board of Internal Economy, which oversees all administrative and financial policy matters affecting the House of Commons.  

This report allows Canadians to better understand the Members’ roles and responsibilities, the way in which the House of Commons functions, and the mandate of the House Administration. To find out more about Canada's 308 elected representatives, please refer to the Members’ Snapshot section. The Members’ Activities section provides a look at what Members have accomplished in the Chamber, in committees and on the world stage in the past year. The Performance Review section contains information on the House Administration's strategic objectives, while expenditure details can be found in the Financial Review section.

This reporting period has been marked by the tragic events of October 22, 2014. Since this time, extensive steps have been taken with our security partners from the Senate and the RCMP to increase interoperability between the security partners, enhance our security posture and ensure that the grounds of Parliament remain open and secure.

Important strides have also been made towards our commitment to improve transparency in the work of Members of Parliament. The Board of Internal Economy has approved changes to the way in which data is collected and presented in the Members’ Expenditure Report, to ensure that more details are disclosed to Canadians. The report is now published quarterly on the Parliament of Canada Web site.

I am also pleased to confirm that, as part of the ongoing work under the Long Term Vision and Plan, the Sir John A. Macdonald Building was officially transferred to the House of Commons in June and will be ready for use in the fall of 2015. Additionally, construction continues on the rehabilitation of the West Block and the Wellington Building. With the implementation of the Fair Representation Act, work to expand the Chamber and prepare office space for the increase from 308 to 338 Members also continued throughout 2015.

On behalf of all Members and the House Administration, I invite you to consult this report and I hope you will find great interest in reading about the inner workings of the House of Commons.

Andrew Scheer, M.P.
Speaker of the House of Commons

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Photo of Andrew Scheer, M.P. Speaker of the House of Commons

Year in Review

The Report to Canadians is an opportunity for the House Administration to focus on the achievements of the past year and to help Canadians learn more about its current activities.

As Acting Clerk of the House of Commons, my role includes advising the Speaker and Members of Parliament on the interpretation of parliamentary rules, precedents and practices in a discreet and impartial manner.

My duties also include ensuring the sound management of the House Administration. In that role, I chair the Clerk's Management Group (CMG), which is made up of representatives from all service areas of the House of Commons. This experienced team is responsible for making recommendations to the Speaker and the Board of Internal Economy regarding the strategic directions, priorities, human and financial resources, and policies governing the House Administration.

The second session of the 41st Parliament was an unprecedented one and was particularly difficult on several fronts, especially following the events of October 22, 2014. Despite the increased complexity of its work and operations, the House Administration demonstrated remarkable adaptability, flexibility and openness throughout this period. The Administration forged ahead with planned activities, including one that I am especially proud of: the Employee Engagement Survey. One of the key messages that came out of this survey was the undeniable pride that employees take in working for the House of Commons and serving the Parliament of Canada.

In the Performance Review section of this report, you will find that considerable effort was made to facilitate and enhance access to parliamentary information, both for Members and for Canadians. As an example, the Parliament of Canada Web site ( was updated to incorporate new features to refine searches on interventions by individual Members of Parliament and to view the House of Commons seating plan.

Over the course of the coming fiscal year, we will experience a period of significant change. Occupancy planning for the Sir John A. Macdonald Building—which will house ceremonial functions for parliamentarians and is a Long Term Vision and Plan milestone—is well under way. The addition of 30 Members of Parliament following the next federal election will create operational challenges that each House Administration service area is ready to address. Moreover, the integration of the House, Senate and RCMP security services on Parliament Hill is transforming work relations with our key parliamentary partners and will have us broadening our perspectives on security issues. We are shaping our future in new and inventive ways.

I encourage you to take a look at this report, which provides a glimpse into the work that was accomplished over the last year by the House Administration to support Canada's Members of Parliament.

Marc Bosc
Acting Clerk of the House of Commons

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Photo of Marc Bosc. Acting Clerk of the House of Commons