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From reaching out and engaging Canadians to representing Canada abroad, from sitting on committees to participating in debates in the Chamber, Members of Parliament uphold the values that citizens cherish and help shape the future of this nation. They represent Canadians by presenting the concerns of citizens in a national forum. They serve Canada on the world stage by meeting with other parliamentarians to discuss trade, democracy and other issues.

Photo of the Speaker's Chair and the Table of Officers

Photo: © House of Commons / Chris Diotte

The "Outreach Profiles" featured throughout this annual report illustrate how Members, with the support of the House Administration, are helping to strengthen democracy by giving citizens opportunities to learn more about how their Parliament works and how they can contribute. Outreach encompasses a range of initiatives, including internships, cooperative placements and ventures, a study program, as well as the national Page Program.

The House of Commons Administration has continued to emphasize service delivery by finding new tools and ways of working. Innovations in how vital parliamentary information is accessed and shared, measures to ensure that the people and infrastructure are in place to provide the best possible service to Members, and investing in a talent management model to ensure that skilled workers are both attracted and retained by this institution-these are among the key initiatives undertaken by the House Administration. Not only do these efforts respond to existing requirements of Members and the public, they also help to ensure that needs will continue to be met in this evolving workplace.

The House of Commons has a proud tradition of serving Canadians. Over the coming year, Members will continue to serve citizens with the support of the House Administration