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In Conclusion

The House of Commons is a vibrant forum, where issues that affect the daily lives of Canadians are debated and decided. The activities described in this report offer a glimpse of the range of subjects dealt with over the year, and the many paths that Members follow in the course of their work, from the Commons Chamber and their Hill and constituency offices, to meetings across Canada and around the world.

The House of Commons is also a place that offers Canadians a variety of opportunities to participate in the parliamentary process. Whether watching debates in the Chamber galleries or on television, meeting with Members of Parliament or submitting petitions to be tabled in the House, Canadians are able to express their ideas and have them represented in a national meeting place. This direct link to democracy has helped to make our parliamentary system the envy of many nations. It is a system that has evolved over time and will continue to change to meet the needs of a modern society. Behind the scenes, the House Administration will continue to support Members, employing their skills and experience to strengthen the institution.