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The Pages

2016-2017 Cohort

Congratulations to this year’s group of Pages!

Photograph: Swearing-In Ceremony for the Pages of 2016-2017
Photo taken on September 12, 2016, at the Swearing-In Ceremony in the Speaker’s Salon in Centre Block.

*** Names are listed from left to right.

Back Row:
Cameron Robertson-Gillis (NS), Maxime Lamoureux (ON), Jacob Allison (BC), Isabella Carlyle (BC), Kathleen Carter (SK), Aidan Guerreiro (BC), Patrick Hickey (NB), James Ashwell (BC), Corey Leore (QC), Charles Hinse-MacCulloch (ON), Jordan Samaroo (ON), Elora Deering (ON), Kieran Smith (MB), Annika Vesper (QC)

Middle Row:
Jonathan Khov (ON), Marinella Janse (ON), Dasha Gueletina (ON), Emma Wells (NL), Andréa Rondeau-Brown (MB), Hugh Bennett-White (ON), the Honourable Geoff Regan, M.P. (Speaker of the House of Commons), Mr. Marc Bosc (Acting Clerk of the House of Commons), Molly Turner (AB), Jeanick Amos (ON), Michael Caughey (ON), Alida Doelle (NS), Emma Richeson (ON), Michèle Josée Arsenault (NB)

Front Row:
Mikayla Boulé (ON), Cassidy Villeneuve (ON), Natasha Tremblay (QC), Kaily McLean (QC), Natasha Maher (ON), Meghan Boyer (QC), Juliette Thibaudeau (QC), Diana Ebadi (MB), Sarah Falkowsky (SK), Sydney Goldstone (SK), Safira Teja (AB), Widad Damou (ON), Alisha Varma (ON), Gabrielle Ménès (QC)

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