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The Pages

2017-2018 Cohort

Congratulations to this year’s group of Pages!

Photograph: Swearing-In Ceremony for the Pages of 2017-2018
Photo taken on September 15, 2017, at the Swearing-In Ceremony in the Speaker’s Salon in Centre Block.

*** Names are listed from left to right.

Back Row:
Edouard Toma (QC), Michael Donaghy (ON), Dante Vignuzzi (ON), Paul Bates (ON), Alexander Giordano (ON), Keelan Buck (ON), Benjamin Karstad (NT), Zachary Robichaud (NB), Sylvan Lutz (BC), Bernice-Marie Kalubiaka (ON), Brandon Gertz (BC), Christian Goulet (ON), Miteau Butskhrikidze (QC), Michaela Johnson (ON)

Middle Row:
Karla Tejeda-Iglesias (AB), Ariana Coleman (ON), Clémence Thabet (ON), Amélie Cossette (QC), Mathilde Raymond (ON), Gwendolyn Culver (BC), the Honourable Geoff Regan, M.P. (Speaker of the House of Commons), Mr. Charles Robert (Clerk of the House of Commons), Kamryn Henderson (AB), Claire Borgaonkar (NL), Sebastien Arsenault (PE), Cloé Maisonneuve (AB), Anya Denis (QC), Julia Dyke (ON)

Front Row:
Archanah Thurairatnam (QC), Jordan Egan (ON), Charmaine Strong (AB), Katia Boulerice (ON), Emily Gough (NS), Alison Tardif (ON), Blaise Evelyn (AB), Julia Miles (MB), Nausica Crawford (ON), Rachel Hammond (NS), Jessica Lacroix (QC), Marissa St Amand (SK), Mira Kalaba (NB), Donya Ashnaei (BC)

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