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Freedom of Speech

Title: Freedom of Speech
Object name: High relief
Artist/Sculptor: R. Eleanor Milne
Date: 1985
Material: Indiana limestone
Dimensions: 198.1 x 61 x 22.8 cm
Catalogue no.: O-4659.2

The serpent at the top represents the penalty a society pays when freedom of speech results in something such as hate propaganda. The towers are symbolic of the educated ideas arising from participation in higher learning.

The female figure, symbolizing Freedom of Speech, personifies lectures and seminars.

Four heads in profile are conversing: on the right side, top and bottom, two men - Native and European - and on the left side, top and bottom, two women - Inuit and European. The undulating ribbon symbolizes conversation. The contents of this conversation are represented in the small figures supported by the ribbon: for example, the rights of First Peoples, ecology, abortion, treaties, farming, the theory of evolution, etc.

Base stone: An artistic design showing two heraldic birds of prey and two walrus supported by waves.

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