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Seal press

Object name: Seal press
Artist: Chief Architect's Office, Department of Public Works
Maker: Paul Beau
Date: 1926
Material: Wrought iron; brass; walnut
Dimensions: 27.3 x 28.4 x 17 cm
Catalogue no.: O-4788

The seal press also received a full decorative treatment, which shows the craftsman's skill. Ballflowers, rosettes and fleur-de-lis enhance this mechanical device, while the thistle ornaments the fine foliated handle. Framed with a twisted band, on one side the counterweight features the monogram "H of C", which stands for House of Commons, with the date, 1926. The other side exhibits a beaver head with crosshatched tail, following the artistic traditions of the First Peoples of the Northwest Coast. "The beaver is a good symbol; he is a builder; thus his presence on the seal press of the House of Commons is appropriate, as well as historical."
House of Commons Debates, May 28, 1926

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