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Decorative Arts

Detail of members' desk, House of Commons Chamber.

Decorative arts constitute the largest category of objects and architectural elements in the House of Commons Heritage Collection. Designed to complete the most important building in Canada, these pieces represent the highest standards of design and craftsmanship of their time, and include such items as furniture, metalwork, and textiles.

The majority of these items were produced in Canada, and were installed in the reconstructed Parliament building between 1919-1928. Designed either by, or under the supervision of architect John A. Pearson, they are both decorative and functional, complementing the overall artistic concept of the building and its many unique spaces.

Parliament Hill's decorative arts mirror the dual role of the new Centre Block both as a representation of Canadian democracy and traditions, and as a functional structure supporting the business of government. These heritage items, supplemented over the years, have contributed significantly to the beauty and dignity of the spaces that make up the House of Commons.

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