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Suspension of Certain Standing Orders—Special Debate

The House may suspend certain Standing Orders in order to deal with any business that the government considers to be urgent. Pursuant to Standing Order 53, a Minister may move a motion at any time to suspend the Standing Orders respecting notice requirements and the times of sitting. The Minister must give reasons for the urgency of the situation.

The Speaker may allow up to one hour of uninterrupted debate on the Minister’s motion, setting aside the business then before the House.

Amendments are not permitted unless proposed by a Minister, other than the one who moved the motion.

If no Member rises to speak, the Speaker immediately puts the motion to the House for a decision.

When the debate is completed, or after one hour, the Speaker asks those Members opposed to the motion to rise. If 10 or more Members rise to object, the motion is deemed withdrawn; otherwise, the motion is agreed to and becomes an order of the House.

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