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Speaker-Administrative Role

The Speaker is the head of the House of Commons administration and is responsible for its overall direction and management. Pursuant to Section 50 of the Parliament of Canada Act, the Speaker is Chair of the Board of Internal Economy.

The Speaker:

The Clerk of the House, as chief executive of the House administration, reports to the Speaker and is responsible for the day-to-day management of House administration staff. The Clerk also serves as Secretary to the Board of Internal Economy and is responsible for implementing decisions of the Board in the Speaker’s name.

Security Matters

The Parliamentary Protective Service oversees matters of security in the Parliamentary Precinct and on the grounds of Parliament Hill. The Director of the Service reports to the Speakers of both Houses of Parliament as the custodians of the powers, privileges, rights and immunities of the Senate and the House of Commons.

Relations with Government Departments and Agencies

The Speaker oversees the dealings of the House with all federal government departments in matters of administration.

The Speaker ensures that all activities sponsored by the Government on Parliament Hill take place with due regard to the dignity and authority of the institution and the privileges of Members.

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