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Hoist Amendments to Bills

The hoist amendment is one that may be moved to a motion for the second or third reading of a bill. It requires no notice, may be debated and may not be amended. A hoist amendment proposes that a bill not “now” be read a second time, but instead that second reading be postponed for three or six months.

A hoist amendment must meet a number of requirements. The purpose of the amendment is to neutralize the word “now” in the motion for reading. It must therefore amend the motion by eliminating all of the words following the word “That” and replacing them with the following proposition: “Bill (number and title) be not now read a second (third) time but that it be read a second (third) time this day three months (or six months) hence”.

The adoption of a hoist amendment is tantamount to defeating the bill by postponing its consideration. Consequently, the bill disappears from the Order Paper and cannot be introduced again, even after the postponement period has elapsed.

Consideration of a hoist amendment is treated as debate on a new question, giving Members who have already spoken to the main motion a chance to speak again. If the hoist amendment is rejected, debate continues on the main motion. No more than one hoist amendment may be moved on the same reading of a motion.

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