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Opposed Items

Any Member may give notice to oppose any item in the estimates before the House; such items are then referred to as “opposed items”.

The notice period for opposed items is 24 hours in the supply periods ending December 10 and March 26, and 48 hours in the supply period ending June 23.

Members give notice of opposed items to express opposition either to the total amount of a vote or to a specified portion of that amount.

Because the government may propose the adoption of all the votes in the estimates in one motion, the notice to oppose an item is a mechanism by which Members force the government to propose a separate motion for each vote that is the subject of total or partial opposition.

A notice to oppose an item in the estimates is not a motion but a means of causing a separate motion to be put on an individual vote. The wording of the general concurrence motion is then changed to exclude those votes decided on separately.

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