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Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee is a permanent committee but not a standing committee, established pursuant to Standing Order 107(1). It is made up of the Chairs of all the standing committees and the House Chairs of standing joint committees.

The Liaison Committee has the authority to disperse funds to standing committees from the money allocated to it for that purpose by the Board of Internal Economy. It usually meets in camera to deliberate on administrative and financial matters relating to standing committees and has a quorum of seven members, as set out in Standing Order 107(4). It is empowered, pursuant to Standing Order 107(3), to report to the House from time to time and has occasionally carried out studies on the effectiveness of the committees of the House.

The Vice-Chairs of standing committees and the House Vice-Chairs of standing joint committees are deemed associate members of the Liaison committee. The Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs may also prepare lists of additional associate members for the Liaison Committee.

Liaison Committee members and associate members may serve as members of subcommittees, as provided for in Standing Order 107(6). The Liaison Committee usually establishes a Budget Subcommittee charged with apportioning the funds provided by the Board of Internal Economy to the various standing committees.

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