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Broadcasting and Webcasting of Committee Proceedings


Committees are permitted to televise their hearings in accordance with the provisions of the Standing Orders, using the committee rooms equipped for televising provided by the House. The media may also televise committee proceedings using other facilities inside the Parliamentary Precinct; however, media members must provide reasonable notice to the clerk of the committee. Committees wishing to broadcast meetings held outside the Parliamentary Precinct must obtain special permission from the House.

In cases where the House has granted supplementary broadcasting powers, a committee may need to obtain additional budgetary authorization from the Liaison Committee. Funds for broadcasting are not included in the ordinary budgets of committees.

The broadcasting of committee meetings follows guidelines established by the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs. These are very similar to those used for broadcasting proceedings of the House.


Public committee proceedings are available via a live webcasting service called ParlVu. The webcast provides live video coverage of all televised committee meetings as well as all proceedings in the House of Commons Chamber. Audio coverage for all non-televised public committee meetings is also available on ParlVu.

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